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Revamp your old tableware collection with these chic designer plates

Need new tableware for house parties? Invest in these designer plates that are elegant and chic, perfect to match every setting and mood.

Innovative entrepreneurs have infused new concepts into old markets. Such as mattresses and plants, including sustainability, internet marketing, and technological innovation. And kitchenware is the latest product to get a makeover.

Whether you’re thinking of hosting a lavish dinner party or want a restaurant-style kitchen — plates make for a great addition to change the look and feel of any event. Here’s how you can revamp your tableware collection with these designer plates collections. 

9 brands to check out for designer plates

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Based in Madhya Pradesh, Kaunteya, is an extravagant tableware brand propelled by Indian folklore. It has four broad collections namely, Dasara, Pichwai, Jyamiti, and Byah. Each collection is distinct, making it unique from other dinnerware collections. 

Image: Courtesy Instagram/@kaunteya.in

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At Good Earth, each creation has a story and every story takes the customer on a journey. Every year, the brand makes a trip across Asia to bring back the tales and myths of rich cultures that once lay along the silk route. From Samarqand in the West to the mythical Shambala Kingdom in the East, their design stories tell spellbinding tales of the past, culture, and craftwork.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/@goodearthindia

A web-based contemporary home-style brand, gathering and arranging impeccable bits of home stylistic theme with a USP of having a creative methodology. Craftsmanship is emotional and colossally opinionated to them. At The Artment, every product mixes structure and capacity communicating love for art and making the customer’s regular day delightful.

Image: Courtesy The Artment

WallMantra has been a trailblazer in assembling and retailing incomparable quality and rich scope of Wall Decals, Wall Paintings, and other home stylistic theme things. Located in New Delhi, the brand has been offering the most imaginative and lovely decals all around the country. 

Image: Courtesy Wall Mantra

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The brand believes that your home is a happiness-making machine. All the things in it, right from your books, artefacts to the whacky coaster, all of them conspire together every day to conjure up delight. Mora Taara means ‘my star’ in Hindi and is named after her grandmother Tara. The founder then decided to open a home decor store to express her ideas of beauty and craft first formed in a Rajasthani village many years ago

Image: Courtesy Instagram/@morataara

Every pot is different at Swaa. They prefer making ‘similar’ over ‘identical’ products. Every article is handcrafted one at a time and enjoys the maker’s undivided attention. Each one is equally special and experiences a personal journey from clay to kiln and finally to beautiful homes.

Amidst today’s fast fashion and disposable ways, Swaa believes in creating products that are designed to sustain. The brand aspires to contribute towards sustainable and futuristic living.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/@swaaclaystudio

Minimal Indian is conceptualised to honour two philosophies namely, old-world charm and minimal living. The brand’s founder thought of the blend of these ideas of slow living and her passion for art, design, and traditional Indian crafts.

The products are made for those who consciously choose artisanal products and appreciate a simplistic design language. At minimal Indian, they aim to create products that are worth collecting and to be cherished for years to come.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/@minimalindian

With a vision to build a sustainable and ethical ecosystem for their clients, the brand is a curated marketplace for marginal artisans, nano manufacturers, and NGOs. Codesustain has a range of products to offer. Under its dinnerware section, it offers very basic yet elegant plates. People that like to go with an elegant and basic style can head to Codesustain.

Image: Courtesy Codesustain

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Kainaat in Urdu means the Universe. It was founded in 2013 with an aim to create accessible luxury home products inspired by nature and heritage. The brand practices sustainability as well. The products are handmade, often using traditional techniques applied in a contemporary style.

Image: Courtesy kainaatdesign

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