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Fortnightly Horoscope – A tarot reading of April 15 – April 30, 2020


Happy Birthday, Aries!

Do not delay in making the choice you are facing, this is a great time to figure out an alternative course of action. You are being guided to change the direction you’re in, as it does not serve you anymore. Imagine these new scenarios; notice your body and its reaction to them. Go with whichever option gives you more joy. It is time to sculpt, shape, and redefine your life. This is possible through daydreaming. Take some time out for yourself during the day to just let your mind wander around. Don’t judge yourself or the images that come through. Be aware of recurring thoughts or thoughts that make you feel joy and peace, write these down in a journal. As you dream up your new world and start to experience more joy, there will be more joy to harness and create. 

Love and relationships: When love is in your heart and soul, then peace will be with you always. Communicate from a space of love and notice your relationships change for the better. 

Work and finance: Let go of the old and be excited about what the new brings to you. 


Dreams are coming true and you have so much love and support from the universe to manifest everything you desire. There is one more thing to consider, the divine timing. Don’t let doubts clutter the energy of manifestation, you will create everything you desire, it’s just waiting for the right moment when everything cosmically aligns and the manifestation is ripe for the picking. Don’t lose sight of your purpose. Hold your dreams and desires in your heart and let them incubate in this sacred space till the time is right. You need to plumb deep into yourself to access hidden emotions. Check-in with yourself to discover any blocks you may be experiencing. Be patient and keep your thoughts positive, find your inner power and balance and when the time is prime, go forth and create. 

Love and relationships: As you stand grounded in your power and love, you lead the way for others to follow through example. Be the change you want to experience. 

Work and finance: Taking one step at a time is key. Make sure to check all the bases before making a decision. 


You are divinely protected and supported, move forward knowing you are level-headed. Become aware of the state of your surroundings and relationships. What information is you being fed? Are you being fed honesty? Are you struggling with the thoughts and habits that you feed yourself? Is your career fulfilling you? Are you in harmony with your family and people you love? Unhealthy people and environments can cause your body to respond in a certain way. Evaluate your diet. It is time to nourish your life with healthy beneficial choices. Clean up your environment by removing clutter, using elements of Vastu and getting rid of items you no longer need. Spend time meditating or journaling, to clear up any confusion. Imagine (see and feel) the connection with the universe and your higher self, through your soul. Relax the impulses of the mind. Use the energy of this global lockdown to travel inwards. 

Love and relationships: Nurture your relationship with yourself and others with positive and healthy choices. 

Work and finance: You have support and encouragement from friends and family; don’t be afraid to ask for help. 


You create your world. All of what you think and feel is reflected out into your world. Look around you; all this beauty is a reflection of your inner beauty and similarly, all the chaos is also a reflection of the chaos within. You are in control of your reality, but you are being asked to check in to see if you are balanced or not. If you are unbalanced then your fears begin to expand. Release them, trust that your instincts will sound off and remove you from harm way if necessary. If you are balanced and grounded, it is easy to understand the root of problems and work on them. Your vital force may be running low, look around to find out what might be draining you. Pay attention to your root chakra. This energy centre is present at the base of your spine and is responsible for your connection to the entire Earth system. The root chakra is also essential for your passion, sexual drive, and survival. Balance your chakras. Wear red to give yourself a boost. 

Love and relationships: Let go of toxic relationships. Be more loving towards yourself and it will overflow to the people in your life. 

Work and finance: Affirm abundance in the face of money issues. The universe is supporting you in the flow of abundance. 


You are in need of self-care. It is time to tend to your mental, emotional, and physical cleansing. Soothe and calm your spirit, release burdens and cleanse yourself of toxins. Review your habits, perhaps you are transferring all of your baggage on to others or they are unburdening theirs onto you. Notice the vibration of the thoughts and feelings you are harbouring. Release them but be mindful not to unload them onto someone else. When you unload yourself of unwanted feelings and attitudes, you become more grounded. Your focus becomes sharper and you clear out the clutter. Remember you are connected to all that is; the work is individual but the journey is connected through cosmic consciousness. Trust that the universe has your back. Breathe! Practice breath-work, this will keep you focused, aligned and expanded; and of course, stress-free. Do some research on sacred geometry (yantras) to better understand the interconnectedness of everything. Incorporate sacred geometry into your meditation work and daily life to enhance your creative powers and open doorways into new dimensions. 

