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Check out these fascinating 3D-printed homes around the world

A number of stunning 3D-printed homes have started springing up here, there and everywhere in the world. While pushing back the boundaries of building, they also give rise to new, original living spaces. As artistic as they are futuristic, some of these houses are now ready to welcome residents.

And they might make you want to throw it all in and head off into the sunset. Here’s a look at some of the most fascinating 3D-printed homes in the world.

A 3D-printed bio-plastic cabin in Amsterdam

First stop Amsterdam, to the 3D Printed Urban Cabin. Designed by DUS Architects, this micro home — 3D-printed with sustainable bio-plastic — is now hosting guests for overnight stays. While this compact cabin with an impressive design is sure to attract tourists, the architecture studio’s project aimed to create a housing solution that could be easily built in response to natural disasters.

After use, most of the cabin’s materials can be reused. They can, in fact, be shredded then used again.

3d-printed homes

A 3D-printed clay dome in Italy

Mario Cucinella Architects joined forces with the 3D-printing specialists WASP to create this unusual-looking home. This “mushroom” house comprises two clay domes joined together to offer 60 square metres of living space.

The walls have been 3D-printed in clay and the domes are crowned with windows, letting in natural light. The house has been designed to make use of local materials and to keep energy consumption low, with just six kilowatts of energy used for 200 hours of printing.

The first 3D-printed neighbourhood in the Netherlands

In Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, a strange kind of house has sprung up. Helmed by Project Milestone, this home, with its rounded and irregular form, is a bungalow with a spacious living room and two bedrooms, nestled among greenery.

The environmental and economic impact of the building have been scaled back to a minimum by using precisely the materials required to build this 94 square-metre home in 120 hours. The project was announced back in June 2018 and now has its first tenants. There are plans to build four other homes on the site, creating the world’s first 3D-printed neighbourhood.

A cactus-like creation in the American desert

In the heart of San Luis Valley, Colorado, amid the arid, desert landscape, a structure comprising three cylindrical forms emerges like a mirage. It is, in fact, an experimental hut designed by the American design studio, Emerging Object.

The space, designed for two people, has three cylindrical rooms: a living room for lounging, a sleeping area and a water zone with a sunken tub. The top of the cylinders can be fitted with an inflatable balloon-like roof (pink) if it rains. The walls are made from a mixture of sand, silt, clay and water, 3D-printed using a three-axis SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm) then left to dry in the sun.

This article was published via AFP Relaxnews

Check out these fascinating 3D-printed homes around the world

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