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Check out these Indian brands making economical hand sanitisers

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has declared masks and hand sanitisers as ”essential commodities”. Many brands are taking conscious steps towards its prevention while keeping in mind the shortage of these commodities. We dug five Indian brands that are making economical hand sanitisers and even giving them out for free. 

Goa Brewing Co. 

economical hand sanitisers

This two-year-old Goa-based beer manufacturer has begun providing ”non-conformist sanitisers” at a nominal cost to combat shortage at select outlets (list to be released on their Instagram). Made using WHO specified ingredients, their sanitisers are essentially rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol, which contains 70 per cent alcohol. They initially started making sanitisers for local villagers and government department that were highly vulnerable due to the market shortage. It is available for Goa Brewing Co. regulars in the city, but you can carry your own bottles to get a free refill at the brewery gate. 

Sublime Life

economical hand sanitisers

Mumbai-based eco-friendly beauty label Sublime Life has started manufacturing 30ml WHO recommended sanitisers with 60 per cent alcohol. They are free of cost with every purchase you make (shipping charges of Rs. 100 applicable). You can either email them at hello@sublimelife.in or DM through Instagram. 

Green Pharmacy 

economical hand sanitisers

Pune-based Green pharmacy employees are staying late to finish fresh batches of sanitisers and handwash liquids. Founded in 1993, this Ayurvedic brand uses a selection of indigenous herbs and study of modern formulations to provide the best of products. The sanitisers are reasonably priced, abided by the WHO standards. Place your order on their website. 


economical hand sanitisers

Vilvah is manufacturing alcohol-based IPA 70% hand sanitisers to supply to people who are at high risk of exposure such as health care workers, delivery partners, and even those who are temporarily jobless like hawkers and vendors. Based in Coimbatore, they are making 500 ml bottles that will be distributed via NGOs and online mediums. They are not for sale. Write them at sales@vilvahstore.com to connect them to NGOs and other institutions in need of sanitisers. 

Nzuri organic skincare

Pioneering in skin-friendly and ayurvedic handmade soaps, Nzuri organic skincare now brings affordable hand sanitisers into the picture in light of the pandemic. With more than 60 per cent alcohol, this eucalyptus based sanitiser is a practical alternative when soap and water aren’t available. Contact +91 98190 98112 for more information.

Just Herbs 

The good people at home-grown skincare label, Just Herbs have prepared a small batch of hand sanitizers at their facility in Mohali for their own teams and their families. It’s definitely not for sale but for the community. For those people who are out on the field, you can comment or DM the brand on their Instagram page and they will do the needful.

Forest Essentials

In support of the frontline workers, Forest Essentials has repurposed production sites and facilities to make hand sanitisers. The homegrown brand will distribute at the local police stations, hospitals, district offices, and public service offices in Uttarakhand. Home to their spiritual space and manufacturing workshop, FE will be donating, on priority, the highest quality Ayurvedic Hand Sanitisers, Surface Cleansers, and medicated soaps free of charge in Uttarakhand.


RAS Luxury Oils is giving away a Tea Tree & Lavender Hand sanitiser for free with every order. The Sanitiser has been distributed in the local community and labourers who lack access to sanitation facilities. They have also distributed to AIIMS in Raipur. Besides donating to the Chhattisgarh CM relief fund, RAS and their parent company have been regularly feeding over 30-40 strays in the area. The team has been giving food and cleaning supplies, and monetary funds to a local animal shelter – Maa Renuka Renuka pashu kalyan.

Juicy Chemistry

Founded in 2014, this Coimbatore-based skincare brand has been cognizant of the shortage of sanitisers, especially among frontline workers in hospitals and local clinics amidst COVID-19. Using existing ingredients, Juicy Chemistry has accomplished creating 300-litres of hand santisers and distributing the same till date. It also intends to continue the production and distribution of sanitisers.

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