Love and relationships: To make the most of your relationships, it is very important to be in balance and awareness. There is a tremendous amount of love around you, just waiting for you to realize it. 

Work and finance: As you clear out the unwanted clutter, you are able to see clearly. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 


The next few weeks are dripping with mystery and the best way to navigate this energy is via your intuition. Observe the mysteries around and inside you such as dreams, intentions, and relationship to the world. Work on recognising and honing your psychic skills. Deepen your intuitive understanding of the sacred through research, study, attending spiritual workshops online, observing nature and observing the divine within. During this time you are asked to be as still as possible to incorporate the wisdom of the high priestess, her intuition and her deep understanding of the lunar cycles. Open up to the deeper meanings and inner workings of life. Attune to the cycles of the moon, notice its phases and observe how they affect your body. Peace will be with you at all times, remember to focus on it. In order to enhance your psychic abilities (clairvoyance or clairsentience), make a practice of journaling. Write down your dreams and feelings. Release any fears that you might have of seeing or in any way being aware of other dimensions. Meditate and connect to the source energy. 

Love and relationships: Unblock and enhance communication with loved ones. Extend compassion to yourself and others especially during this time. 

Work and finance: A significant transformation is occurring, stay centred and use your intuition to navigate your circumstances. Trust your inner guidance. 


Spring is the time for new projects and renewal. Your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies are opening into a new direction. Allow the new energies to excite and delight you. Find the inspiration to start a physical regime. Stretch and strengthen your body to make the most of this fresh energy. All the planning and the new seeds you have planted are taking root now, so continue to tend to your garden of ideas so they may blossom fully. Activate the warrior energy within; try responding to situations with delight and grace to enhance the experience. Cultivate these qualities within yourself so they may be fully realised. Trust your ability and intuition to know, feel, see, and hear messages that are coming through for you via spirit and your higher self. Pay attention to the images of circles, the number three and awakening with a sense of knowingness, these are all signs of prophecy. Respect these images and messages, they bring you guidance for the future. Stay present in the here and now. Use your imagination, stand in your power and create your world. 

Love and relationships: There is the energy of the new; new people may come into your life, new life can be pumped into existing relationships, and there is also the possibility to rekindle an old relationship. 

Work and finance: You are heading in a new direction, which ushers in rebirth or a new start. Stay grounded. 


You are in the right place at the right time; don’t lose sight of your purpose. You are being asked to retreat inside to discover the truth about the matter at hand and what steps you need to take. This isn’t the time to take action, even if the world was not under lockdown. Instead, it is time to draw your energies in for introspection and reflection. The old is dying, allow this transition. Just like a tree that sheds its leaves to make way for the spring buds, you are ready to shed another layer of the old paradigm. This healing is an important process. Constantly having to deal with unhealed wounds is exhausting because you leak life force energy. It is time to heal from the inside out. With this release, you allow the new to bloom when the time is right. Work with the sage aspect of yourself in order to impart wisdom, compassion and truth. Release the essence of your truth, find the inner you and create your world. Practice forgiveness. Forgive yourself and others for the things that happened or didn’t happen. There is a divine feminine aspect to this energy, of healing parent-child relationships, your relationship with the Earth, or even your relationship with your inner child. Practice inner child mediation and grounding. Write a detailed letter to the person you need to forgive, stating all the facts and then burn the letter for closure. Writing helps clear the mind and release pent up emotion. 

Love and relationships: Give yourself enough time and space; this will smoothen out any creases in relationships. Practice forgiveness. 

Work ad finance: Keep any plans and projects on the shelf for now; this is the time to collect or release information, not a time for action. 


This fortnight, there is a lot of ancestral energy gracing that is a new beginning for you. As this collective transformation continues, the veil between the worlds becomes elastic and we are able to access more dimensions. Call upon and connect with your ancestors. They are your allies and wisdom bearers. They will help you in matters such as family and cultivating respect for the core of all living things. The ancestors bring guidance from the past so you can heal and learn important lessons moving forward. You are also being asked to acknowledge the blessings in your life. The elementals offer to enhance your healing abilities on the condition that you respect these abilities and help them to heal others and the Earth. You are creative and fertile, just like the Earth; embrace the transformation. In order to heal certain relationships or situations, especially involving loved ones, you must practice forgiveness. Ask for forgiveness or forgive yourself and others, for the things that were done or not done. Integrate and harmonise the Yin and Yang (male and female energies) within yourself. Seek out the side that has been less dominant and express it. 

