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Jenny Bhatt on MokshaShots, art and digital dopamine

‘Moksh’, the primary theme of Jenny Bhatt’s latest creations, is the pursuit of happiness. It makes observations about social and cultural trends through humour.

In her new series ‘Digital Dopamine’, Jenny Bhatt talks about our very own MokshaShot, the medium to our ultimate goal of salvation, which is promised by everything, from a product to a character to an online meditation. Our digital lives and the things we do with our gadgets now define our happiness. We are conditioned to evaluate our self-worth based on the number of casual online interactions we have. E-commerce and digital media have altered not only how we consume content but also how we interact and communicate with one another. All of our relationships, including our relationship with ourselves, have been changed as a result.

About Jenny Bhatt

Since the mid-nineties, Jenny Bhatt has been exhibiting her art. Pop art, pop culture, eastern philosophy, and alternative healing methods are among her influences. She works within MokshaShots, a concept she created. The show premiered at the Art & Soul gallery at Mumbai’s Worli and was a part of the India Art Fair 2023. It has since then been displayed in Berlin, London, New Delhi, Amsterdam, Sydney and New York.

In conversation with the visual art master, Jenny Bhatt :

There has been talk online about how social media negatively impacts mental health, what are your thoughts on that?

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Excessive use of anything including social media has detrimental effects. Social media has been beneficial for the old, the lonely and the disadvantaged, to connect with people, things and conveniences that may otherwise be out of their reach. Excessive use of social media does affect mental health negatively, so maintaining a balance is key and is really up to the individual. But then again, therapy and counselling are also now available online. And there are many support groups on social media too. We must not forget how groups on social media helped thousands of people in distress during the pandemic.

Do you believe that because of the instant gratification we receive these days, it’s causing us to lose out on lasting happiness?

To a great extent, yes. People confuse instant gratification with lasting happiness. That is why I thought it relevant to make the series ‘Digital Dopamine’ at this time. Much of my MokshaShots series takes the form of a social and cultural critique. 


Everything is so easily attainable these days.  We have apps to help us find our food, daily necessities, and even dates. What are your thoughts on that?

Technology, like everything else, needs to be used to our advantage, not our disadvantage. Technology is a tool that can solve our problems and make our lives easier, adding convenience and speed where needed. But nothing can replace human connections and if technology facilitates them, then that’s a positive thing.

Who or what has been your biggest inspiration so far?

My biggest inspiration so far has been human creativity, whether it’s Steve Jobs or Takashi Murakami, the human mind is capable of the most incredible things! Every day I come across innovations in art or tech that excites me and keeps me creating new things.

How have you seen the concept of art evolve in the age of the influencer?

Art is now more accessible and democratic, thanks to social media. Art is now inclusive and not elitist, which is a positive change. Digital art and interactive art are now accepted in the fine art realm. In fact, this is the best time in history to be an artist. Thanks to NFTs, artists can now have complete control over their work and career, which has not been possible before.


There’s been a lot of talk regarding AI art these days – your comments on that?

Well, anybody can call themselves an artist these days because they can just put in some text prompts and create AI art! It’s a bit like doing a Google search :P But the best AI art is created only when the right prompts are given to the AI app. And that, only a good artist can do. The rest is just mediocrity masquerading as art. When the collector rejects it for its lack of artistic skill and aesthetic, AI art will be over. Already, some AI apps are being sued by artists for copyright infringement. That said, Artificial Intelligence itself is a technology that can create many positive changes in the world, whether it’s medicine, or education or business, it can be used to change the world for the better.

What stirs your soul?



Hero Image: Courtesy JennyBhatt.com   Featured Image: Courtesy Jenny Bhatt


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