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Tune into these new music releases, and let indie music take a bow

The last few weeks have seen a great many productions from our indigenous music scene, and you certainly don’t want to miss out on these. So here are the top new music releases in India to add to your playlist pronto – go ahead and cherry pick your favourite tunes.

‘K I N G’ By Prabh Deep Ft. Hashbass & Tansolo

One of the frontrunners of the Indian hip-hop scene, Prabh Deep released a new EP, ‘K I N G’, earlier this month. The politically outspoken singer shot the video for this launch in Kashmir, 24 hours before the lockdown related to Article 370 was imposed. Moving beyond his usually hard-hitting beats, he’s used a softer base for his lyrics this time ’round. Partnering with Hashbass (co-producer) and Tansolo (vocals), and produced by the label he’s with, Azadi Records, the new release has already garnered hoards of appreciative comments by his fans and new listeners alike – to the extent that many are asking the Punjabi lyrics to be translated into vernacular languages.

‘Eleven Eleven’ By Sandunes Feat. Landsland

The Mumbai-based musician Sanaya Ardeshir, aka Sandunes, announced her new EP ‘11:11’ along with the release of its first song by the same name last week. Trained as a pianist and keyboard player, her signature electronica music is a touch of soothing, creating what she terms ‘fusion of globally inspired ingredients’. She’s worked with the dream pop duo Landsland for the melodious ‘Eleven Eleven’, and the full EP will be out on September 6. You can tune into the single at Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp, and the EP is available for pre-order on K7 records.

‘Izehar’ by Bawari Basanti

This Independence Day Bawari Basanti (Mahima Dayal Mathur) released a single on the theme of independence, albeit more of the personal kind, not political, although touching upon how the latter also impacts the former. “Let us talk about how independent we really are. True independence is not about holding a flag, shouting out slogans or feeling patriotic. But really about being able to embrace who you truly are, and not letting hypocrites and self-attested moral police of the world force-feed their contrived notions of freedom,” said her Facebook post when the song was first shared. The single came out with a video, directed by Vaksh Vimal and produced by Vedang Deshpande, with the vocals and visuals being equally praised. The Delhi-based singer-songwriter is known for pairing classic vocals with electronic music, and is a treat to listen to ‘Izehar’.

‘Babelfish’ by Shubhangi Joshi collective

Shubhangi Joshi and her band crowdfunded the eight-song album, and the Mumbai-based collective launched to a resounding applause from their fans. It’s Joshi, who’s behind the guitar and vocals, Titus Pinto for bass, Nishant Nair on keys, and Aamir Ismail on drums for the Shubhangi Joshi Collective. Performing for over two years, they are an indie-pop band and haven’t restricted themselves to a specific genre or style of music for this album. From jazz to acoustic to pop beats, you’ll find it all in ‘Babelfish’, with simplistic songwriting (courtesy Joshi), which seeks to convey the message from the heart, capturing different moments, people, and experiences in her life.

‘On The Floor Vol.1’ by Oceantied

Oceantied is an electronic music exploration by the guitarist Ketan Bahirat, and he just released the first volume of his three-part EP, ‘On The Floor’, the other two are to follow this year itself. From the music to the art to the visuals, Bhairat has done it all himself. And replicating the hustle of Bengaluru (where the DJ-producer is based) in his video, he’s managed to incorporate sounds picked from the streets with his beats to present a first-person feel of the city as you listen to the tracks, specially ‘Luru’. 

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