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Holi horoscope 2022: See which colours will bring you happiness and health

Colours play an important role in our lives. Beyond just affecting our moods and emotions, these colours for your zodiac also have a deep impact on our motor skills, as well as, in the intricate way in which our brain processes ‘reality’ and stores our memories. This is why we sometimes view nostalgia as being ‘sepia toned’, and sometimes ‘candy coated’ past memories help us process and deal with trauma – perhaps even enabling us to forgive others, especially ourselves. To forgive is almost always an act of sheer divinity.

On a spiritual level, we’re all defined by colours on an energetic level through our auras. Our aura is the spiritual sheet of light that surrounds our body. Some believe that this colour represents not only the state of our soul in our present life but also the key that unlocks what our soul experienced in past lives, as well as, what it may build in future lives it’s yet to reincarnate with.

In India, the festival of Holi is the celebration of colour, representing the time to let go of the barren icy cold of the winters and be reborn into the joyous refreshing energies of spring. So let’s celebrate it by honouring our power colour, based on the Holi horoscope for astrological signs.

Holi horoscope for your zodiac

Red for Aries

Aries 2022 Horoscope- Colours for your zodiac

The colour for your zodiac for Aries is red. Red is the colour of passion and desire. After all, there’s a reason all fictional femme fatales are often described as ‘ladies in red’. It’s bold and demands to be noticed for its powerful fiery energy. Red also brings with it an element of danger, which is why it’s used as a colour to represent ‘danger zones’, as well as, stop signals in traffic signs globally. Plus, when it comes to relationships, there’s a reason we’re told to watch out for red flags. Aries, however, laughs in the face of danger, and will never stop till they achieve their goals. Thus, so many of our mythical heroes are represented by the sign of Aries.

When Aries wears red on a night out, they cast a seductive hypnotic spell on the people around them, making them absolutely irresistible. In the corporate world, Aries can dominate the boardroom by wearing a red ‘power tie’, or perhaps even a red blouse. Even the signature Christian Louboutin red sole can help an Aries Woman shatter all the glass ceilings as she struts down corporate corridors. Some say that wearing red during workouts can speed up the metabolism of an Aries individual. Calories melt faster during cardio exercises, while muscles pump faster and become stronger during strength training workouts. Red is the colour of Mars, and thus Aries will feel its power all the more if they wear red on Tuesdays, especially during April and November.

Pink for Taurus

Taurus December 2021- Colours for your zodiac

Pink is the colour of love, romance, and beauty and that is the colour for your zodiac for Taureans. After all, there’s a reason why the popular phrase associated with it is ‘pretty in pink’. Pink is a ‘happy colour’ that enables us to stir up our creative energies. Pink represents charm and flirtatiousness and can turn to enable the most melancholic souls to experience moments of sheer euphoria. If you’re wondering how this can represent the practical and down-to-earth Taurus, then you clearly don’t know them well. Underneath their stable veneer, Taurus is incredibly sentimental. There’s a reason why they say that we haven’t truly experienced love until we’ve been loved by a Taurus.

Though pink is often called a ‘girly colour’, on a Taurus man, especially, it can be incredibly powerful. Unlike Red that’s bold and ‘out-there’, Pink is demure and subtle, indicating Taurus’ ability to calmly conquer their kingdoms without breaking too much of a sweat. That’s not to say Taurus doesn’t work hard. Au contraire, Taurus is the hardest working sign of the zodiac (when they aren’t being lazy). Thus pink helps keep them calm and composed, while still empowering them to keep on moving. When a Taurus woman dons pink, she becomes the vision of Venus, the goddess of love herself. However, don’t be fooled, Venus is a powerful goddess that shaped the destiny of nations. After all, ‘tis love that makes the world go round. Pink is the colour of Venus, and thus Taurus will experience its power more when they wear pink on a Friday – especially during May and October.

Green for Gemini

Gemini horoscope for 2022- Colours for your zodiac

Green is the colour of nature itself, and that is the colour for your zodiac this season. It soothes the soul and enables us to feel more secure and at ease. A creative colour, green is also the colour of money and abundance, allowing us to experience the lush power that prosperity has to offer. For our very airy Gemini, green helps them keep anxiety at bay, as well as, enables them to navigate smoothly as they hustle through life. Green is the colour of safety, and thus when a Gemini dons it, they’re able to make it through some of life’s stickiest situations. There’s a reason why all over the world, green represents, ‘Go’, and thus Gemini is empowered to keep going with incredible bouts of energy that doesn’t drain their systems.

