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Thriller ‘Netrikann’ will keep Nayanthara’s fans on the edge of their seat

Thriller Netrikann, starring Nayanthara, releases on Hotstar today. Here’s everything you need to know about this Tamil film. 


Tamil movie Netrikann (translating to the third eye) drops on Disney+Hotstar today, and it is a treat Nayanthara’s fans have been looking forward to. She plays a visually challenged young lady who is a key witness in a serial killer case. The trailer indicates that she tries to take on the killer in what seems to be a cat and mouse kind of game. The two-minute official trailer has a lot going on – keeping the pace nice and taut. The movie seems to be one that will not disappoint. Here is why we have this movie on our weekend viewing list. 

Netrikann story and reasons to watch

Netrikann Movie Cast: Nayanthara shines

This will be Nayanthara’s 65th movie release, and she will be seen on screen now after her last Malayalam film Nizhal. She plays a military services aspirant who loses her eye-sight and her brother in an accident and happens to fall into the cross-hairs of a serial killer on the hunt in Chennai. The trailer shows her as a strong woman, a lady who has made peace with her lot and yet is not one to let her disadvantage be the subject of ridicule by anybody.

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Netrikann real story: Korean Movie Remake 

Netrikann is an official remake of the 2011 Korean film Blind, directed by Ahn Sang-hoon. Starring Kim Ha-neul, in the leading role, she won Best Actress awards at both the 48th Grand Bell Awards and the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards. Without giving too much away, reading the plot of the movie and making connections with Netrikann’s trailer will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Multi-language comparisons

Kross Pictures is the company responsible for bringing Korean films to India and is the co-producer of the Netrikann as well. This is the same company that co-produced Amitabh Bacchan-Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Te3n, a remake of the 2013 Korean film Montage.


Blind has also been remade in Chinese in 2015 and titled The Witness, and interestingly, by the same director as the original Korean movie. In Japan, the movie was remade with the title Minenai Mokugeku-sha (translating to Sightless Witness). This was released in 2019. Bollywood has also made the film with Sonam Kapoor and with the title Blind. The movie has been directed by Shome Makhija and is currently in post-production.

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For international movie buffs, it will be a great exercise in cinematic appreciation to view all the remakes of the film and see how each version caters to the sensibilities of the local audience.

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