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7 contemporary houses in Ahmedabad that can inspire your next home

Ahmedabad is home to a collection of fine residential spaces. From cosy apartments to sprawling bungalows, the city has them all. Here is a peek into seven contemporary houses in Ahmedabad.

Sikka’s Residence

Exposed bricks are the last thing that comes to your mind when you think of design aesthetics. Not in the case of this 5000-square feet, Adhwa Architects designed Ahmedabad bungalow, which oozes charm through its exposed bricks design. The plot is surrounded by ample greenery all around, and the house’s open layout helps to merge the interiors with the exteriors. ‘Balanced’ is the best way to describe the interiors of the house.

The basis of this project was to build on an existing architecture. This included a hanging staircase, exposed RCC, brick and Kota stone. The architects wanted to create a house that blended rawness with elegance. The stand-out feature of this three-storied house is the ‘deconstructed’ chandelier, which is essentially hanging lights that accentuate each floor of the house. Hints of yellow along the staircase, living room, library and courtyard add a dose of colour, contrasting against the subdued paint of the interiors. Each bedroom has a distinct personality reflecting the user’s preference and age.

Ashok Vatika


A family of four approached MetR Group to do the interiors of their house. The clients wanted the interiors to be warm, welcoming and simple. Ashok Vatika has two living rooms and two dining areas, both of which are adorned with contemporary furniture and trendy décor elements. Natural materials and bright colour pallets, which are unique to each room, come together to create a home that feels cosy and intimate. The structure of the house allows for plenty of sunlight that only highlights the uniqueness of each colour. 

Despite its open-floor plan, the bungalow features several corners to create a sense of privacy. Striking artworks, quirky light fittings, and unusual elements like the staircase railing made out of cotton strings adorn the whole house. Outside, there is abundant lush green grass, plenty of potted plants and a swimming pool. The large windows of the house give you an uninterrupted view of the beautiful outside.

L House

The Grid Architects wanted to harness sun, soil, and light to create an elegant dwelling that would act as a temple of calm amidst the crowded surroundings of Ahmedabad city. The project was set around three full-grown trees with expansive branches. The Grid Architects believe that the trees became a strong influence on the design of the project. In fact, the house is surrounded by lush greenery.

Everything about the property seems to have a calming presence — for instance, the small pool at the entrance can instantly soothe you down. Minimal but effective material and colour palette featuring wood, concrete, and natural stone make the L House very discreet. A central double-height structure with 3D mural birds on an exposed RCC wall is truly the highlight of this house. The living room is draped in cool blue hues and wood to cut down the effect of scorching southwest sunlight. Both the exteriors and the interiors of the house use lead-free, environmentally friendly, non-toxic water-based paints.

The Tamara Villa


The Tamara Villa is a 6,250 sq ft home located on a plot measuring 65,900 sq ft. The name of this massive house translates to ‘blooming lotus flower’, and like lotus, the house aims to exude purity and enlightenment. VPA architects, the creators of this villa, have extensively used wood and bricks in its structure. It follows an open plan, and the interiors are adorned with colourful soft furnishings that gel well with the wooden furniture. A flat sloping roof for the living room is inspired by Bali architecture. This is the centre piece of the house.

Semi-covered verandahs bring together the inside and the outside seamlessly, ideal for a large gathering. The bedrooms of the house are intentionally placed farther from one another to heighten the sense of privacy for their dwellers. There is a wooden deck and a large swimming pool that overlooks the well-maintained garden. The area around the house is as beautiful as the house itself, with landscaped lawns and courtyards.

Verandah House

The brief of clients to Modo Designs was to create a house that would embrace their outdoorsy lifestyle and accommodate various artefacts, paintings, rugs, books that the family had collected over generations. Modo Designs came up with the Verandah House. The name hints at the open spaces both within and outside the house. It is located on a vast area of four acres with plenty of trees and a lily pond. The three verandahs of the house are oriented towards the main garden and the lily pond. The house features a fluid curvilinear formation, making it look very contemporary. 

It features a living, dining, and master bedroom on one side, with a garden and a lily pond. And on the other side is the mother’s room and the daughter’s room overlooking the large landscaped entry court. The large windows allow for plenty of natural light to flow in the interior of the house. The exterior material palette comprises natural jute panels on curving beam surface, Valsadi wood panelling and Kota stone flooring. The interiors are a mix of new furniture paired with decades-old rustic.


Breaking away from the list of palatial houses, H2 is a smart and cosy apartment. Nestled amidst rich vegetation, this handsome looking apartment impresses with its choice of colours and furnishings. Conceptualised by Adhwa Architects, the walls of H2 are painted in subdued colours. The plants and the eclectic furniture prevent the house from looking dull. The open living and dining area, which point at the balcony, make the relatively compact house feel capacious.

The furniture is contemporary, lightweight and colourful. The smartly designed breakfast counter with high chairs breaks the kitchen from the rest of the house. Handpicked ceramic and terracotta vases and soft knitted throws elevate the apartment’s homely quotient. The bedrooms also follow a similar theme making them very inviting.

Apartment 101

The brief given by the clients to Workshop Inc was that the apartment should reflect and accommodate the lifestyle of a family of three generations. The designers wanted to create ideal common spaces for the family to connect and individual private spaces, catering to individual tastes and preferences. A neutral colour palette dominates the entire house. A light material palette of limestone plaster, wood, and granite stones, reminiscent of traditional Indian homes. The prayer room is nestled between the passage and features unique customised copper disk installations as a backdrop. Both the master bedrooms of the house have a minimal décor, but one tilts towards contemporary while the other has a vintage demeanour.

Hero Image: Courtesy Grid Architects; Feature Image: Courtesy Vijay Panjwani