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Ashutosh Goyal and Nehal Sharma brew connections in the Pink City with Coffee Saturdays

In the heart of Jaipur, Coffee Saturdays endeavours to make the bustling city of colours feel more like home with a forging of new bonds. Coffee Saturdays is the brainchild of Ashutosh Goyal and Nehal Sharma, both of whom returned to Jaipur with the collective aim to meet new people and forge deeper connections. However, the difficulties in forming genuine relationships in a city as bustling yet familiar as Jaipur are numerous, and even chance interactions fizzle with the usual small talk. Coffee Saturdays was born with an agenda to change just that.

Coffee Saturdays

Coffee Saturdays set the tone for a one-of-a-kind experience, without an Instagram page or flashy ads the platform is invite-only, relying solely on word of mouth and referrals. The program sees a process of prospective attendees filling out curated forms and partaking in assessments before being selected to attend. This thorough process assures a diverse mix of people, with stories and personalities that form a well-curated gathering of experiences and perspectives together. With an intimate community of genuine individuals with an interest in forming meaningful connections above the pretext of just a social event. Coffee Saturdays curates unique experiences and vulnerable environments for their attendees by virtue of events like cocktail making, philosophy, food decoration and other activities that encourage the members to get their guard down and connect.

The Journey

As the founders returned to the coloured streets of the Pink City, they realised the warmth of coming home that is often tinged by the hollow void of reconnection. A bittersweet dilemma in bustling cities like Jaipur where old friends move on and chance encounters fade out in moments of shared superficial conversations. Craving a want for deeper connection gave rise to what is Coffee Saturdays, a space for finding more.

With 15 successful sessions organized, each offering a unique experience, the gatherings have seen participation from over 200 diverse individuals. forming multiple connections over discussions on philosophy and partaking in mixology, these events bridge the gap between people through these shared experiences. These sessions of warmth are an addition to the lives of the people of Jaipur and the social fabric of the city through these forged connections. Coffee Saturdays add consistent connections for individuals over cups of coffee on Saturday afternoons.

The Future

Coffee Saturdays successful stint in its hometown of Jaipur has now set Ashutosh and Nehal’s sights on other cities. With a wish to spread its vision and magic to other cities as well as to different age groups seeing the desire for authentic connections as a global need. The two dream of embarking on a journey of making Coffee Saturdays a global phenomenon and helping people find their community transcending barriers like their city, age and language. This movement of Coffee Saturdays changes the way people connect through shared experiences of vulnerability, in a gathering of positivity and the forging of lasting bonds.

Ashutosh Goyal and Nehal Sharma brew connections in the Pink City with Coffee Saturdays

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