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Starry affair: The K-pop group you should stan this season, based on your zodiac sign

Presenting a smorgasbord of genre-bending tunes, choreographies, outfits, and album concepts – there’s a selection of Korean idols out there for everyone. And if you can’t narrow down on one whose fanchant you’d willingly commit to memory, the answer might be written in the stars. From the uber-popular BTS to new-kids on the block like Aespa – here’s a look at the K-pop group your zodiac sign could get behind.

Whether it’s the catchy hooks or the high-production music videos that got you on board the K-pop train, there’s no denying the addictive quality it holds. And besides its eccentric choreographies and treatment of genres – what sets the industry apart is its commitment to developing an engaging fan-celebrity relationship – from well-designed merchandise and planned livestreams to active fan communities and regular meet-ups.

That said, with the sea of newly-debuted groups joining the likes of stalwarts like BTS, BlackPink, and Got7 – discovering one that truly represents your taste in music can take hours of streaming and fan-cam watching. Fortunately, your star sign – which spotlights your most dominant traits – can point you in the right direction. Considering how each idol group has their own unique concept and album themes – they complement specific personality types. Whether you enjoy gritty rock themes or are looking for something to get you going through the hustle of life – we’ve curated a set of groups that deserve the top spot in the playlists and fan pages of certain zodiac signs.

The perfect K-pop group to get behind, based on your zodiac sign

Aries: Itzy

This fire sign is known to be bold, impulsive, and adventurous. Their ideal group would have to make a statement and be just as fierce as them. Itzy, JYP’s vibrant girl group is who they’d relate to the most. With a ‘girl-crush’ concept that spotlights independent, assertive women – the group’s music is fresh, strong, and out there. The group has also stated in several interviews that confidence underlines every song of theirs. That, along with the fact that their tracks are perfect for dance parties – which a fire sign would frequent or host – make the group the perfect Aries representative.

Taurus: BTS

This earth sign is known to be hard-working and comfort-seeking. Their ideal group would have to be a classic, dependable one whose music makes them feel at home. BTS, arguably the biggest K-pop group in the world, knows exactly how to do that (and more!) The group consistently pushes the idea of their fans being family, with regular interactions, livestreams, merchandise, and heartwarming tracks. Not to mention, they explore an eclectic range of genres – ideal for the curious and intelligent Taurus to explore. Besides, the earth sign would respect the group’s jaw-dropping upward trajectory, courtesy of their hardwork and grit.

Gemini: Aespa

Quirky, sociable, and ever-evolving – Geminis constantly need something new to sink their teeth into. Their ideal group would have to be unique enough to keep them engaged. Aespa – with their two-world concept – represents this air sign’s duality. The group states that people exist in two dimensions – the real and the virtual. The latter features digital avatars created by our online interaction. Exploration of this, along with their catchy, fun, heart-thumping tracks would appeal to this intelligent, trend-loving air sign.

Cancer: Twice

Sensitive and homely, Cancers are the caretakers and comfort-seekers of the zodiac. Their ideal K-pop group would, hence, have to reflect their affectionate sensibilities. Twice, one of the most adored set of idols in the industry, perfectly represents them. The group’s concept is soft and chirpy – with most their songs being cheery love tracks. This would appeal to this romantic water sign. Not to mention, Twice is also known to have some of the most reassuring tracks in the business – perfect for a pick-me-up should the Cancer need it. Besides, the fun-loving water sign would enjoy catchy choreography and lyrics – ideal for bonding over with friends at house parties.

Leo: Big Bang

The royalty of the zodiac, Leos are fierce and hard-headed. They’re also not one to shy away from the spotlight. Nothing but the most revered set of idols would do as their ideal K-pop group. The iconic Big Bang perfectly represents them. Like most others under the YG banner, this group explores gritty, dark themes. Their ‘bad-boy,’ party-frenzy tracks will appeal to the outgoing fire sign. However, intelligent Leos would also appreciate how the group explores more layered concepts in their ballads. Genre-bending, meanwhile, will keep the easily-bored Leos engaged. Not to mention, Big Bang’s out-of-this-world stage presence is a good reflection of a Leo’s confident personality.

