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The ultimate playlist of Bollywood sad songs that capture a heartbreak perfectly

Nursing a broken heart? Well, we can’t fix that. But we have curated a playlist of Bollywood sad songs to give you company.

It’s no surprise that Bollywood is a potpourri of all genres of songs and melodies to go with every mood. You can listen to any song in the world, but when it’s a heartbreak, only Bollywood comes in handy. And we are not talking about the techno and EDM-esque music of today. We are talking about good ol’ Bollywood that we grew up with, songs that we would have to download from the web or get transferred via Bluetooth from friends on our multimedia phone sets. Yes, we are reminiscing the Bollywood of the 90s and 2000s, the era of symphonies and melodies. We have curated the only playlist of Bollywood sad songs you will need.

The ultimate playlist of Bollywood sad songs

Nahi Saamne Tu

Whenever AR Rahman and Hariharan have come together, they have only carefully weaved notes of magic. Be it a love song, a nostalgic song or a sad song. A playlist of Bollywood sad songs will be incomplete without this gem. Nahi Saamne Tu is a song about two lovers who are separated by fate, but the love stays unflinched, unaltered and unwavering.

Jhonka Hawa Ka

Another Hariharan classic, we might not have appreciated the beauty of this song when we were kids. To understand and appreciate this song, one needs a sense of musical maturity and of course, a heartbreak that tugs at your heart. Having grown up now, this song is healing, in ways only a person nursing a heartbreak would understand.

Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aayi

As kids, we could not imagine this iconic movie without the classic Kajol hairband and Rani Mukherjee’s ethereal Manish Malhotra outfits. But now this song makes so much sense. Tujhe har khushi de di – if that does not talk of sacrifice in love, we don’t know what does. This song will remain forever etched in the playlist of Bollywood sad songs.

Ye Dil Deewana

Only Shah Rukh Khan, along with Sonu Nigam’s gliding smooth voice, can make heartbreak sound cool. Admitting that matters of the heart are not in your hands and yet staying put in your dignity is not a task for people with weak hearts. If nothing else, you can always groove to the peppy beats of this Bollywood sad song.

Tu Hi Re

One of the earliest compositions of AR Rahman, this is one of those songs that catapulted Rahman into the icon that he is today. No other song speaks of ill-fated love as well as this one. Add Hariharan’s mellifluous voice to it, and this song will forever find its place across all playlists of Bollywood sad songs ever made.

Ae Ajnabi

Losing your love is not easy. But when the King of Romance himself enacts it, it’s got to be special. Ill-fated love in a war-torn Kashmir might have been the theme of the song, but it belongs to all of us going through a heartbreak right now.

Chitthi Na Koi Sandesh

If you have ever lost a loved one, there’s nothing that can fill that void. While grief is exclusive to every person who’s feeling it, this song puts it perfectly and in utter simplicity what that emptiness feels like.

Luka Chhupi

Heartbreak can be in any form and shape, but nothing comes close to the pain of losing a child. While most of us cannot even comprehend what that must feel, AR Rahman musically genius’d the hell out of this song. Well, that’s not a real word, but so isn’t Rahman! Needless to say, we cannot not include this song when we are curating ultimate playlist of Bollywood sad songs.

Dil Mera Churaya Kyun

The King of Melodies of the 90’s, Kumar Sanu could turn even the most boring notes into the most melodious song. Thankfully, that’s not the case with this song. A young Aamir Khan might have been the eye candy and the only reason to stay hooked to the television back then, but this song is relevant even today.

Sach Keh Raha Hai

Back in the day, this was the anthem for all heartbroken people, which made it a must-have in all playlists of Bollywood sad songs. Cut to 2022, the song is more relevant now than ever. KK’s soulful voice and a young R Madhavan is a combination we can never get over!

Tune Jo Na Kaha

An article about a playlist of Bollywood sad songs cannot be complete without Mohit Chauhan. The man who revolutionised and ruled the charts all across the 2000s, this song is one of his finest. Speaking of unrequited love, Bollywood has made many, many songs. But none of them come close to this one.

Koi Fariyaad

A Jagjit Singh song is as legendary as the entire music industry itself. Tum Bin is a film that people remember even today for its music. And this gem is one of those that we can never forget. Sad songs will come and go, but Koi Fariyaad will always remain.


A lot of our sad songs are KK songs. A lot of our love songs, party songs, happy songs are KK songs too. Well, that’s just his range. While a lot of us are still trying to come to terms with his untimely demise, this song is the perfect tribute to the man who didn’t just shape our childhood, he WAS our entire childhood.

Beete Lamhein

When love no longer remains happy and distances start seeping in through the cracks, all you can do is reminisce about the old days. This song does exactly that. It reminds you that there were happy days once, even if only momentary. Also, shoutout to KK for pouring his heart and soul into it.


Quite an unusual entry for this list of playlist of Bollywood sad songs that’s majorly dealing with heartbreak. But Maa is a song that made us all cry, regardless of how old we were. Today when most of us live away from our hometowns, this song is more relevant than ever.

Featured Image: Courtesy Unsplash/Alexander Shatov, Hero Image: Courtesy Unsplash/Fath

The ultimate playlist of Bollywood sad songs that capture a heartbreak perfectly

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