Every luxury connoisseur worth their salt knows that Thomas Goode is a name to reckon with when it comes to tableware. The global institution that was established in 1827 in the heart of Mayfair is known, among other things, for their two royal warrants and an exclusive relationship with the British Royal Family that continues till today. Stunning serveware has been commissioned to Thomas Goode by royal families the world over, each piece customised to suit their tastes. From special monogrammed plates to hand-painted cake platters to stunning bespoke candles, the British label not only creates the very best in cutting-edge, handmade designs, but also stocks a slew of well-known heritage brands like Hermès and Herend at their showroom. And this week, Thomas Goode opened their exclusive store and a museum at The Oberoi Trident at Nariman Point, Mumbai. In partnership with Malvika Poddar, India’s leading fashion maven and owner of Jahan Luxury and Carma India, the label aims to give Indian decor enthusiasts a piece of outstanding British craftsmanship.

Thomas Goode India

This is the brand’s first store outside of London, and features a beautifully curated Thomas Goode museum, a small venture by the purveyors of luxury to showcase their royal and celebrity strength. The 200-year-old brand is the only one to create bespoke dinner services for every royal family in the world, the crowned heads of Europe, rock stars, and even popular fashion icons. The tableware commissioned by royal houses features their insignia, monograms, and personalised motifs – on display is every plate from the Royal House of Bikaner, and ones that belonged to the Tsar of Russia – this museum is bound to leave any visitor overwhelmed by the legacy it holds.

The collection of the most important historical pieces ever made by the brand start from the 1800s, so there is much to see and appreciate. Customers can go back in time to when the label started in Mayfair in 1875 with London’s foremost tableware emporium, which was headed by Thomas Goode’s enterprising son, William Goode. The label sourced the finest porcelain and created the world’s best bone china designs to suit every kind of clientele. And the fact that they are a uniquely personal service continues to keep them on top of the list every year.

Thomas Goode Mayfair store

London-based Johnny Sandelson, who heads the brand now, has taken the path less travelled and has managed to transform the a legacy label into a path-breaking contemporary name in global decor. “We are delighted to be opening our first store in Mumbai to enable us to deepen our offering there,” he says about how he sees the label develop here. “In particular, I am confident that our bespoke capabilities will be a welcome addition to India’s retail landscape, and enable us to create unique family heirlooms and wedding gifts for our clients both in India and across Asia.” The brand also retails fine crystal Ganeshas  and design-centered cutlery alongside beautiful hand-painted plates and handwoven linen, and products can be customised and personalised according to the buyers needs (yes, it’s a great idea for wedding gifts).  “I am delighted that Indian consumers now have access to some outstanding British craftsmanship, manufactured in Stoke, in heart of UK midlands. It also shows a wonderful sense of history and age and continuity of those skills. What you see in this showroom today is really high-quality, beautifully designed products, and that speaks for how we like to show Britain to the world,” Sandelson adds. 

Sandelson is also spearheading the development of Thomas Goode’s online plan this year – from an e-commerce offering to creating a bigger and more exciting social media presence, the label is now adapting its heritage value to modern times and creating bigger associations and partnerships. The store has its own charm but it’s the museum that really gives an insight into this fabulous label. “Our artefacts go back 150 years, designs for some of our favoured Maharajas of Bikaner and Jaipur. I encourage people to come see the archive because everyone will be interested in Thomas Goode’s history and what makes the label the way it is. I love India, history, and beautiful products, and so for me it’s a real joy to explore all that the museum has to offer,” explains Sandelson.

Latha Sunadh
Deputy Editor
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