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Know the secrets and powers of motherhood based on their zodiac sign

Motherhood is not for the meek. After all, being a mother is considered one of the most thankless professions in a patriarchal society. Oh yes, it is a job! It’s way more demanding than working with various wolves of wall street, and the consequences are far deadlier than wars waged on battlefields. After all, motherhood involves not just bringing life into the world but nurturing it to become a wonderful human being – a task that seems near impossible.

Here’s an astrological guide to motherhood that will not only help us discover the kind of mother we shall be but perhaps help us understand our mothers better. Through knowing ourselves – and our mothers – we can perhaps make the world a better place. Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers – by birth, and by love!

Find out your Mother’s Day Horoscope for 2022

Aries Mother’s Day Horoscope 2022

Mother's Day horoscope 2022

An Aries woman will always become a ‘warrior mama’. Well, she can’t help it if she’s ruled by Mars – God of war and competition! Not only will she make sure that her kids are scrubbed and cleaned, but she’ll ensure that they’re well-fed, loved, and showered with impulsive kisses and hugs. However, don’t expect her to pick them up and mollycoddle them whenever they cry – and when they grow, she won’t bother sugarcoating things. After all, life isn’t fair, and one has to fight to get ahead – and an Aries mother will ensure she teaches her kids how to fight their way to the top!

However, an Aries mother, with all her wonderful strengths, comes with a temper! Quick to react – well, more like explode – and an expert at creating dramatic scenes – an Aries mother can go from zero to a hundred in less than a blink of an eye. However, she calms down just as quickly and almost immediately forgives her child after they apologise. It’s essential to remember that in spite of her brave and confident smile, she bruises easily, and takes everything personally. Thus, every time her child misbehaves, it feels like her mothering skills are being attacked.

Taurus Mother’s Day Horoscope 2022

Taurus, Horoscope 2020

A Taurus mother takes to motherhood very easily. She’ll cuddle her infant constantly, and adore her toddler to bits. However, the minute they show an even an ounce of a rebellious streak – her eyes see red, and her bull horns grow sharp! There’ll always be delicious food in a Taurus mom’s house. Everything will be tastefully decorated with lots of creative touches here and there. However, if you dare stomp around with mud-filled shoes – prepare to say your final prayers. Motherhood only enhances her stubborn streak, and her rules are the kind that can never be bent. However, in spite of her unyielding side, she actually is a fantastic mother who also becomes a best friend and the greatest confidant of her children.

The Taurus mother has an almost miraculous threshold of pain and stress – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Her faith in her own power and whatever spiritual belief she follows are unsurpassable. She’s the mother who will sacrifice sleep night after night and pray for her sick child back to health. She’ll defend her child profusely and will always love them with an intensity that’s almost divine. However, it’s rare that she’ll approve of whoever they date. Rare that anyone will meet her standards. A Taurus mother never lets sentiment interfere with practicality. However, she is deeply sentimental but is too afraid to show it.

Gemini Mother’s Day Horoscope 2022

Gemini Horoscope 2020

A Gemini mother is messy, but at least she’s never boring. She’s a natural-born hustler with enough nifty hacks that allow her to cruise through the day. Never will she be restricted by motherhood in any which way. Her forever curious mind will fascinate children of all ages, and she’ll be the perfect source of all gossip. However, be warned, that she comes with her share of mood swings and random irritable outbursts that’ll catch you off-guard and eternally confuse you. Nothing phases her, and she rarely gets truly surprised. Her cynicism is high and tries as you may, you can never pull a fast one on her. She’s seen it all, done it all, and gotten away with worse stuff than you could ever dream off. When she gets bored, she’s not above using the kids as Guinea pigs in a hair-brained scheme for the sake of giggles. She hates sitting still and a life of basic domesticity is poison to her soul. She loves keeping busy but is never too busy for a fun talk. However, whatever you do – don’t bore her.

Drama is what keeps her going, and she’s not above creating some of her own for the sake of a few cheap thrills. She has no patience for whiny behaviour, in spite of the fact that there’s not enough cheese in the world to go with all the ‘whine’ she doles out. Many a time, a Gemini mother’s kids mature faster than others – but that’s primarily because they tend to be the ‘responsible ones’, while the Gemini mother still behaves like a teenager going through a ‘rebellious phase’.

