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It’s time to count and write your blessings with our selection of gratitude journals

In times of turmoil it’s important to take a moment to reflect on things that we are grateful for. As trivial and time-consuming as it sounds, writing daily in gratitude journals is considered a popular practice in the field of positive psychology.

You might have heard the phrase ‘count your blessings’ multiple times in your life, but what happens when you actually start counting them. Gratitude journaling or the habit of jotting down three points a day that you are grateful for is said to drastically improve and change lifestyle habits. Think of gratitude journals as an additional process in your lifelong pursuit of happiness.

People are often skeptical about the impact of this mundane chore. After all, immediate results are rare and one can also feel there’s little to be thankful for, especially in the current world scenario. As easy as the act might seem, in reality it’s difficult to pin down and express thanks consistently. However, both scientific and psychological research has proven to bring considerable happiness and peace in people’s lives. It is for this simple reason, we recommend taking to pen and paper (an act we’ve forgotten in the digital world) to give thanks back to the universe and hope to receive the same.

While you can always pick any simple notebook or pad to share your thoughts, we found some beautifully illustrated gratitude journals to give you a little nudge on the path. From guided gratitude activities, inspiring quotes to blank pages for you to fill with your feelings, these gratitude journals and planners from homegrown stationery labels are what we are saying thanks to right now.

Odd Giraffe

This is one well-planned planner with a structured approach to expressing and sharing gratitude. The 365 Days of Gratitude planner from Odd Giraffe is a floral printed bundle of blessing. From gratitude prompts (aka reminders), bi-weekly gratitude challenges, space for reflections and a secret pocket for notes, this is just the thing our positive thoughts needed to be organised. Price: Rs 1,599

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Gifts of Love

Gratitude has a name, and it’s yours. This gratitude journal from Gifts of Love can be customised with your name on top. Watercolour cover with a blank canvas inside, this journal lets you pen thoughts or doodle, whatever way you choose to express all the feelings. Price: Rs 350

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From to-do lists, habit trackers, daily planning notes to mood markers, the gratitude and self-care journal from Gingercrush is designed to keep track of it all. A beautiful leaf and floral cover with soft pastel hues inside-outside, this is an instant mood lifter. Price: Rs 1,499

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Amrutam’s wellness journal is inspired by the five elements of nature or “Panchmahabhutas” as per the Vedas. Earth, water, fire, wind and space or zero, the hardbound journal’s cover image is based on the idea that the human body comprises of five elements and eventually dissolves into the same. It is with this profound picture we start our journey into expressing thanks for what we have and the incredible cycle of nature. Inside you’ll find beautiful illustrations, monthly dividers with Sanskrit quotes, weekly reviews and daily log pages to reflect and reconnect. Price: Rs 1,749

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Wishing Chair

Expressing gratitude isn’t a one-day magic trick that will ensure happiness. It’s a long and endearing process of digging deeper and finding things that actually matter. Wishing Chair’s one sentence gratitude journal is based on Gretchen Rubin’s book, ‘The Happiness Project’. The journal is a capsule of your next five years with a sentence each about the day. Start today, retrospect later. Price: Rs 899

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The Nestery

Instilling concepts of gratitude, happiness and self-care should be done at a young age itself. Doing so in a fun, interactive manner is the ThinkleBuds journal for children aged 6-12 years. Helping kids become more self-aware, the 160-page journal is filled with inspiring short stories, inspiring quotes, colouring pages and engaging activities about emotions, thoughts and self. Price: Rs 1,050

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Make room for positive affirmations in your life with the My Happy Place gratitude journal from SuppleRoom. A hardbound journal with the quote ‘A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles’ in gold foil on top, the self-care journal is a place to record good thoughts and is filled with a habit tracker, mood tracker, motivational quotes and self care exercises inside. Price: Rs 810

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Dots and Doodles

If you’ve been journaling for years, then fancy illustrations and quotes aren’t the style for you. Simply let your words flow in a simple personalised gratitude journal with a beautiful cover to keep you motivated and committed. We love the options of picking ruled, dotted or blank inside pages in this Dots and Doodle gratitude journal. Price: Rs 699

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Dhruvi Doshi Designs

Making time for yourself is on priority this year, and Dhruvi Doshi Designs’ wellness journal aims to help you do exactly that. Mood trackers, daily gratitude pages, food for thought pages, self care checklists and a beautiful floral cover. It’s time to start loving yourself first by writing exactly that in your gratitude notebook. Rs 1,500

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Hero image: courtesy Odd Giraffe and Feature image: courtesy SuppleRoom

Akshita Nahar Jain
Sr Associate Editor
Akshita Nahar Jain has worked with various publications, including Elle, Harper’s Bazaar Bride, and Time Out Delhi, and written extensively on fashion and lifestyle. A sucker for alliteration and stylish sitcoms, she enjoys scrolling the web for less travelled destinations.
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