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Among all the online streaming during social distancing, would you watch these pandemic-themed films that are bound to keep you on the edge?


pandemic films
Image: Courtesy Contagion / McClatchy Tribune

The 2011 film is eerily similar to the coronavirus pandemic. ‘Contagion’ shows the virus originating in China and brought to the US by a travelling businesswoman. The story then takes a serious turn of events, with everyone catching the virus except the carrier’s husband. An ensemble cast of Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Marion Cotillard make it worth a watch.


pandemic films

‘Outbreak’ (1995) is a pandemic film starring Morgan Freeman and Dustin Hoffman. It’s about a monkey brought to California from Africa and a contagious virus it carries. As the disease spreads and authorities scamper to contain it, an army official tries to utilise the virus as a possible bio-weapon.

It Comes at Night

pandemic films

In a time of self-quarantining, ‘It Comes at Night’ is one film that’ll hit home. It shows the world after a plague that has wiped out large portions of the population, and how a family confined to a home adapts to the situation. It is a story about surviving in an apocalyptic world.


pandemic films

The 2013 South Korean film revolves around a lethal virus that takes over the country’s metropolitan population. Smugglers open a shipping container filled with the bodies of several illegal immigrants, who died of this airborne H5N1 virus, which kills humans in 36 hours. As the virus spreads like wildfire, chaos ensues.


pandemic films

‘Blindness’ is about how one Japanese man suddenly goes blind while driving one day. The story is followed by a man affected by the communicable disease and his wife who pretends to have it too, so she can help him navigate through the quarantine camp. The 2008 film stars Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore.

93 Days

pandemic films

Based on Ebola, an epidemic that affected 21 million people, ‘93 Days’ tracks the story of the doctors who worked on containing the disease in Nigeria. This 2016 film traces the sacrifices of those who ultimately eliminated the virus.


pandemic films

While zombies remain a sci-fi element, the way the disease is spread in ‘Pontypool’ will give you the creeps. The 2009 film follows a radio jockey who learns that people are turning into zombies, not by touch but by the spoken word itself. It’s about tiptoeing around conversations to prevent the virus infecting humans.

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