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The nation-wide lockdown might have turned zones into red, orange, and green, but the children still run the risk of going out. To keep both kids and adults occupied and happy at home, the Swedish furniture giant is riding to the rescue with a range of plans for Ikea playhouses to build in your living room.

Many daycare centres and kindergartens are still off-limits, which means that legions of exasperated parents are still wondering what to do with their bored rugrats. Not to worry, help is at hand from Ikea Russia, which, in association with design agency Instinct, has come up with a range of Ikea playhouses. And that is not all, this playful activity even comes with familiar Ikea assembly instructions.

You do not need a crane or a concrete mixer to embark on these construction projects, which rely on items that can, of course, be ordered from Ikea, but which usually are abundantly available in the average home. Think blankets, bedspreads, chairs, stools, and books and clothes pegs for the finishing touches.

The Ikea playhouse collection includes six different designs. Among them the classic WIGWÅM and CÅMPINGTENT for the traditionally minded, CÅVE for those who want something relatively compact, FÖRTRESS for those in need of a solid abode, and the grandiloquent CÅSTLE and HÖUSE for those in search of roomier properties.