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Samyukta Nair x Rooshad Shroff x Saaksha & Kinni tableware? Yes please!

Multi-hyphenate hotelier, curator, and entrepreneur Samyukta Nair is known to wear many hats and is lauded for her flawless taste in everything stylish and luxe. Her charming lifestyle store in Mumbai, Clove, is a physical manifestation of her curatorial prowess, and has quickly become the go-to space for the city’s stylish set. Nair, who is constantly innovating her store’s edit, is now presenting a limited edition collection that brings together architect and interior designer Rooshad Shroff with designer duo Saaksha Bhat and Kinnari Kamat.

The collection, called Pixel, marries fashion and design with an exclusive range of plates by Shroff that find inspiration in Saaksha & Kinni’s vibrant prints. The line also features clothes by Saaksha & Kinni, some of which will only be available at Clove. “I noticed a mutual love for abstract florals and geometry in the trio’s work, which made me want to bring them together. Pixel demonstrates the synergy in their compositions, and in doing so, captures the modern beauty and diverse colour palettes of India. It merges the lines between art and function, which we value greatly at Clove,” says Nair.

Image: Courtesy Sheldon Santos

Shroff explains that each plate (handmade by specialist artisans in Agra) features a unique print inlayed using white makrana and black bheslana marble along with semi precious stones like malachite, lapis lazuli, and red onyx. “The prints are a geometric abstraction of flowers, from petal to pixel. This symmetrical take on florals creates an optical illusion, thus adding fluidity that breaks the rigidity of geometry,” he says.

Image: Courtesy Sheldon Santos

Ask Bhat and Kamat about the origin of their prints and colours, and they point to their travels and passion for reviving Indian crafts. Their idea was to take the delicate silhouette of a flower and transform it into something dark, edgy and mysterious. “We wanted to alienate florals from the concept of femininity, and make it more contemporary and whimsical.”
Pixel includes plates in two sizes (five inches and eight inches), retailing at Rs 7,000 onwards. You can also find a range of printed contemporary silhouettes and everyday separates in solid colours by Saaksha & Kinni. The line becomes available tomorrow.
Address: Clove The Store, Churchill Chambers, Allana Road, Colaba, Mumbai. 

Praachi Raniwala

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