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9 gifts for the biggest Netflix binge-watcher you know

We’ve all got that friend who prefers staying in with a glass of wine and binge-watching yet another movie or original series on Netflix — or any other streaming platform. Here are 10 perfect gifts for them this holiday.

Preparing creative and valuable gifts for a Netflix lover can be a difficult task — what do they really enjoy besides their bed and their favourite shows? Well, if that “still watching” prompt is a common pop-up on their screen, consider them the perfect candidate for the gifts below.

So whether it be increased comfort, viewing quality or just merch to rep their faves, these gifts are sure to help them take their Netflix experience to the next level.

Everyone understands that feeling where you should be eating something while you watch. You don’t want crumbs in the bed, but nobody wants to pause watching just to eat, either. Help Netflix lovers resolve this with a portable bed table they can use to enjoy a meal or a snack while binging. This gift also comes in handy when using your laptop in bed — small enough to stow away underneath, and easy to prop up when needed. Who needs a dining table?

(Approx.) Rs 2,290

Having recently received a projector myself, I fell in love with its practicality. Since I do not own a TV, everything was on my laptop or desktop. But with this projector, the plain white walls of my room are now a full-screen theatre. Depending on the width and height of the wall surface, you can adjust the display settings for anyone to use conveniently. If your Netflix-loving friend is always on their phone or laptop watching Netflix, help them to upgrade their experience with a projector. They may hate you for fueling their addiction, but they’ll also be thanking you.

(Approx.) Rs 2.3 lakh

Bean bags are basically a portable couch right? That’s what makes them amazing. No matter where they feel like Netflixing that day, bean bags make anywhere possible. Bring a bean bag to the living room, bedroom, study room, wherever, and let the marathon begin. Not only are they great for personal use, but it’s an extra seat for when they’re planning a Netflix sleepover party.

(Approx.) Rs 10,000

The worst experience while watching your favourite show is having to resort to subtitles because you can’t hear the audio clearly. It’s crucial to invest in quality speakers to guarantee a spectacular Netflix experience, so share the love and give your Netflix-obsessed friends some quality speakers this Christmas. The Bose soundbar technology makes it feel as if the sound is projected from every direction — almost as if it were a cinema!

Rs 68,320

If anyone calls you ‘basic’ or a ‘TikToker’ for having LED lights, they’re just jealous. Jealous they’re missing out on the biggest vibes! Making your room blue for a relaxing evening, or grey for a horror movie can truly enhance the experience of your Netflix session. Not only are LED lights good for movie night, but also perfect for a party or just a cuddly sleepover with your friends.

(Approx.) Rs 1,491

Stranger Things has taken the hearts of many, and is expected to release a 4th season next year. With its supernatural plot capturing the attention of Netflix fans, there has been endless merchandise made for Stranger Things lovers, ranging from t-shirts to mugs. However with its explosive colours and ’80s vibe, a poster truly captures the retro-supernatural essence of the series. If you’re shopping for a Stranger Things fan, they’ll definitely appreciate this addition to their room.

Rs 149

Popcorn, the go-to movie snack! This popcorn maker is perfect for making a quick bowl of delicious popcorn. Whoever you’re gifting this to, Netflix lover or not, they will definitely be using this on the regular — for a simple snack or a gathering of friends, it’s big enough to make several servings for everyone. If you’re feeling generous, pair it up with a few bags of popcorn so they can get straight to popping for a Netflix night.

Rs 2,293

Is your Netflix lover friend also a wine lover? If so, nothing will top this gift. Made to fit an entire bottle of wine, this bottle shapes into a wine glass at the top, so you’re technically only drinking a glass, okay? Any wine-and-Netflix lover will cherish this gift forever, and love the quirky humour about it.

Rs 3,719

With the wave of green tracksuits and red jumpsuits this past Halloween, it’s hard to find anyone at this point who hasn’t encountered the hype of Squid Game. Those who watched will immediately recognise the shapes of these cookie cutters, but who doesn’t love cookies, biscuits or taking on a Dalgona challenge of their very own? The perfect gift for any Netflix lover or Squid Game fan.

Rs 1,747

This story was first published on Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

9 gifts for the biggest Netflix binge-watcher you know

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