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Jayasurya’s 100th movie ‘Sunny’ is a relatable delight about quarantine and hope

Sunny, the Malayalam language movie is all set to drop on Amazon Prime on 23 September. This marks the eighth collaboration between the actor-director duo Jayasurya and Ranjith. The duo last released Pretham 2 together. Notably, this OTT release will be Jayasurya’s 100th movie.


The trailer makes it clear that this is a one-man movie, with other characters coming in, just not on screen. It takes us through a range of emotions that we are by now familiar with, because of the pandemic we have been living with for close to two years. Losing jobs, family, wealth, and being in the isolation that quarantine demands have broken even the best of us. That is perhaps why the trailer hits a chord with viewers right from the get-go.

Amazon Prime’s Sunny: Story & Movie Cast –

The story is of Sunny, a failed musician suffering from a musician’s block. He is also a man who has lost everything he has worked for and has secreted his way from Dubai to Kerala. Stuck in a hotel as part of mandatory quarantine requirements, he yearns for human interaction. The movie is a story of self-discovery and brings in characters that help Sunny in this journey in myriad ways. The storyline takes you through the ups and downs of Sunny’s journey, from happiness to sadness, frustration to complete breakdown. It remains to be seen how this journey progresses and ends.


With 100 movies already to his credit, Jayasurya has almost 10 movies in various stages of production currently. Some of his memorable movies are Iyobinte Pustakham, Vellam, Sufiyum Sujatayum, Amar Akbar Anthony, Jilebi, and several others. Director Ranjith Sankar too has several hits to his credit such as Passenger, Molly Aunty Rocks, Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekan, Njan Marykutty, Mayflower, and others.

The movie Sunny has several characters who come into the plot at various stages. How each of them interacts and impacts Sunny will be interesting to see. Among those making an appearance are Vijayaraghavan as SI Sadashivan Nair, Mamta Mohandas as Dr Anuradha, Shivada Nair as Nimmi (who Sunny seems to pine for from the trailer), Innocent as Dr Eerali, Shritha Sivadas as Adithi and Vijay Babu as Advocate Paul.

The movie promises to be a mix of a thriller with some heartfelt moments. Perfect for a weekend watch.

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