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There is something about those charming bone china tableware pieces. From Victorian paintings to Aztec art or even the ones that relentlessly feature flora and fauna, exquisite tableware pieces have become a perfect add-on to a special dining experience. A number of homegrown labels have created their own renditions of beautiful tableware by experimenting with different materials such as wood, metal, and stoneware. While Good Earth never seems to disappoint with its edit of luxe bohemian tableware pieces, new and upcoming labels such as Baarique are pushing the boundaries with their painted brass pieces. Here’s a list of 7 tableware pieces we are loving this year.

Good Earth’s Rosa Bagh


Planning to infuse some colour in your usual dinnerware? These exquisitely crafted pieces by Good Earth make the cut. Made in fine bone china with hand-painted birds and floral pattern, resembling Persian miniature paintings, what makes the pieces more dramatic is the use of  24-carat gold detailing. A dinner plate-set, with its unique hue, evokes a sense of nostalgia and romance.

Shop at: Goodearth.in 

Kika Aztech Square Platters

TablewareGoing back to the traditional is in vogue. While you can experiment with your home decor, we suggest picking up pieces with traditional prints for your tableware. These charming square platters can only make your food look better. It’s painted in a hand-drawn Aztec pattern paired with an interesting Mughal-inspired floral motif to create a mesmerising effect that’s accented with a gold lining.

Shop at: kikatableware.com

The Lunar Dinner set by Ware Innovations 
Image:Courtesy Wareinnovations.com

In case your home becomes a weekend destination for colleagues and friends, this dinner set will make your table Instagrammable. Made in stoneware ceramics, this 36-piece set is inspired by celestial bodies. The concentric plates resemble the arrangement of an eclipse, while the bowls have been designed to fit beside the plates, giving the appearance of an orbiting celestial body.

Shop at: wareinnovations.com 

Freedom Tree’s Red Moon dinner set 
Image: Courtesy Freedomtree.com

The right kind of colours can add character to your dinner settings. This red moon inspired dinner set by Freedom Tree does exactly that. Just in case you are done with pastels, pinks and turquoise, this thrice-fired set of 4 plates with colours transitioning from deep red to a blue ombre, edged with solar flare white, is everything for a memorable evening. 

Shop at: Freedomtree.in 

Mukul Goyal’s Autumn Serving Bowl Set 
Image:Courtesy mukulgoyal.com
Image: Courtesy mukulgoyal.com

Goyal’s work stands at an intersection of art and functionality. If you’re looking for pieces to serve delectable cuisines and that doubles up as art, this is your go-to place. This 2-piece set is made in chromed brass and fine bone china is a priority on our list. 

Shop at: mukulgoyal.com 

Artisera Shores Persia Dinner Set 
Image:Courtesy Artisera.com
Image: Courtesy Artisera.com

Launched by the husband-wife duo Varun Backliwal and Lisa Jain, Artisera is a label that defines the highest level of craftsmanship in tableware. Its ‘Shores of Persia’ dinner set made in the highest quality of porcelain consists of 27 pieces that take hints from Indian and Persian culture. The gilded florals are juxtaposed with vivid oceanic hues such as zaffre blue and turquoise. Each piece is encrusted in 24K gold. 

Shop at: artisera.com 

Amaltas Plate by Baarique 

Redefining traditions, Baarique’s piece is a tribute to the past but with an apt amount of fun. Their Amaltas plates are not only a collector’s items but also offer medicinal benefits. Bacteria take time to thrive on brass as compared to plastic or earthenware, and water stored in a brass container has immense health benefits. What makes this plate one-of-a-kind is its painted floral pattern, almost 3D in its appearance. And the unfinished elements of the plate exude an old-world charm. 

Shop at: Baarique.in 

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