In the corporate world, when Gemini dons green, they’re able to remain optimistic, even in the direst situations. Green enables their quick thinking to come up with solutions that can help save sinking companies, as well as, make profitable financial deals that’ll prevent them and the company from falling into ‘red’. However, green is also the colour of envy, but with a Gemini, they become the object of other’s envy – making others wish they could be as fabulous as our child of Mercury, with the ability to use their trademark three-pointed grin to even get away with murder. Green is the colour of Mercury, and thus Gemini will feel it’s full power when they wear it on a Wednesday – especially during the months of June and September.

Silver for Cancer

Cancer Horoscope for 2022- Colours for your zodiac

Silver is a colour of success but in a subtle way, and it is the colour for your zodiac for Cancerians. It’s not flashy and doesn’t demand to be front and centre, which suits our introverted Cancer who much prefers to wield its power behind the scenes, in secret, as well as, letting its work speak for itself. Silver is the colour of depth, and it’s a colour that’s known to calm our hearts and balance our emotional states. This is why many sages suggest those born under the sign of Cancer drink water that’s been stored in a silver container. They say the water gets blessed by the powers of the Moon, enabling us to remain afloat even when the rest of the world is drowning.

When Cancer individual wears silver at work, they become the nurturing force at work, encouraging everyone around them to be the best that they can be. A corporate Cancer wearing a silver watch, or other accessories give off the impression of quiet authority, making their peers come to them in their hour of need, and impressing their superiors with their humble leadership. On a night out, when a Cancer individual wears silver, they give out an air of mystery, while simultaneously making people feel at ease with them. It’s a combination that drives people crazy, making Cancer all the more seductive without being too overt – and that’s the way they like it. Silver is the colour of The Moon, and thus a Cancer individual experiences its full power when they wear it on a Monday or any full moon – especially during July.

Gold for Leo

Leo Horoscope for 2022- Colours for your zodiac

Gold is the colour of success and affluence, which makes it the perfect colour for your zodiac for all Leos. It’s a colour that shines even in the dimmest of light, and thus it’s associated with the all-powerful sun, and it’s a glorious solar child – Leo. Gold is the colour of royalty and luxury, and thus many high-end luxury brands incorporate the colour in their corporate image. This suits Leo fine because Leo is the king/queen of the zodiac jungle. Gold is also a colour of fidelity, which is why it’s often used in wedding bands to signify a long-lasting loving marital bond of trust. Ask any Leo what they value most in a partner, and they’ll unanimously answer without an ounce of hesitation – Trust.

Though many corporates may find gold to be quite ostentatious, a Leo can wear it with pride, and they’ll rule the boardroom – as it’s their natural right to do so. Men can wear it as a watch or a ‘power-tie’, while Leo women can don a piece of tasteful gold jewellery – and watch them show their god-given rule over the workplace without breaking a well-manicured nail. On a night out, when a Leo wears gold, they become the object of desire for those around them. No one can take their eyes off our solar lion/lioness when they don their signature gold accessory. Actually, only Leo has the chutzpah and brilliance to carry off an entire gold outfit, while looking absolutely fabulous. Gold is the colour of the Sun, and thus Leo experiences its full power when they wear it on a Sunday – especially during August.

Brown and Earth Tones for Virgo

Virgo- Colours for your zodiac

Brown is the colour of stability and reliability. And also the colour for your zodiac this Holi. Brown is pure solid strength that can persevere throughout even the most chaotic times. It is the colour of the earth itself, enabling many great civilisations to be established and thrive for centuries. Brown is also a harmonising and healing colour, that can enable us to feel at peace wherever we may be. This suits Virgo just fine because Virgo is that solid reliable soul that gets the job done, even when circumstances around them are dire and chaotic. Brown, like Virgo, is often mistaken for being drab and boring. If you believe that, you’ve obviously never been dazzled by Virgo’s quick wit, nor have you experienced the down-to-earth charm of brown.

