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Shabana Azmi pays tribute to her father in ‘Mee Raqsam’ on Zee5

‘Mee Raqsam’ releases on Zee5 on August 21. The film is presented by Bollywood veteran Shabana Azmi and is an ode to her father, Kaifi Azmi.

All you need to know about the Zee5 movie, ‘Mee Raqsam’

Mee Raqsam means ‘I dance’, and in a way that’s what the film revolves around: A Muslim girl’s wish to learn Bharatnatyam and her father’s support for her. Actor Shabana Azmi and her brother, cinematographer Baba Azmi have come together with this film, as a tribute to their late father. The latter has turned director with this film and has shot it in the birthplace of his renowned poet father, Mijwan, a village in eastern UP. This year also marks what would have been his 101st birth anniversary.

mee raqsam

Mee Raqsam Story and Cast –

Starring Naseeruddin Shah, Aditi Subedi, and Danish Hussain in the lead roles, the movie is about Hussain pushing against the community’s oppression to fulfil his 15-year-old daughter’s dreams. The single father belongs to a close-knit Muslim community, which is opposed to his young daughter learning Bharatnatyam. Although he is labelled anti-religious, gets threats, and is asked to make her classes stop, he doesn’t give in. Instead, Hussain counters the criticism by saying, “Islam is not so weak that it will be insulted by a child dancing”.

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The film isn’t based on Shabana’s relationship with her father, however, she has commented on it saying that he was just as supportive of her. “I asked my father if he would support my decision to become an actor. He said ‘I will support you in whatever you do. If you want to become a shoemaker, I will support you provided you tell yourself that you will try to become the best shoemaker in the business’,” shared Shabana Azmi.

The new film is now streaming on Zee5.

All images: Courtesy Zee5

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