Cancer Mother’s Day Horoscope 2022

Cancer Horoscope 2020

There are mothers and then there are Cancerian mothers. Tragedy and sacrifice are her middle names, and she’ll ensure that everyone knows it! The maternal gene in a Cancer woman is amped up by celestial steroids. There’s nothing in the world that she won’t do for her family – especially her children. Her sheer utter devotion and dedication can make other mothers pale in comparison. Even if she’s crumbling from within, her children will often view her as their steadfast pillar of support. Perhaps due to the fact that some of the harshest memories of her past continue to haunt her, she’ll always raise her children to find their way through the world by being sensitive and compassionate individuals. She’ll instil firm values and insist they operate from a place of empathy. However, remember, she’s a crab at the end of the day – try as hard as you may, but you just cannot shake her off! And, it goes without saying, no one will ever be good enough for their darling child, and her possessive nature will definitely get triggered by her children’s romantic interest.

She can’t help being possessive – it’s her love language. Just like she can’t give a gift without expecting that you owe her a lifetime of unquestionable loyalty. She can’t help being forever suspicious of people’s intentions, and is slow to trust others – but that’s only because she knows the pain a heart feels when it’s been betrayed all too well. However, when she loves you – she loves you with undying devotion.

Leo Mother’s Day Horoscope 2022

Leo October 2020

A Leo mother is the glamour mom that lavishly showers her children generously with love and affection. Her love for them is so blinding that she may not be able to see their faults, and those who dare point them out will fall prey to her leonine roar. However, when she does acknowledge her children’s faults – she becomes a strict disciplinarian and will insist that they shape up and get rid of all negative behaviour. After all, their behaviour is a reflection of her upbringing. She’ll never tolerate disrespect. Yes, she has her share of dramatic outbursts (she can’t help herself), however, when she’s really angry – she’ll give you the royal silent treatment – and trust me – it can truly hurt!

Remember, she is a queen – even if it is only in her head. Thus, you have incredibly high standards to live up to. It’s a privilege to be born from a royal womb, and you best know how to appreciate it. Unless severely afflicted, a Leo mother will never be stingy while doling out allowance. She’ll be the first to insist that you visit the salon regularly, as well as, treat yourself to a day of pampering at the spa. She won’t give up her life just because she’s a mother. Thus celebrate your royal mother by telling her how much she’s made your life better just by being her glamorous self!

Virgo Mother’s Day Horoscope 2022

Virgo October 2020

Virgo mothers are either the glue that keeps the family together or the catalyst that can break them in an instant when the time is right. Either way, this is the mom who can perfectly manage to raise a child, pursue a career, fix all meals, change the lightbulbs, pay the bills, and even pursue a course to further her education or update her skills. She’s a natural nurse and will always have medicines (or even herbal remedies) whenever the children fall sick. She’s great at games and is often the favourite to host playdates – all the kids love her. In fact, in a large family, she’ll most probably be the favourite aunt.

However, the good thing is, that she picks herself up, dusts it all off, and gets back to it. Virgo mothers are almost super-human in that sense. Though, don’t be surprised if they pick up certain ‘habits’ to deal with the stress of becoming all that ‘super’. Nevertheless, she’ll rarely ever shirk her maternal responsibilities. She knows that being a mother is a serious job and ever the people-pleaser, Virgo will always want to get a ‘gold star’ for any work she does – why should motherhood be any different? She’ll always raise her children with firm ethics – personal, moral, and even emotional – and ensure that even her daughters know how to change tires, while her sons know how to do their own laundry and clean up after themselves.

