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Easy decorating hacks to turn your rented apartment into your dream home

Living in a rental comes with ample restrictions, and that why we have compiled a few home decor hacks to turn your rented apartment into your dream home, without raising questions from the landlord.

A complete remodelling rarely makes sense and major changes could mean losing your deposit. So, instead of waiting it out until you own your dream home, look at these small home decor hacks that could make a huge difference.

Work the layout

Home office layout

Major structural changes to the layout of the house are usually off-limits. While the existing walls cannot be moved, you can alter the layout slightly with strategic furniture placement. Open bookshelves can work wonders to section the room in different zones without making it look smaller. A slim, long console placed perpendicular and adjacent to the front door can create the illusion of an entryway with the added benefit of extra storage. Say you need to carve out a small home office within the living room. Place a portable screen next to the work desk to give you some privacy from the rest of the room.

Explore the floors

Flooring and carpet tiles

Flooring is one of the biggest canvases in your home. There are many ways to cover up unpleasant flooring, without permanent changes like retiling. You can use large, near room-sized rugs and carpets in muted or neutral shades. Consider options like carpet tiles that are more flexible for awkward layouts or wall-to-wall carpeting for a plush vibe. Both choices are easy to install or remove when required without damaging the existing flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) comes in the form of planks. It can ape the look of materials like hardwood, tiles, stones, and more in a plethora of patterns and colours. The interlocking planks are fit on top of the existing flooring of any material and not attached to it. As such, the entire thing can be easily removed minus any damage to the surface underneath and used elsewhere. Another option is LVF, a laminate planks that mimics a wide range of wood finishes. They are also installed as a floating surface that can be easily removed.

Involve the walls

Decorating the walls will have a major impact on how your home looks and feels. A fresh coat of paint is the quickest way to revamp the room and landlords are usually fairly understanding about repainting the home. Pastel hues are a great way to bring in colour without overwhelming the visual. You could also just paint one wall in a bright or deep shade as a contrasting accent to the rest of the room.

Luxury wallpaper

Wall coverings are a great home decor hack. Luxury wallpapers come in a myriad of colours, designs, and textures. There are even those wall coverings that are made from different materials like fabric to up your home decor game. Use one wall as a gallery wall to put up clusters of framed artworks, photographs, or other kinds of wall décor.

Choose flexible furniture

home decor hacks
Multi-functional furniture

When buying furniture for a rented apartment, look at designs and finishes that have the ability to fit into different layouts. Choose multi-functional pieces that can double up on storage and uses. Modular furniture can be moved around to fit different layouts. This is especially convenient for larger pieces like sofas and wardrobes.

Pay attention to lighting

home decor hacks
Living room lighting

You may not be able to modify the electrical wiring of the house but you might get permission to change the light fixtures to suit your taste and décor. One sculptural piece could refresh the look of an area like an entryway. Instead of a tube light, go with beautiful wall sconces or swap out ceiling lights with drop pendants. Remember to go in for soft warm lighting instead of bright cool white lights.

Don’t forget about the smaller details

home decor hacks

Small details can have a big impact. Even if you can’t or don’t want to change larger elements like walls, flooring, furniture or lighting, you can still transform a space with minor variations. Plants are the best way to bring life to a room. Corners filled with tall potted plants, window sills overflowing with vibrant flowers, hanging planters with pretty creepers, or a kitchen wall filled with a vertical herb garden are simple yet useful home decor hacks. Another easy idea is to give fixed pieces like cabinetry or wardrobes a facelift with wall coverings or something as simple as changing the handles and drawer pulls.

home decor hacks

Wall decals and tile stickers are a great way to revamp surfaces like the kitchen backsplash and bathrooms tiles. You could also upgrade a bathroom by swapping out old fixtures like showerheads and faucets for modern ones and swap them back when you leave. If you have to deal with exposed pipes, instead of trying to hide them, turn them into an artistic feature with a coat of matte black or glossy copper paint. This will impart a luxurious industrial-chic vibe to the space.

home decor hacks

The right window treatments have the ability to reinvigorate a space. Double up with soft sheers over drapes or look at blinds tailored to the decor. A good tip to keep in mind is that longer drapes give the illusion of higher ceilings. Another great home decor hack is to enhance a room is with mirrors. They also make a room look bigger and reflect natural light. Consider an accent chair in striking or patterned upholstery to offset the seating area.

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