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What to know about Leo zodiac sign: Personality traits, compatibility and more

Ruling Planet: The Sun
Energy Polarity: Yang/Masculine
Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Anatomy: The Heart, Spinal Column, Back
Metal: Gold
Gemstone: Ruby
Colour: Gold, along with all the shades of the sun from sunrise to sunset.

Leo: Personaility traits

Leo is a sign that’s infamously known for their ego. However, it’s not really their fault. After all, they aren’t ruled by any mere planet. The sun is their ruler. Thus, it’s only natural that they’d believe that the entire world revolves around them. Let’s face it, they have the natural radiance to pull it off, and we can’t help but be charmed by their magnanimous brilliance.

Just like we need the sun to sustain life on our planet, we all need Leo to add that special glamour in our lives, with a hint of drama. Well, more than a hint. You see, the Leo soul is an eternal teenager. They’re forever young at heart, and like all teenagers, they have a certain natural confidence and sense of surety that just cannot be faked.

However, it’s important to understand there are two types of Leos – the glorious lion and the elusively cool pussycat. The Glorious Lion at it’s finest can be best represented by Madonna – the Queen of Pop. The elusively cool pussycat can be best represented by Cara Delevingne – the super model who conquered the fashion world with her own unique brand of coolness. Both are pure Leos at heart, but one can see the stark differences between the two.

Summer along with it’s heat (you can’t ignore a Leo’s presence) is also famous for it’s romances. A Leo lives for love in the purest sense. An idealistic lover, Leo (no matter how jaded) is a romantic soul, and can’t live without romance in its literal and metaphorical sense.

However, Leo always attracts drama – and like all teenagers, they can’t help but experience life in it’s most dramatic sense. It’s no wonder that Leo rules the 5th Astrological house of Theatre amongst other things. If Leo had their way, life would be a shimmering string of romances filled with puppy love, sweetened with music, and peppered with dramatic turns to make life interesting.

Leos are in love with love and with themselves. They generously share affection only because it brings them such sheer pleasure. True, a cynic might feel that it’s just their way of making the world feel grateful for their royal presence, but one must remember that Leo rarely comes with such ulterior motives. However, the trouble begins when Leo has to learn that love involves humility and sacrifice of the self. That’s when their ego gets a kick and the Lion (or Pussycat) roars so loud that the jungle tremors.

So it’s best not to tell them about the horrors of it all. They’re teenaged-souls and it’ll be natural for them to rebel against the ‘common-sense’ world of Adult-like-realism. This is why no matter how badly their heart is broken in the past, Leo will still believe in the power of love conquering all. The past is over, and no one knows the future, and thus Leo lives in the glorious gift of time that is – the present.

Loving a Leo

Leos thrive upon, demand, and need your undivided attention at all times. Except when they need their beauty sleep and ample relaxation. You cannot call the shots in a relationship with a Leo. Just like you can’t command your pet cat to come to you. They’ll come to you when they need you to scratch their back and cuddle with them. Smother them, and they’ll claw you out – not because of anything, but for mere kicks. Remember, they are naturally dramatic. If you want an obedient dog that’ll follow your commands – date a Virgo.

Leo is fiercely independent and lives life in accordance to their rules unapologetically. This is not the sign that’ll stay home on a Saturday night. They’re generous to the fault and wouldn’t hesitate to show you the time of your life. You just better learn to be eternally grateful to them.

Remember, Leo is ruled by the Sun so enjoy their glorious glow. But get too close, and you’ll get burned in the process. On some level, Leo knows this, and thus demands their space and freedom in a relationship. They’ll encourage you to do the same – but you had better be there when they need you. If you aren’t, be prepared for an eternal winter.

At times, it’s ridiculously easy to make a Leo fall in love with you. You have to be bold, declare your love for them shamelessly. Send them flowers, wine-and-dine them, make them feel that they’re the center of your life, and Leo is yours for keeps. However, it’s the maintenance of a relationship with a Leo that can be a task.

It’s a full-time job to be in love with a Leo. They thrive on romantic thrills and sparks of desire. Leo needs constant stimulation and flair to make life worth living. Even if it’s a relaxing afternoon by the beach, Leo needs it to be grand and fabulous.

A lesser being wouldn’t be able to keep up, but those who understand the value a Leo brings to their life just by their mere presence will go through all the hoops and jump hurdles for them. Leo would do the same for them. Leo’s generosity knows no bounds, but they’ll be the first to notice the minute you take them for granted, and they won’t take it well.

When you have fights, expect them to be screaming matches, filled with drama. Even the seemingly docile ones can flare up like a volcano. However, if you’re the first to say sorry – they’ll happily forgive and forget and life will be all fine and dandy. Despite how much they hate fighting, Leo knows that it’s a way to show that there is still passion left in a relationship, and a good fight is a way to re-ignite it when the flame is diminishing.

They need constant praise not just because of their egos, but because their soul has been pained so badly under the previous sign of Cancer that underneath all their bravado and machismo, they’re still teenagers recovering from the shock of adolescence. So flatter them generously. Compliment their hair, their sense of style, the way they accessorise, and the brilliant way they make seemingly mundane tasks seem so glamorous and chic. It’ll not only win you brownie points, but it’ll have them purring with delight and rewarding you with kisses, licks, and a playful bite here and there.

A truly happy Leo never cheats. Although, cheating can have it’s own definition when it comes to a Leo. This is the sign that won’t hesitate twice about seeking attention elsewhere when you’ve broken their spirit by ignoring them and dampen their spirits with negativity, and telling them phrases like ‘grow up’, ‘settle down’, ‘act your age’, ‘be responsible’, ‘let’s not go out and stay at home’, ‘stick to your budget’. Leos can be very responsible, thank you very much! Just very responsible, thank you very much! Just because they take time to enjoy life and party the night away, doesn’t mean they shun other responsibilities. They need a lover, a partner in crime, not a nagging parental figure to rain on their parade.

