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While major OTT platforms dominate what we watch online, there are some hidden gems that you may be missing out on. Here are five shows and films on SonyLiv that you don’t want to miss.



This breezy comedy has many fans and is up for re-runs or first-time watch on SonyLiv. When a lawyer gets stripped of his degree and is forced to teach at a community college, he’s faced with many comic challenges as students of varied backgrounds join his class. The diversity that binds the main seven characters together is not only endearing but something that shows hope for today’s scenario.


Everyone packed in one house and everything going wrong–the classic setup loved by Rajat Kapoor returns with ‘Kadakh’. While not with the same comic element as ‘Bheja Fry’, this film revolves around a darker subject–that of extra-marital affairs, suicide, a dead body hidden away while a Diwali party goes on. Ranvir Shorey, Kalki Koechlin, Cyrus Shaukar, and Rajat Kapoor make sure that you’re served with good acting and a brisk plotline.

Your Honour

‘Your Honour’ is inspired by the Israeli show ‘Kvodo’. When your ethics and family clash, which one would you pick? Jimmy Shergill faces this dilemma in this series. He plays a district judge in Ludhiana, who’s ambitious and righteous. However, his conscience has to make a difficult choice when his 18-year-old son is involved in a hit-and-run accident. The judge chooses to save his son, and what follows is a sequence of struggles he could’ve never imagined.



If you love historical dramas, you’ll love this one. The series follows the story of the British Queen Victoria, who was crowned at the age of 18. It follows her life in the 1800s as she falls in love with Prince Albert and marries him, and is one of the most accurate historical series created–with a touch of drama that will keep you hooked.


A film of our times, ‘Bhonsle’ is quite the mirror of the current migrant problems that have been brought to the forefront in the last few months. A story of an ex-police officer in Mumbai, Ganpath Bhonsle (Manoj Bajpayee), the film starts with him beginning his retiree life. The born and bred Maharashtrian lives in a chawl where the residents are a mix of natives like him and migrants from other states and are extremely reserved. However, this changes when the 60-year-old allows a bond to form with his new neighbours, a brother-sister duo from North India. The reticent man who has always chosen what’s right over what’s easy finally breaks his silence on this tug of war between who has the first right–Marathi manoos or migrants–or whether a first right even exists for persons of the same country.

All images: Courtesy production houses / SonyLiv