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After almost 2 years together, the ‘Señorita’ duo Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello part ways!

It is a sad day for Shawmila stans as Shawn and Camila split after being together for 2 years. They broke the news on Instagram, issuing a joint statement.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello go back a long way! The duo first met on tour with Austin Mahone in 2014. Their friendship did not bloom until 2015 when they came out with the song ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ for Shawn’s album, Handwritten. Fans soon started speculating a relationship between them as they showed appreciation for each other on social media and in interviews

Their hit ‘Señorita’, released in June 2019, when they still hadn’t confirmed their relationship yet! The lyrics in the song undoubtedly questioned their fans into wondering if they were indeed in a relationship. It was no surprise when the pair was spotted engaging in PDA in July 2019, celebrating the 4th of July together. Once their relationship was out in public, it was PDA central for the duo! Several videos started to surface of the couple holding hands or engaging in some, or the other types of PDA, enjoying themselves. They also posted a comedic video and had everyone in stitches, making fun of how people thought they kissed weird! Soon, they both started posting one another more freely on their respective Instagrams, showing their love for each other.

shawn and camila
Image: Courtesy Shawn Mendes Instagram

Shawmila has come in the news several times, mainly to show all the cutesy couple moments they used to have throughout their relationship. It came as quite a surprise, therefore, when they announced their split via Instagram. Putting up a story as a joint statement, they mentioned that they have decided to end their romantic relationship, not revealing the reason, but will continue to be best friends, and thank everyone for their support.

While we all are crying in the club, there are certainly some Shawmila moments to reminisce that were the best. Their steamy performance of their hit Señorita at the 2019 MTV VMAs, their win for Collaboration of the Year at the 2019 AMAs, their adoption of a puppy as a unit and naming him Tarzan are some of their memorable moments, rounding out their relationship as a whole!

Let’s take a trip down the memory lane of their relationship:

Hero Image: Courtesy Shawn Mendes Instagram; Featured Image: Courtesy Camila Cabello Instagram.

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