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Manu Warrier’s directorial debut ‘Kuruthi’ highlights communal violence in a nutshell

Kuruthi releases today on Amazon Prime, and it marks Manu Warrier’s directorial debut. It is a movie that addresses communal hatred in a story set across 24 hours. Here is why this is a must-see.


Kuruthi (translating to slaughter in Malayalam) releases on Amazon Prime today. Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Roshan Mathew, and Shine Tom Chacko in leading roles, the movie is based on a subject that has become the everyday talk in living rooms – communal hatred and its impact. Here is what you should watch out for in Manu Warrier’s Malayalam directorial debut

Kuruthi story —

A story set in 24 hours

It is often said that 24 hours is enough to change the lives of people. This story is set in 24 hours and turns out to be life-changing for the ten characters who are caught in a distressing situation – each one trying to address it based on their personal backstories, experiences, and feelings. There is Ibrahim (Roshan Mathew) dealing with the loss of his wife and child in a landslide. There is sub-inspector Sathyan (Murali Gopy) who brings in the young murderer Vishnu (Sagar Surya) to protect him for sure religious violence. There is Laiq (Prithviraj), the religious fundamentalist whose hatred is palpable in every scene who is baying for blood. And there is Kareem (Shine Tom Chacko), who battles with his conscience on the way forward. Sumathi (Srindaa) and Preman (Manikandan Achari) are neighbouring, who share a good equation with Ibru, aka Ibrahim. The build-up is slow-paced, but once every character falls into place, the movie takes off.


Addressing communal hate without taking sides

Addressing communal violence has never been easy. Especially in times like these when one is expected to take a stand for or against a community. Ensuring a story that focuses more on the emotion of hatred than on a religious factor allows this movie to take a neutral enough stand. Of course, individual experiences when watching the movie may change the way you perceive it. However, it tells you that man often has hatred building in him for ages before it is actually given an outlet. Watch this movie to see how such a volatile topic is addressed and how it makes for interesting discussions on cinematic representation.

Kuruthi movie cast: Great performances

Interestingly, this movie was shot in a single schedule increasing the pressure on actors to give their best shot. Prithviraj does not make an appearance till approximately 45 minutes into the movie, toning down the star power a bit and focusing on other actors in the movie – all of whom, barring the women characters have substantial roles to play. Murali is one to watch out for, for a range of emotions that fleet across his face before he returns to his stoic self.

The movie is quite a brave one to make and promises to be an engaging watch.

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