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Looking to buy affordable art? This store in Hyderabad is worth a visit

How do you like your art? Modern? Traditional? Better still, affordable? How about wearable? If you are not opposed to the last two options, Creatif in Hyderabad is the place to head to. Stocking dinner plates straight out of Jogen Chowdhury’s canvas and cushions bearing SH Raza’s works, Creatif is a one-of-its-kind art boutique offering a range of home décor, stationery, and accessories that feature art by contemporary artists or traditional Indian crafts.
Choose a chair with glass embedded under the resin work on the seat or a metal up-cycled clock by a local sculptor, and you would be taking home original art at prices nowhere close to the stratosphere. Supriya Lahoti, 25, who launched the store in December last year, above her parents’ 17-year-old Kalakriti Art Gallery, says she was inspired by her family’s interest in art, besides her own education at University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. “I was deeply taken by the passion for promoting art in Europe and valuing local crafts,” she says. Creatif is her attempt at doing something similar with Indian art. “The kind of art we house is not just affordable but also more practical for smaller homes and apartments. It is also apt for gifting, since we are mindful about the packaging for each piece and they all come with their own individual stories,” says Lahoti.

Here’s what we loved at Creatif.

Map pen

Creatif Hyderabad
How would you like your pen with a 16 GB USB integrated into the design with a 17th century map on the body? Taken from the Kalakriti Archives, the map features Southern India, Sri Lanka, and Maldives from the charts of mariner Robert Dudley (1574-1649). What’s more, refills for the pen are easily available at any stationery shop.
Price: Rs 1,499

Dokra craft bag

Creatif Hyderabad

Make a unique style statement with an evening bag featuring dokra art believed to be more than 4,000 years old. This line of bags by Swarang celebrates the coming together of modern design and regional art passed down over generations of craftsmen. The result is what they call artisanal luxury.
Price: Rs 3,900 to 8,900

Vaikuntam clothing

Creatif Hyderabad

Contemporary artist Thota Vaikuntam’s signature motifs inspired by the colourful women of Telangana and their adornments now feature on a limited-edition line of stoles and fusion wear. Made with handloom fabric, each of these pieces is unique and comes with an authentication certificate from the artist.
Price: Rs 7,616 to 26,500

Husain cushion covers

Creatif Hyderabad
While having a Husain adorn your living room might be your dream, you can always start with a Hussain on a silk cushion cover. This set of cushion covers feature the signature horses the legendary artist so loved to paint.
Price: Rs 2,000

Avijit Dutta’s playing cards art

Creatif Hyderabad
The full set of Avijit Dutta’s Life Is A Deck of Cards is a keepsake. The original works depict the phases and stories from life told through the visual imagery of playing cards using painted vintage photographs. For the special edition at Creatif, these artworks have been made smaller and the set comprising all the 54 pieces is available in the compact box. Since there are so many to choose from, you can keep changing the artworks on your walls periodically.
Price: Rs 44,800

Cheriyal art

Creatif Hyderabad

The Cheriyal style of painting was originally rendered on scrolls. In this version at Creatif, the art is reinterpreted to fit on a plate. A vibrant display of folktales from Telangana, Cheriyal paintings are a form of Nakashi art that evolved in the Cheriyal region of Warangal. The display plates feature the works of National Award winner, Vaikuntam Nakash, who belongs to the legendary Nakash family that has been involved with Cheriyal art since the 15th century.
Price: Rs 6,000  to8,000

Vintage Bollywood posters

Creatif Hyderabad

Among the several sourced brands and lines of in-house products, we found a display of reprints and also original Bollywood posters. The ones from popular films of the 1950s, 60s and 70s are worth buying for your home theatre or living space, especially if you are a fan of Amitabh Bachchan. There are 200 of these originally painted posters to choose from.
Price: Rs 3,000 onward

Earthen bottles

Creatif Hyderabad

Terracotta water bottles made by local ceramic artist Akila Chungi, find a new spin with the work of another local artist, Vydika. They are painted with geometric patterns of the Pochampally weave, besides the moods of the Bathukamma, a festival of femininity and flowers from Telangana.
Price: Rs 1,530 to 2,080

Looking to buy affordable art? This store in Hyderabad is worth a visit

Mona Ramavat

When she’s not conjuring up stories as a writer, journalist and freelance filmmaker Ramavat is a professional tarot card reader and reiki master.

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