When a Virgo dons brown or earth tones at work, they become the rock of the establishment. No task is too demeaning to Virgo. In fact, even those in high power positions aren’t afraid to ‘get down and dirty’ to get the job done. This is, after all, the secret to their success. No job is too small, and they can rise to the top of the corporate hierarchy through patience and dedicated effort. Wearing brown or earth tones on a night out will allow Virgo to maintain a casual and comfortable air, putting others around them at ease, thus becoming seduces by Virgo’s wit and subtle charm. Brown is the colour that keeps airy and rapidly spinning Mercury feel grounded and stable, and thus Virgo can experience this colour’s full power when worn on a Wednesday – especially during the months of June and September.

White for Libra


White is the colour of purity and innocence. True, Libra is anything but, however, white gives them the power to do what they love best – bring a sense of balance and harmony in the world around them, as well as, the world within them. Just look at the lovely Simi Garewal, a Libra who’s perpetually bathed in white. No wonder through her talk show (that had a very white set) she could put all her guests at ease, while elegantly enabling them to talk about their lives. White is, after all, the colour of elegance. White is the colour that adds space, and can also be used to blend with other colours to bring much needed ‘highlights’. This goes with Libra’s natural ability to make space for others within their lives, and let’s face it, a Libra friend or lover is definitely the ‘highlight’ of your life.

When Libra wears white at work, they become the spirit of diplomacy and grace. Making their pros at charming important clients. It’s no wonder Libra is quite capable of being ‘the face’ of a company. On a date, a Libra man in a white shirt can conjure up images of classic romance novel hero’s making their dates swoon as they flash their dimpled grins. When a Libra woman wears white on a night out, she becomes a personification of Aphrodite herself, causing men to even give up their kingdoms, just to win her favour. White is one of the colours of Venus, and thus, Libra experiences its full power when they wear it on a Friday – especially during the months of May and October.

Deep Blood Reds for Scorpio

Scorpio horoscopr for 2022

When red comes in darker shades, it invokes seduction, mystery, and richness that burns with the embers of danger. Unlike Aries that thrives with bold and fiery reds, Scorpio is a sign of depth whose passions run deep right to the pits of the underworld, and thus their colour is a seductive blood red to symbolise their dark and mysterious passions. If Aries is a dangerous red flag, Scorpio is the sign your mother warned you about – and you can’t help but fall for their seductive mystique. Darker ‘blood reds’ like maroon, burgundy, wine, and yes – blood itself – is as magnetic as they are powerful, and Scorpio is known as the most powerful sign of the zodiac with raw animal magnetism.

When Scorpio wears such colours at work, they are the ultimate power players. Don’t be fooled by their calm demeanour – they don’t need to shout to prove their dominance. A single look can send shivers down their employees’ spines, but they know how to reign it in – enough to get work done efficiently. On a night out, no one can resist a Scorpio wearing their signature deep reds. Their devilish sex appeal will make all hearts skip a beat, and with their eyes, they’ll mesmerise anyone they pick, almost like the biblical serpent, seducing Eve to take a bite of the ‘Forbidden Fruit’. Red, especially in its deeper and darker shades contain the powers of both, Mars and Pluto, and thus, Scorpio can experience its full power when they wear these colours on a Tuesday – especially during the months of April and November.

Yellow for Sagittarius

Sagittarius November 2021 Horoscope- Colours for your zodiac

Yellow is perhaps the happiest colour in the rainbow. It’s no wonder that when the original ‘smiley face’ was created back in France during the 1970’s it was given the colour yellow. Yellow is the most noticeable colour to the human eye, and it brings optimism and joy wherever it goes. Yellow is also the colour that represents heightened awareness, thus whenever someone gets a brilliant idea or experiences a eureka moment, it’s artistically symbolised with a bright yellow light bulb flashing above their heads. This is why yellow is associated with Sagittarius, a sign whose optimistic ‘can-do-attitude’ can motivate everyone with their infectious enthusiasm.

When Sagittarius dons yellow at work, it’s always going to be a good day at the office. Especially if they are students, yellow helps them focus better whilst studying and eventually acing tests. This is why yellow is associated with Jupiter – the planet of higher learning. And even a corporate Sagittarius is eager to learn new things to heighten their skill set and conquer uncharted territories. On a night out, Sagittarius when wearing yellow becomes the life of the party, and their gregarious jolly attitude causes even the tensest souls to burst out into howls of laughter. And let’s face it, isn’t a good sense of humour such a sexy quality in a human being? Yellow being Jupiter’s colour, enables Sagittarius to experience its full power when they wear it on a Thursday – especially during the months of December and March.

