Fashion and interior design collide at Salone Internazionale del Mobile’s Milan Design Week 2019. It is that one time of the year when the world witnesses the convergence of iconic fashion brands and the home furnishing industry in Milan, turning the city into a playground for daring and evocative furniture pieces. Design experts and industry leaders have already made it official that fashion houses will play a huge role in purveying homeware collections,  bringing its dreams and aesthetics to life in a spatial context. It is even more evident as Dior joins other brands with existing home collections, debuting its first major artistic collaboration with a design studio for a very exclusive 14-piece presentation at Milan Design Week.

Colour is also a pervasive theme in this year’s Design Week. And with luxury fashion labels delving deeper into the world of home and décor, the latest home collections have never been this, for the lack of a better word, flamboyant. Ultimately, what these fashion giants are selling is the whole idea of experiencing the spirit of the brand – its elegance, its philosophy, its beauty. It is no longer about a piece that you can wear or carry around on the streets, but something that you want to blend seamlessly into your living spaces.

Here are some of the most outstanding home collections by luxury fashion houses from Milan Design Week 2019