A new year is around the corner, and with it the promise of a fresh start. That includes your home as well. And if you are someone who enjoys bespoke, handcrafted products, the decor brand A Tiny Mistake (ATM) could help infuse a new lease of life into your space.

A treasure trove of earthenware, tableware, furniture, planters, organisers, and accessories, A Tiny Mistake celebrates traditional Indian handcrafts, and reimagines them in a modern context. With the tagline ‘Handcrafted Stories for Your Home’, the label relies heavily on nature-derived raw materials like wood, cloth, paper, and clay, and imbues the functionality and durability of glass, brass, and acrylic in them. A theme of earthy textures and colours runs through all their collections, and you can choose from an assortment of buffet organisers, nesting tables, mobile phone stands, table turners, and planters that highlight Indian craftsmanship. 

“Our products appeal to modern sensibilities while carrying with them a comforting familiarity of where you come from,” says Akanksha Tandon, founder. Their colourful microwaveable mugs, bowls, and dishes make a strong case for Indian minimalism, alongside signature serving trays with gorgeous kalamkari or block-printed inlays. 

Employing skills like painting, block printing, carving, and decoupage, A Tiny Mistake is built on the ethos of providing a stable source of income to artisans and supporting hand-based skills while making age-old indigenous crafts relevant again. A lawyer and an MBA from Indian School of Business, Tandon grew up with  a social bent of mind wanting to make a larger impact through her business, and therefore works closely with a team of skilled artisans, watercolour artists, potters, wood craftsmen, and hand painters from all parts of the country, to create products. 

Each product at the studio is designed keeping the exact needs of the consumer in mind, and equal attention is paid to feedback. One glance at their hand done pastel makeup organiser is enough to vouch for this. It is compact, has four deep drawers to organise all your makeup and hairstyling tools and comes with open sections on the top to organise your lipsticks, eye makeup , brushes etc, beautifully marrying functionality with traditional aesthetics. “I try to be at our exhibitions to interact with people and understand why they are making a purchase or what dissuades them from picking a certain item,” says Tandon. “In fact, the idea for our Buffet Organizer came through one such event.” 

No wonder then that the label has garnered a large and loyal customer base in less than three years since it launched. The proof is in the products. 

Address: Store F-1, 579, Khan Market, Main, Dadri Main Rd, Sector 49, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

All images: Courtesy brand

Monika Sharma
Putting pro in procrastination, Sharma is a textile graduate from NIFT Delhi who has found her niche in writing and making graphics. When she’s not working, you’ll find her in the hills listening to Jason Mraz.