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‘Tiger King’ has taken over the online streaming world by storm. Here’s why you need to watch it without further delay.

In the times of social distancing, lockdowns, and anxiety about the COVID-19 scenario, we’re all looking for ways to cope. And when a series comes about that’s ideal for binge-watching, it seems like a godsend. That’s exactly what ‘Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness’ is.

tiger king
Joe Exotic in Tiger King

A Netflix Original Documentary Series, ‘Tiger King’ has become the number one streamed show on the platform in under two weeks. Based on the life and crimes of Joe Schreibvogel, aka Joe Exotic, the owner of a private zoo with over 200 big cats, the story reels you and leaves you feeling queasy by the end. It’s not been called ‘The wildest story you’ll never believe’ for nothing. The larger than life persona, polyamory, suicides — the show brings you harsh realities that are hard to digest.

tiger king
Carole Baskin in ‘Tiger King’

And yet, the world can’t stop talking about it, because above all, ‘Tiger King’ is engrossing. A mullet, fringe vests, over-the-top shirts, and a knee brace is how Joe saunters onto the screen. Not only does he own an empire of tigers and other wild cats, but he also has an arch-enemy Carole Baskin — a big cat sanctuary owner who’s dedicated to shutting down the ownership of big cats businesses in the US — and may have hired someone to kill her.

He’s also run for the president of the USA as well as the governor of Oklahoma. That may seem like a lot for one life, but it isn’t. The mini-series is filled with more drama and surreal incidents, like Joe accusing Baskin of killing her husband for money (he’s said to be missing since 1997).

Zoo attendants’ accidents with the big cats, an appearance by Shaquille O’Neal, and more ‘did this just happen’ moments await you in ‘Tiger King’. The seven episodes, each under one hour make for the perfect break in lockdown.

All images: Courtesy Netflix