As Indian podcasts find their time under the sun, here are the top six you can’t go without listening to.

She Says She’s Fine

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Dr Munjaal Kapadia. Image: Courtesy She Says She’s Fine podcast

Genre: Women’s health

By: Dr Munjaal Kapadia

Dr Munjaal Kapadia started this revolutionary podcast about women’s health last year, and its merit lays in the fact that women far and wide have applauded it. Kapadia, a gynaecologist is from a family of gynaecologists, and also the director at Namaha Healthcare—a hospital with specialised healthcare for women. What this means is that he’s got an insider’s view of the issues that women go through, and approaches the podcast from that experience.

‘She Says She’s Fine’ talks of topics such as PCOS, periods, sex, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, abuse, menopause, and so on. Kapadia is the host and brings on board two female guests for each episode, who discuss the topic of the day with him. So far, the guests have included the likes of comics Kaneez Surka and Supriya Joshi, chef Pooja Dhingra, Rhea Kapoor, Priyanka Paul, Abish Matthew, and Cyrus Broacha. Why this is a podcast to listen to is because they discuss matters that are usually dusted under the carpet in detail, however, there’s no drama around it. The normalcy with which these issues are discussed is what we need today for everyone to speak of women’s health in an open fashion, sans any taboo tag.

No Sugar Coat

pooja dhingra
Image: Courtesy Pooja Dhingra (Facebook)

Genre: Food

By: Pooja Dhingra

Perhaps India’s most popular chef Pooja Dhingra launched her podcast ‘No Sugar Coat’ in 2018, and is soon coming out with a new season. The first season saw the who’s who of the hospitality industry—both India and international—come on board to talk about what it takes to build a brand. For all the food lovers out there, you get to know the stories of your favourite restaurants and food brands up, close, and personal. And for those who wish to start their own venture n the F&B industry, what better place than here to soak in all their wisdom? Kelvin Cheung, Gary Mehigan, Garima Arora, Pablo Naranjo Augular, and Nadine Levy Redzepi are few of the F&B bigwigs speaking of their journeys here.

Cyrus Says

indian podcasts
Image: Courtesy IVM Podcasts

Genre: Comedy

By: Cyrus Broacha

You remember him from his MTV days back in the late 90s and early 2000s. He’s one of the funny men who (thankfully) never lost his funny bone and continues to crack us up till date. ‘Cyrus Says’ is his comedy podcast that takes on current relevant topics. These include but aren’t limited to urban India, politics, sports, civic sense, traffic, kids, food. Papa CJ, Neil Bhoopalam, and Namit Das are few of the guests who’ve graced this podcast.

Anupama Chopra Film Reviews

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Image: Courtesy Satish Bate/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Genre: Films

By: Anupama Chopra

The veteran film critic not only gives her insights on her website but has a podcast for all latest releases to boot. A 27-year-old career means her reviews are crisp and will tell you whether you’ll get what you want out of the movie or not. Chopra reviews Bollywood and Hollywood films, and each podcast is an average of six minutes, keeping it succinct and engaging at the same time.

Maed In India

indian podcasts
Mariyam Thomas (centre) Image: Courtesy Maed in India podcast

Genre: Music

By: Mariyam Thomas

Possibly one of the most loved Indian podcasts, ‘Maed in India’ is all about independent music in the country. They seek great talent and put it out there for you to savour. Be it talks with artists in the indie music industry or songs that are great but haven’t been heard far and wide, this podcast brings it all to the forefront. It’s peppered with performances as well as international gems. At the risk of sounding cheesy, have to say that ‘Maed in India’ is quite literally music to the ears.

Holistic Healing with Vasudha Rai 

indian podcasts
Image: Courtesy Vasudha Rai (Facebook)

Genre: Wellness

By: Red FM 93.5 and Vasudha Rai

One of the country’s most popular stations has joined hands with beauty expert Vasudha Rai for this wellness podcast. Launched this month, their first episode is already out, and you can turn to the upcoming ones for some genuine and easy to execute advice on beauty and wellness. Rai will speak with various experts on topics related to their forte. Dr Chandan Chawla for sports medicine, Dr Adil Khan for acupuncture, Dr Subhash Ranade for Ayurveda, Dr Mankul Goyal for integrative medicine, Dr Blossom Kocchhar and Dr Kiran Kaur Sethi for dermatology are few of the industry heavyweights who’ll be discussing tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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