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C U Soon is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and it is all everyone is talking about. Here are all the reasons you should watch this movie.


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The Malayalam movie (with English subtitles) is about a modern-day love story gone wrong. The suspense-drama revolves around Jimmy Kurian and Anu Sebastian, who meet on a dating website and decide to marry. His mother seeks the help of Jimmy’s cousin, Kevin, to find out details about Anu. And when Anu disappears without a trace and a cryptic video message, it’s on Kevin to search for his cousin’s fiancee, only to discover dark, shocking truths about her.

This spin on how dating and relationships work today and connecting it with the murky world that can exist within the world wide web has been applauded.

The Cast of C U Soon

Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran play the love interests Jimmy and Anu, while Fahadh Faasil plays Kevin. The cast is spectacular in their capacity and has come together to create fabulous onscreen chemistry too. Despite portraying characters with shades one may not like, they manage to make the viewer root for them.


What is being praised the most for C U Soon is the filmmaking. Shot entirely in lockdown, Mahesh Narayan has written, directed, and edited the movie. The video call and text chat visuals onscreen is a new feat for the Indian movie scenario. One may have seen something similar these in shows like Valeria and Jane the Virgin, but its the first time it has been done with such finesse for an Indian production.

The story is told through screens — laptops, smartphones, and CCTV. And despite the actors needing to talk to their screens as it was shot while being physically distanced, they’ve made it a seamless 1.5 hours for anyone watching.

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