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As the world is adjusting to this new stay-at-home lifestyle, here’s how history’s most iconic brand logos would look like if they adjusted to it too. John Tovrljan, a creative director based in Slovenia, reimagined a world where brands and events tweaked their logos in cue with social distancing codes and the COVID-19 crisis as a whole. The 12-piece collection was first posted on Behance, an Adobe-owned online platform that showcases modern and digital art.

Tovrljan stated that the inspiration came while he stood outside a shut Starbucks store during the pandemic, and thought to himself, “What would it looked like if the Starbucks mermaid wore a mask?”. The applied the same emotion to other brand logos as well, which led to him designing creative masterpiece of a collection.

The most notable design from this collection is the NBA logo, where Jerry West dribbling has been replaced by a relaxed person, surfing the web on his computer. The eternal Nike quote ‘Just Do It’ was redesigned with a slight pessimist tone as ‘Just Don’t Do It’. While we’re all missing our morning Starbucks runs, the mermaid is now wearing a mask, currently a global necessity.

Ever netizen (including us) curses 2020 for being history’s most tragic year. Not only due to the virus causing a global catastrophe economically and otherwise, but also for the beloved icons we’ve lost this year – Kobe Bryant, Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor, and many more. Which is why Tovrljan designed the iconic tyre manufacturer’s logo from ‘Good Year’ to ‘Bad Year’

All images: Courtesy Behance

Mikhail Gomes
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