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What better time to explore indie music than when you’re under a lockdown? Here are our picks to get your worries down and volumes up.

‘Hooked’ By Brandon X Echologue

indie music

This hip-hop song is one trippy ride. Rapper Brandon and producer Echologue, both Mumbai-based, have made a quirky, gory-yet-not-creepy video. The song loosely revolves around being a spoiled Bandra boy, and how one day he was too high to handle what he felt for a girl. The psychedelic visuals only add to its charm.

‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’ By Owlist

indie music

There’s nothing better than feel-good factor during such times, and ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’ By Owlist is the perfect medium. He’s taken old classics and added his own twist to them, so expect hip-hop, drums, and trap in the midst of favourites like ‘Do Lafzon Ki’ and ‘Wo Bhooli Dastan’

Drum Machine by Parekh & Singh

indie music

It returns once again. The aesthetic that won’t quit and sweet melody that’ll put a smile on your face before you know it. This easy-breezy track is all you need to uplift your spirits.

‘Enchanté’ By Jitwam

indie music

If you wish to experience the out and about life through music, this one’s to go for. Late nights in Brooklyn, when the music is up, guards are down, and people dance without inhibitions—the entire scene comes alive in this house mixed with jazz-funk EP.

‘Real’ By Meba Ofilia

indie music

Meba Ofilia is a Shillong-based rapper and vocalist, and she came out with this R&B and soul track. The velvety texture and soothing capabilities are why you need to tune in this track.

All images: Courtesy artists and producers