Libra Mother’s Day Horoscope 2022

Mother's Day horoscope 2022

Libra women make better wives than mothers. That’s not to say she won’t love her children. Au contraire – they’ll be loved to bits and tenderly cared for. However, the Venusian side of her is always tuned in to value ‘partnerships’ more than ‘parenthood’. Take a look at the Goddess Venus herself – we know more about her torrid affairs with Mars, Adonis, and other beings than what kind of mother she was to Cupid – who somehow seemed to be fluttering around her like a well-matched accessory. Speaking of well-matched accessories – the children of Libran mothers will have a style of their own. She’ll teach them at a young age the importance of grooming, as well as, how to present oneself in public with an air of grace, refinement, and impeccable manners. However, she won’t tolerate disobedience, and if you push her buttons too far, gone will be her balanced and harmonious self, and Venus shall become Kali in the blink of an eye. However, if you survive her ‘Kali’ phase, you’ll be treated to goodies. It’s not the best style of parenting – but it works!

A Libra woman finds motherhood particularly difficult because she puts far too much pressure on herself to achieve a lofty standard that she’s imposed upon herself. The house must be tasteful and elegant – with no specs of dust. The children must be educated in the right schools, wear the best clothes, and have the right kind of friends (oh yes, she went there). She needs to be the perfect hostess and always look good for her spouse. Keep up to date with current trends and – well, yes – it’s exhausting. Perhaps this is why sometimes she indulges in her sweet tooth or comfort carbs in order to deal with the pressure.

Scorpio Mother’s Day Horoscope 2022

Scorpio Horoscope 2020

Don’t expect a Scorpio mother to be the typical ‘Hallmark Card’ mother. She’s far too edgy to be that vanilla. A general rule of thumb when dealing with a Scorpio woman – the more ‘harmless’ and ‘sweet’ and ‘docile’ she seems – the deadlier she really is. Her children know that well, and yet they love her to bits because they sense her deep devotion towards them and feel emotionally secure whenever they are in her presence. A Scorpio mother will never let her children’s talent nor potential go unnoticed. She’ll forever encourage them to aim high and will do whatever it takes to help them achieve their targets. She’s the best motivational coach when they need a pep talk, and the ideal counsellor full of sage advice whenever they’re facing problems, and will also waste no second bailing them out whenever they’re in a fix. To anyone who poses a threat to her children, watch out – you’ll live to regret it. Scorpionic vengeance is always deadly – and spares no one! This is the sign that rarely forgives – but if she does – she never forgets!

You can’t pull a fast one on a Scorpio mother. You’ll find it hard to keep secrets from her. She’ll always know what you’re up to even before you do. A single look from her is enough to keep you in check. She won’t smother you – she understands the need to be free to discover oneself – however, if you wish to remain in her house in one piece – you best follow her rules.

Sagittarius Mother’s Day Horoscope 2022

Sagittarius, Horoscope 2020

A Sagittarius mother hates being in the kitchen. Oh, if she has to, she can whip up a delicious feast – but she’ll hate every minute of it. After all, life is all about exploring the unknown and discovering hidden corners of the world – not being locked away in a kitchen and living an unfulfilled boring life of domesticity. She’s the embodiment of the phrase – “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!”, and will probably love it that she’s considered the ‘hot mom’ amongst all your friends. Yes, you’ll be embarrassed, and yes, she doesn’t care. She’s not one for brooding, nor does she tolerate melancholy well. Her natural Jupiterian optimism makes her truly believe that a positive outlook is all you need to survive in life. Gloom and pessimism can actually make her sick – hence she refuses to indulge in them. Often she’ll surprise people at how dedicated a mother she can be – especially those who remember her best in her carefree youth where her devil-may-care attitude couldn’t be tamed. Yet, she’ll enjoy changing diapers, showering her kids with love and attention, and will enjoy playing with them with all her heart. Just do not put her in the kitchen!

Tactfulness and subtlety are alien concepts to her. However, she’s honest to the core and doesn’t believe in mincing words. Yet, in spite of her best intentions – her honesty can be incredibly brutal – and sometimes, one may feel as though they’ve been kicked in the stomach by a wild horse whenever she drops her many ‘truth bombs’. However, in spite of all this, her heart is always in the right place. Allow her to surprise you with spontaneous excursions, or even quick weekend getaways to break the monotony of life. You’ll be surprised how astute her wisdom is, and how sometimes the most simple and honest route is the best solution of them all.