Love and relationships: By opening your metaphysical heart (the heart chakra) while navigating your relationships, you will experience a deeper sense of connection, free of expectation, so you are more receptive to love and your highest good. 

Work and finances: All is well; walk ahead with pride, look beyond what other people see. Listen to your intuition. 


Trust your intuition; allow yourself the time and space to attend to your inner voice. I have repeatedly spoken about identifying patterns and letting go, and now more than ever, this is a priority. Shield yourself from disharmonious patterns of anger, guilt, fear, and resentment. These lower energies don’t serve you anymore. While it is important to be aware of your fears and where you harbour resentment, it is even more important to release and balance these tendencies with love, kindness and forgiveness. Remember not to lose sight of your true purpose by getting caught up in these old tendencies. As you learn and grow, you will facilitate the growth of others. Before you sleep at night ask for guidance, journal what you are shown, and where you are taken in your dreams. Your masters/spirit guides are revealing important information through dreams, so pay attention to the details. If you have an obsidian crystal, use it when you meditate and keep it by the bed when you sleep (remember to wash the stone with water and keep it in the sun to charge). If you don’t have an obsidian crystal, then practice other forms of grounding and shielding. 

Love and relationships: The universe is offering its full support to you. To connect to the right vibration you must first vibrate at the correct frequency. 

Work and finance: Walk through the doorways that are presented to you now. 


It is time to relax, for the more you relax, the clearer life will seem. You are a sensitive humanitarian Aquarius and you possess deep compassion for all living beings. During a time like this, it is important to be aware that when you are sensitive, then energetically you may take on the suffering and heaviness of the collective. You will also take on the sense of joy and lightness of the Earth system. To sort out all this information, make a connection to the Earth and ask for protection from the natural world. Since travel is out of the picture these days, spend time researching places you want to visit and things you would like to do or know. Gaining knowledge will raise your vibration and connect you to everything, by opening up your personal space. You have extra support, love and forgiveness coming in from the ancestral realm, as passed-over loved ones gather to bless you during this time of rebirth. 

Spend time sleeping, dreaming, and resting to clearly hear the messages from your inner self and to feel a greater sense of purpose to accomplish specific goals. Document your dreams, even the ones you dream with your eyes open, there is vital information waiting to be found. Your astral body needs a charge; spend some quiet time under the stars at night absorbing the cosmic energy. Practice forgiveness, gratitude, and astral travel. 

Love and relationships: Remember to make space in relationships by taking time out for yourself. Stay relaxed and draw healthy boundaries.

Work and finance: A positive change is coming, stay relaxed and open to it.


The Earth is coming back into balance and as a result, there is a new balance coming into you. At this time, your personal space is either expanding endlessly if you are alone or contracting majorly if you are in lockdown with others. And I know, that you know, that the lesson has very little, if at all anything, to do with other people. This is your personal journey Pisces; see the light within your soul, that light is akin to what you may call God/Goddess, source, or divinity. You are made of the same stuff as the universe as the Earth and the changes experienced by the Earth system are influencing your own changes. Pay special attention to yourself during this time. Nourish and nurture your body by paying attention to your diet, listen to your body when it wants food, rest, exercise etc. Pay attention to your thoughts, after all the thoughts you feed yourself becomes your reality. Pay attention to how you feel emotionally. Journal your thoughts and feeling, this will also help you know your inner soul/ light better. And remember, you are connected to the great source of love and spiritual awareness. 

Love and relationships: Nurture your relationship with yourself and healthy relationships with others will follow naturally. 

Work and finance: What you put into any aspect of yourself and life is what you get out of it. Abundance is all around you, if you don’t see it, the only possible reason is that you are fixated elsewhere. 


Rea is a tarot therapist, performing artist, energy-worker, and lover of magic, who believes that answers are everywhere — we just need to open the proper channels. Currently a tarot therapist and facilitator for healing (life coach), Rea uses tarot cards, oracle cards, dice, crystals, and her intuition to interpret the messages. For more detailed, personalised readings, she can be reached via @dancingkrishna on Instagram, and @reakrishna on Facebook.