Virgo: Stray Kids

This earth sign is known to be hard-working, practical, and transparent. Their ideal group would have to reflect their perfectionist tendencies. Stray Kids are guaranteed to make it to their favourites list. The group – unlike many others in the industry – are highly involved in the creation of their music, from the melodies and lyrics to their music videos. Their leader, Bang Chan, is also known to be one of the hardest-working members of the industry. Besides the creative control, which the Virgo would respect – the group is known to be one of the steadiest in K-pop circles, consistently releasing music since 2018. And if there’s one thing an earth sign truly appreciates, it’s dependability.

Libra: BlackPink

The charmers of the zodiac, Libras are known to be romantic and social. Their ideal group would have to represent balance while allowing them to be the life of the party. BlackPink, a group that’s wildly popular – just like most individuals born under this sign – complements them. The group often explores themes based on relationships – which are often central to this air sign. They balance dark, gritty themes which represent “Black” with lighthearted, peppy ones deemed “Pink.” These two sides, as well as constant heart-thumping dance hits, will keep the Libra engaged. Not to mention, the wait for each comeback can be quite long – calling for a patient yet loyal fanbase. If that doesn’t spell Libra, we don’t know what does.

Scorpio: Dreamcatcher

Bold and passionate, Scorpios are drawn to gritty, dark themes – including supernatural and paranormal. Their ideal group would have to keep up with their emotional intensity and tap into their introspective nature. They’d take to Dreamcatcher, a highly underrated K-pop-rock group. The music of this seven-piece girl group is dark, with tracks titled ‘Nightmare,’ ‘Scream,’ and ‘Poison Love.’ They often explore the horror genre, with underlying themes of seduction and mystery in their lyrics and music videos – right up the edgy Scorpio’s alley. Not to mention, this isn’t a mainstream group and this water sign is known to back the underdog.

Sagittarius: GOT7

Adventurous, witty, and fun-loving Sagittarius is drawn to people and things that consistently evolve and adapt. GOT7 – the live-wire, trendsetter group of the industry – perfectly represents them. The group, which broke away from JYP recently, has always pushed for freedom, whether in their interviews, one-on-one fan interactions, or music lyrics. And no sign chases individuality and freedom like a Sagittarius. GOT7 is also an amalgamation of several cultures – Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean – and stay true to their roots – which the culturally-driven Sagittarius would appreciate. Not to mention their tracks champion travel and are perfect for a party. If that isn’t right up this fire sign’s alley, we don’t know what is.

Capricorn: Seventeen

The tough cookies of the zodiac, Capricorns are known to work hard and play hard. Their ideal group would have to reflect these sensibilities. Seventeen – an underrated group that’s worked its way to the top – would immediately earn their respect. The group, like Stray Kids, is known to push for creative control – from choreography to track beats. They have an eclectic, introspective tracklist and a versatile approach to art. All of these represent Capricorn’s approach to life and work. Not to mention, they’ve also been consistent since 2015 – a sense of determination and stability that’s often attributed to this sign.

Aquarius: Mamamoo

The eccentrics of the zodiac, Aquarius is known to be opinionated and charitable. They also think out-of-the-box. Their ideal group would have to have their pulse on the latest trends while backing important causes. Mamamoo, one of the most iconic groups in K-pop history, are just as popular as this air sign. That’s not all, their music is bright, fun, and fresh. Their lyrics, meanwhile, are empowering, pushing for the younger generation to be confident as well as cognizant of what’s going on in the world. This would appeal to this intelligent sign. Not to mention Mamamoo members have always championed individuality and used their craft to shun nay-sayers. This rebellious streak is a lot like that of an Aquarius.

Pisces: TXT

The dreamy, romantic Pisces enjoys all things lighthearted. Their ideal K-pop group would have to make them feel safe while tapping into their emotional, creative sides. TXT is a young boy group that often explores themes of friendship and emotions. Their lyrics are reassuring and introspective, while the tracks themselves have a dream-like quality to them. That, combined with uplifting voices, songs, and music videos will keep this water sign hooked.

Eshita Srinivas

Eshita spends her days writing, rewriting, and thinking of things to write about. In the little time she has left, she daydreams about going on a solo trip across Asia.


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