Leo will flirt, and flirt shamelessly. But that’s only because it’s their way of having fun. As long as they love you, they’ll come back home to you after parading around the metaphorical jungle. The more freedom you give them, the more they’ll stay by your side.

However, Leo rarely holds any grudges. Once they’ve expressed their anger and shed their wild tears during a break-up, they’ll always insist on being friends after. And they truly mean being friends! Once a Leo has loved you, you’ll always remain in a special place within their heart, and they’ll be there for you when you need them. Leo is always there when you need them. They are generous that way. Just remember to be there for them too.

No one can love you the way a Leo can and will. After all, Leo does rule the heart.

Leo compatibility

Best Lovers: Aries & Sagittarius
Best Friends: Gemini & Libra
Polar Opposite, yet strangely similar: Aquarius
Red Flags: Taurus & Scorpio
Mysterious Wild-Cards: Capricorn & Pisces

Leo careers:

Unlike Aries who works hard and parties harder, Leo works smart and parties harder. That’s not to say a Leo isn’t ambitious. Just don’t expect them to be bothered by silly little details that some Virgo minion can take care of. Yes, most Leos tend to have a literal or metaphorical Virgo minion of some sort in their lives. It gives them time to focus on the bigger picture and grandeur.

Leo is naturally creative, and no matter what path they choose to follow, Leo is passionate about it with all their hearts. Thus, Leo will never hesitate to burn the midnight oil, as long as, they make up for it by letting lose on the dance floor.

Leo’s fire burns steadily and eternally like the Sun, and thus they’ll keep on going. This is why Leo’s rise high in their careers without sacrificing their fun time. Most of the time, their work is something fun that they truly enjoy doing. This is why it’s said that Leo’s never have hobbies – they have careers. This is a sign that can make a fortune from doing things others consider hobbies (like Martha Stewart).

However, Leo demands their work be recognised and appreciated. The minute it isn’t, they’ll be the first to send out their resumés to places where their worth shall be appreciated. Thus, it’s best to keep them enthused, creatively stimulated, as well as, reward them constantly with raises, bonuses, and pats on the back.

Take the case of Barack Obama – a Leo in the truest sense! He handled the most high-pressure job of running one of the most powerful nations of the world – a nation he saved from a crumbling economy due to the Bush regime. However, he still had fun, by appearing on TV shows, announcing Best Picture at the Oscars, and even did skits on SNL. Plus, it took a Leo to be the first African-American President of the United States of America.

Another example is Madonna. From running away to New York with only $35 in her pocket, Madonna became the Queen of Pop, and has maintained her regal status by sitting firmly on her Pop Culture Throne for over 30 years. No artist has ever had that kind of longevity and staying power. Plus, she revolutionised what it meant to be a Pop Singer, by becoming a one-woman force of entertainment and artistry. You could easily say Pop music can be broken down in two eras – Before Madonna and After Madonna. And she’s done it all while still remaining glamorous, beautiful, and breaking barriers of age, gender, religion, and culture.

However, not all Leos are Obamas and Madonnas. Don’t tell them that though. It’ll break them.

Leo’s are notorious for having the best that money can buy. This is a sign of luxury and the finer things in life. They’ll always dress well at work, use the best quality stationary, and drive the swankiest of cars that they can afford. Thus, a big motivator for them to work is to maintain their royal lifestyle.

However, inside every Leo is a lazy cat that loves to nap, thus it’s important that the work they do stimulates them. When they love their jobs, Leos shine brightly. Put them in a tough spot, and they’ll come out of it with ease. Hell, a part of them will love the drama of ‘saving the company’ – especially if their efforts would be rewarded with praise and confetti. Even the shyest of pussycats feel incredibly alive when they’re glorified. They’ll wear their medals with pride.

They truly believe they know best, and won’t hesitate to give advice and generously sprinkle their pearls of wisdom. Leo will always encourage and inspire others to be the best that they can be. And you better be grateful for their advice, because like it or not, it’s always the best kind.

Trouble happens when jealousy ensues and people can’t handle Leo taking all the credit. They can’t help it if it comes naturally to them. Most of the times, they’re unaware that their success can be met with jealousy and contempt, and are genuinely heartbroken when they discover this.

A Leo’s success is your success. Despite how cynical some might find their need to be the best and live life fabulously, Leo truly believes that doing so is for the greater good. Even if they’re a teacher, a Leo will take pride in knowing that their students have done well in life because of their ability to educate and mentor them well.

Appearances matter to Leo, and they will encourage everyone to not only dress well, but also live life to the max. This is why a Leo boss or a Leo employee naturally carries themselves with a glamorous air and isn’t afraid of accessorising. A sober individual might find it tacky and gaudy, but a Leo believes in the motto of ‘if you have it, flaunt it’.

Reward a Lion, and the Universe will reward you all the more. It’s one of their karmic blessings to bring joy to those around them.

Here’s a brief list of careers best suited for Leo:

Actor, Theatre, Directors, Stock Brokers, Politician, Personal Trainer, Artists, Fashion and Interior Designers, Party Planners, Human Rights Advocates, Animal Trainers, Lawyers (especially Litigators), Teachers, Principals, Fashion and Beauty Bloggers/Writers, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Children’s Author, Romance Authors, Choreographers, Social Activists, Medicine, Healers, Advertising and Marketing, Entertainment Agent, Celebrity Stylists, Image Consultants, Jewellers (especially dealing with Gold and Diamonds) etc.

What to know about Leo zodiac sign: Personality traits, compatibility and more

Zorian Cross

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajog

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