Capricorn Mother’s Day Horoscope 2022

Capricorn, Horoscope 2020

A Capricorn mother is the ultimate ‘power mother’ – and she knows it. She’s the mother who will give her children the best that money can buy – insisting on quality over quantity. After all, quality things last longer, and a Capricorn mother abhors wastefulness of any kind. This is why, she’ll insist that the plates are clean, and the shoes last longer than a few seasons. To her, being economical doesn’t mean being cheap – a wise lesson that she’ll instil within her children. The kids shall be expected to have impeccable manners, be polite and respectful to elders, courteous yet cautious of strangers, and of course, good old-fashioned chivalry. This isn’t the mother who tolerates rudeness and disobedience – she considers it as a personal affront to her parenting. A Capricorn mother never sits still and is always got something that needs her attention. However, when it comes to her children, she will ensure that they get her complete attention. She’s perhaps the best listener out there, and will rarely shame you for whatever you’re going through. Underneath the ice, she’s all warm and fluffy.

She hates it when children sit idle, and if she had her way, she would put them in every hobby class possible to keep them mentally and physically active. Be it painting, music, dancing, sports of all kinds, or even learning foreign languages – a Capricorn mother believes that a child should never forgo an opportunity to learn. Every skill they acquire shall benefit them in their life when they grow up in some way or the other. That’s because she’s ruled by Saturn – the karmic taskmaster who insists that we ‘learn our lessons’. Also, her sarcasm game is on point. Her sense of humour is legendary, and will always lighten up even the tensest of situations.

Aquarius Mother’s Day Horoscope 2022

Mother's Day Horoscope 2022

Motherhood is a major adjustment for the average Aquarian woman. After all, human emotions, in general, baffle her – especially when they belong to infants that have no way of expressing them beyond a scream. However, with time, she managed to fulfil her maternal duties well. However, as much as she loves her children, there’s always an element of detachment. A strange aloofness and emotional distance that no one can really put their finger on. Some might even say she approaches motherhood as some sort of weird science experiment where the children are the Guinea pigs. No, she’s not heartless – but, she’s just – well, let’s just say she’s ‘unique’. However, you’ll be surprised by how devoted she can be when the time is right. She’ll be quite the ‘social mom’, and will happily take part in all the PTA’s, and befriend the teachers, and the other moms – who would be wowed by her natural ability to just be so ‘cool’, and in most cases, her airy glamour will charm them all. Nothing comes as a shock to her. In fact, what you find scandalous, she’ll probably yawn at.

She’s quite progressive in many ways, and she’d have beliefs that would probably make hippies of the past clutch their pearls. She has a unique way of looking at the world, and often at times may have rather off-beat views on religion and spirituality in general. Don’t be surprised if she’s got a few ‘witchy rituals’ in her. Motherhood doesn’t dim her rebellious side, and tantrums will not bend her will. She enjoys diving deep into rabbit holes, and conspiracy theories fascinate her. She’d probably believe that Aliens are real and are living amongst us. She will encourage you to march to your own beat, and she’ll happily teach you how to discover your own personal rhythm. Just don’t cramp her style!

Pisces Mother’s Day Horoscope 2022

Mother's Day Horoscope 2022

A Pisces mother clearly has a favourite amongst the siblings. She’ll never admit it, but everyone will point out that the largest chunk of her heart goes to the ‘runt of the litter’. Okay, perhaps that was harsh – however, one must understand that Pisces is a natural empath, and she can feel the pain of others perhaps even better than they feel it themselves. So when she sees one of her children struggling the most – she can’t help but shower them with a little more love than the others. More often than not, it may cause resentment to develop amongst the others – however, rest assured that she loves all her children. Some just need a little bit extra in order to survive. She truly believes her love can heal all wounds and can reform even the most troubled souls.

A Pisces mother is truly a sensitive soul. Motherhood can sometimes trigger some really unpleasant emotions within her, and hence she’ll cope by indulging in things that can sometimes be addictive – be it shopping (they do call it retail therapy for a reason), cleaning (to mask the darkness of her soul), wine and other ‘stimulants’ (to allow life to appear rosier than it actually is), and in some cases – fitness (and impose it upon her children too). However, in spite of that, she’ll be the most generous soul – and wouldn’t hesitate to take a bullet for those she loves – especially her children.

Zorian Cross

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajoga

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