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#LSAforLocal: 5 Indian artists come together to reimagine our exclusive jewellery collection

In association with Hannan Jewelry, we created an exclusive jewellery collection to commemorate the second edition of #LSAForLocal. To further show our support for local brands and businesses, we asked 5 Indian artists to reimagine the jewellery pieces (necklace and bracelet). And in their own unique style, using idiosyncrasies that set them apart from other artists, these artists gave us unexpected artworks.

Anuradha Bhaumick (hooplaback.girl)

Indian artists

Back in the day, embroidery hoops resonated with traditional pass time sans hours of television viewing or internet browsing. We’d learn the art of meticulous weaving and filling the spaces with colours on plain cloth. Today, one Indian artist has turned it into a lucrative career option, and it’s worth the effort since her artwork on these hoops mirrors life as it is.

Bengaluru-based textile artist Anuradha Bhaumick’s Instagram page offers a colourful spectrum of embroidery hoops, wherein you will find yourself lazying around the house or reading a book by the window. Stylishly contemporary and modern, her artwork sews the simple pleasures of life into flawless portraits that make it even more relatable. Bhaumick’s embroidery is where art becomes relatable to a lazy yet cosy millennial.

Her thought on creating this artwork is, “I want to portray a person who exudes confidence and is unapologetically themselves. A love lush green satin paired with gold tones.”

Sukanya Paul (sukustudios)

Indian artists

You might have encountered Sukanya Paul’s work while driving in your city. The vibrant mural of Bollywood actresses Asha Parekh, Waheeda Rehman, and Helen Mirren on Chapel Road in Bandra is amongst them, while others are dotted across the county from her hometown Kolkata to Ahmedabad. Illustrator, animator and street artist Sukanya Paul has left an indelible mark via the Bollywood Art Project (BAP), an urban art initiative that pays tribute to the greats of Bollywood. The NID graduate took to graffiti projects as a way to creatively express outside the box as she runs her own animation studio in Versova. Exploring the realms of magic realism and surrealism through her art, Paul’s choice of colours are always bold and inspired by India. Through her animated artworks, Paul delves into themes surrounding the environment, pandemic, and the simple joys of life like eating ice cream on a summer day.

For her piece for #LSAforLocal, she created a video that narrates, ”every piece of jewellery has an owner who has a story to tell, experiences that have shaped them, and we bring it to light. We show three different types of women in the video via the elements of her interest — make-up, doughnuts, unicorn, gaming, and the crown.”

Yoshita Chadha (_viciousdreamer)

Indian artists

It isn’t easy to write about fashion designer and illustrator Yoshita Chadha. Simply because it’s a hassle picking an aspect of her craft you want to introduce to fellow GenZ art enthusiasts. The Delhi-based designer is our source for all things trendy on Instagram, starting with her streetwear label Six5Six with uber-cool graphic t-shirts and graphic jogger sets. She also sells those twisted, tapered, lettered soy candles you’ve seen all over Instagram. But the reason that has us sitting up straight is her fine line illustrations with notions of fashion, hype culture and general GenZ-approved accessories. Her quirky and eclectic art style is extremely relatable, inspired by pop culture themes like music, movies, and comic books.

For Yoshita, minimalism is all about quality. And she adds, ”#LSAforLocal speaks volumes in few words, and so my art is inspired by the same. Less is more, with the right pinch of confidence and honesty.”

Aditi Anuj

Indian artists

Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is the structural interplay of art and mathematics, two things that can be subjective and universal in approach at once. For Indian artist Aditi Anuj, ”origami originates from geometry and so it is one of the most versatile crafts as it fits in natural as well as any man-made forms organically.” Anuj creates origami inspired by abstract and natural objects, giving it a new meaning in the form of colourful paper. And despite it being a niche art form in India, she manages to work on exceptional installations and artwork.

Her artwork for #LSAforLocal is a cross-pollination of jewellery and art. It is a celebration of the crown (logo) with neat origamis in understated colours.

S2DM Design

“Finding expression through art, and while you’re at it, try making a difference”. That’s s2dm.design’s motto. Safe to say that s2dm’s inspiration for work comes from pop culture, but mixing that with some wordplay makes for a true artistic treat. Shivam’s work is definitely a trippy take on reality and iconic silhouettes from film, music, and art history. We also see s2dm dabble with poster art, giving it a cross-cultural spin. Like mixing catchy pop-cultural one-liners with vintage graphic styles. Certainly innovative.

”I always visualise a woman when I think of jewellery. The same happened when I heard of the Lifestyle Asia India x Hannan Jewellery collaboration. I wanted this piece to have a bold feminine figure. Someone strong and in control. Someone who knows she has the power and still uses it sparingly. The jewellery she wears represents that.”

#LSAforLocal: 5 Indian artists come together to reimagine our exclusive jewellery collection

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