Black for Capricorn

Capricorn Horoscope for 2022

Black is the colour of mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. Qualities that describe Capricorn to the T. Black is often a threatening colour, and thus many people feel threatened by merely the presence of a Capricorn. Black, like Capricorn, just needs to be, and everyone gets absorbed by its powerful presence. Black is the ultimate status symbol and is used to represent the highest levels of wealth and chic. Thus, we have the very sought after – Amex Black Card that puts even the gold and platinum cards to shame. Then again, all jewels do shine best when laid on a black felt surface. Black is also sexy without trying too hard. In fact, there’s a reason the ultimate sexy wardrobe includes the much-coveted, little black dress.

Capricorn is the ultimate power player, and thus when they wear black at work – they mean business. Saturn makes them quite the taskmaster, and it’s no wonder when Capricorn is at work, they have a natural authoritative presence, which makes even those in superior positions take notice. Capricorn women don’t just smash glass ceilings, they rule high on their icy mountains, wearing black regal attire, making even the mightiest of men bow down to them. When Capricorn wears black on a date, they become the personification of elegance and chic and are so intimidating that even the most charming of us feel unnerved. That’s what makes them so incredibly sexy and powerful, that we often find ourselves trying ever so hard to impress them. Nothing feels more rewarding than earning a Capricorn’s rarely given nod of approval. Black is the colour of Saturn, and Capricorn experiences its karmic rewards most when they wear it on a Saturday – especially during January and February.

Blue for Aquarius

Aquarius December 2021 Horoscope- Colours for your zodiac

Blue is the colour of modernity, and Aquarius is, after all, the sign of progressive thinking, which makes it the perfect colour for your zodiac. Blue is a calm colour, enabling us to flow through life smoothly without having too many feathers ruffled. Aquarius prefers ruffling everyone else’s feathers. Blue is a colour of the sky, representing Aquarius’ expansive mindset, forever seeking to broaden their horizons, and never shying away from delving deep into areas most people find, ‘unusual’. Blue is also the ultimate representation of ‘cool’, and this is why, without even trying, Aquarius is the ‘coolest’ sign of the zodiac. When the world around them is losing their minds, Aquarius just struts through with its airy glamour, doing things without being affected by everyone else’s heightened emotional states.

When Aquarius dons blue at work, they can become the most productive workers, without even dropping a single bead of sweat. Often known as the ‘mad scientist of the zodiac, Aquarius is perhaps one of the deepest thinkers. However, they feel no need to involve others in the intricacies of what goes on in their minds. They can, however, easily figure out what makes you tick, enabling you to be at the ‘pulse’ of the current trend. Though let’s face it, Aquarius sets the trends, rather than following them. On a night out, when Aquarius wears blue, they put people around them at ease, while effortlessly seducing them with their cool airy glamorous selves. However, beyond just their beauty, you’re drawn to the brilliance of their mind. Blue brings out the powers of Saturn and Uranus, and thus Aquarius can experience its power most when worn on a Saturday – especially during January and February.

The Colours of the Ocean for Pisces

Pisces 2022 Horoscope

All life begins and ends in the ocean, and thus Pisces can never be limited to just one colour, as they are souls that have experienced life through the entire zodiacal wheel. So, there is no one fixed colour for your zodiac. Thus, they are blessed to be empowered by all colours of the ocean. Be it aquamarine, sea-foam greens, turquoise, or even soothing teals – all of them are almost tailor-made for Pisces. Oceanic colours have the ability to heal us in powerful ways. Thus, Pisces are natural healers, become powerful counsellors, therapists, and agony aunts that use their natural empathy to heal us, while giving us the best advice – even if they never follow it themselves.

When Pisces wears oceanic colours at work, not only do they become an incredibly relaxed presence at the office – putting everyone around them at ease, but they can often come up with the most creative solutions that can turn something mundane into something incredibly innovative and perhaps even life-changing. On a date, a Pisces when wearing oceanic colours can make their dates feel so comfortable, that they lose all traces of awkwardness and nervousness. This is why we can’t help but fall in love with Pisces, because they encourage us to not just be ourselves, but become the best versions of ourselves. However, remember one thing – we know more about outer space than we know about the depths of the ocean. Pisces comes with depths most people are scared to explore. Oceanic colours bring out the powers of Jupiter and Neptune, thus Pisces can experience their powers best when worn on a Thursday – especially during March and December.

Zorian Cross

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajog

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