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By design: Ideas to transform a blank wall into a work of art

Blank walls are a thing of beauty because they are the perfect canvas to get creative. No matter what décor trend you like, your home should reflect your style. There are a lot of dos and don’ts out there when it comes to wall décor ideas. Guidelines like colour palette, scale, proportion, and symmetry carry weight and help you picture what you can do. Bookmark the following wall decorating ideas based on different décor styles and flood your home with your personality.

Enhance the minimal aesthetic

Image: Courtesy Paul Matter Instagram
Image: Courtesy Paul Matter Instagram

When it comes to minimal décor style, the key factor is to make the room look warm and inviting without adding too many elements. You need to find a happy balance; too little and the room looks stark and cold, and too much and you’ve missed the minimal station. 

Your blank walls can be your greatest asset to add a bit of warmth to this style. Features like wood panelling in a light finish, symmetrical clusters of framed black and white photographs, wall cladding of marble with subtle veins, and a classic element like wainscoting in the same colour as walls can do wonders to enhance the minimal look of the room.

Bring in elements of biophilic design

Image: Courtesy Sita Montgomery Instagram
Image: Courtesy Sita Montgomery Instagram

Using raw and natural materials – or at least those that ace the same look and feel – is a significant feature of biophilic design. For your blank wall, think of materials like stone and wood in a rustic finish as a cladding. Natural or textured fabrics like jute, linen or burlap can make wonderful wall hangings while a large botanic wall mural can add life to a room. Though if you literally want to add life, try installing a living wall of moss (which is relatively easy to maintain) or wall-mounted planters running the length of the wall for your very own urban garden.

Amp up the farmhouse décor

Image: Courtesy Shutterstock
Image: Courtesy Shutterstock

Farmhouse chic décor is cosy and inviting so your wall decoration should include these elements. This look is perfect for flea market buys and family heirlooms. Create a gallery wall of family pictures or a cluster of decorative ceramic plates. For a comfy home look, remember that your plates don’t necessarily have to stick to a theme or colour palette. A bunch of framed mirrors can be quite inviting, especially if the frames add a vintage appeal. Again, play around with different shapes and sizes. Another idea is to install floating shelves made from reclaimed wood and stack family photos or vintage curios.

Ace the industrial chic style

Image: Courtesy Gulmohar Lane Instagram
Image: Courtesy Gulmohar Lane Instagram

Unfinished concrete walls and exposed brick cladding are great wall features for industrial-chic décor. They command enough attention on their own without being too overpowering. You can also play up this style by using exposed pipes in matte black or a metallic finish. Another wall decor idea that works well with this style is a gallery wall of framed antique sketches or vintage maps.

Play up a maximal look

Krsna Mehta
Image: Courtesy Krsna Mehta

Dramatic, colourful, and over-the-top describes the maximal style though you need to be careful about venturing into the kitsch territory. A feature wall decorated with patterned tiles or printed wallpaper fits well into this look. You could also consider backlit decorative jaali or colourful glass panels to add a layer of visual interest. If you want your blank wall to take centre stage, consider giant artwork like colourful photographs or abstract paintings to cover at least two-thirds of the visible wall.

Nadezna Siganporia

A published writer and editor, Siganporia specialises in the design, décor, travel, culture, and food genres. Being from a military family, she constantly moved to new places, which brought about a love for travel and exploration of cultures and cuisines. When not writing, she can be found devouring Wodehouse literature, sketching, or stalking her three rescue cats, camera in hand.

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