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Weekly Horoscope: A tarot reading of February 28 – March 6, 2022

The Tarot is the mirror of our soul. Each card reflects what’s not only going on within us but also, symbolises our divine connection to the forces of the Universe – those which we can see and those which we cannot. The images printed on the cards are symbols that contain the keys to unravel all the mysteries of our existence. However, these images have a life of their own, and thus, they change whenever the cards are shuffled. Every shuffle infuses them with magic. Every shuffle infuses us with magic. And so it goes for the 2022 March horoscope.

All the planets within your astrological solar systems are trapped between the north and south nodes of the moon – Rahu and Ketu – forming what is called a Kala Sarpa Yoga in the heavens above, entrapping us in a karmic vortex that can bring about life-altering consequences to all of us in ways we cannot imagine. However, do not fear, there are divine forces of ‘The Universe’ that are here to protect us. They have messages that are illuminated by the stars above that have been lovingly divined by the Tarot to help you navigate this week. May they fill your heart and soul with love, joy, and most importantly – hope!

Read your horoscope for March 2022

Aries March 2022 Horoscope

Aries 2022 Horoscope

This is a week where you need to ask yourself what is it in your life that’s not working, as well as, what is it that needs to change. Once you identify that, it would be best to act upon it. It doesn’t need to be something major, but it’s important to remember that sometimes even making the tiniest change can lead to incredibly transformative results. Sometimes the thing that needs to change is the way we look at life, and how we are able to process it. Sometimes it can even be the way we see ourselves.

It’s important for you to remember that change is essential for growth and evolution. When areas or aspects of our life aren’t working, it’s important to actively bring in a change to circumstances. If we don’t we’ll forever be stuck in a rut – and you’re far too fiery to have your light dimmed in any which way. Thus, do not be afraid to take that bold leap of faith to make the changes that are needed to align your life with your higher self. Doing so could perhaps be the greatest act of self-love you could ever do.

Taurus March 2022 Horoscope

Taurus December 2021

For many of you – especially those who follow a spiritual path – this week could present an important rite of passage – literal or metaphorical. The energies are potent this week, and are creating circumstances that may lead you to a point – that once crossed – could be one of no return. This isn’t a bad thing at all. It means that you have a chance to unload all the pain, trauma, and burdens that you’ve been carrying, and leave it behind for a fresh new start full of opportunities that are ripe for your picking.

For those who don’t follow a spiritual path, it would be wise for you to understand that carrying on, in the same way, is doing you no good. A comfort zone may help you feel cosy, but at the end of the day, it only causes your true potential to be wasted. If you truly wish to take your life to the next level, a certain leap of faith is needed to be taken. As hard as it might be to walk an unknown path that’s clouded with doubt and uncertainty, the rewards upon completing it are far greater than whiling away in your peaceful pasture.

Gemini March 2022 Horoscope

Gemini horoscope for 2022

It’s important to take a break. It’s important to take a breather and jump off the treadmill that propels us on the rat race. Even just a few moments to close your eyes and focus on your breath can be an incredibly therapeutic experience. No schedule is so hectic and jam-packed that we cannot find some much needed ‘me time’. If you feel yours is, then you need to make changes to it for your own betterment. After all, all work and no play makes Gemini incredibly anxious, irritable, and chaotic.

This is not just limited to our professional life. Sometimes we need a break from the people within our lives. No, this isn’t about cutting ties off completely (though, if they are toxic, what’s the point of holding on to them?). This is about taking a breather to focus solely on yourself, which in turn could actually strengthen your relationships, and create bonds of deep love – well, at least as deep as a Gemini can go. You have every right to take a break and indulge in some ‘me time’. Own it without fear!

Cancer March 2022 Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope for 2022

Throughout this week, your ruler, The Moon, shall be passing through some pretty torrential celestial skies, creating conjunctions with almost all the other classical planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn – along with Neptune and Pluto (Uranus shall meet her next week – we’ll deal with that then). What does this mean? This means you need to draw strong and powerful boundaries and protect yourself from the chaotic energies of those around you and ensure that they are respected and honoured.

This is a time when you need to take back your power – especially from those who have taken it without your consent. The best way to do it is to establish your personal authority and autonomy within your life. Easier said than done, true – but sometimes you just need to do the needful. If it makes you unpopular with some people – they never valued or respected you, to begin with. Remember that. Cut the cords that bind you to toxic relationships, and retrieve parts of your heart and soul that you gave away – causing you to feel incomplete from within.

Leo March 2022 Horoscope

Leo Horoscope for 2022

It is important for you to understand the role you play not only within your immediate circle but also in the grander scheme of things. Though it may be hard at first, understand that even the most trivial choice that you make, not only affects your own life, but also the lives of those around you, which in turn affects others close to their hearts, and so on so forth. Yes, that can be daunting to imagine the chain reaction of your choices and actions, but that’s part of becoming all the more mindful.

After all, you are the royal lion/ness of the zodiac, what would be simple and insignificant for you may be earth-shattering for others in your jungle (concrete and otherwise). This is a week to not only understand your responsibilities on a personal and on a higher scale but also how you need to honour them with love and respect – without seeking credit or praise in any manner. That can be tough, but that’s part of your selfless service for the greater good of humanity. Don’t worry, the karmic brownie points will make it all worth it.

Virgo March 2022 Horoscope


Take that mighty leap of faith this week, Virgo. Let go of the inner critic that’s constantly telling you to play it safe and take the well-paved and well-lit roads you always have. Let go of feeling unworthy of better things, as well as, the habit of settling with what’s been given to you, and forcing yourself to be happy with your lot. This is a week for you to just let go of all those crippling structures that haven’t ever supported you, and just surrender forth into your leap of faith. ‘The Universe’ will catch you – I promise!

Only if you trust ‘The Universe’ will you receive its utmost support and love. This kind of trust requires the utmost surrender and complete untarnished faith in its omniscient and omnipotent power. It can be daunting, and it’s only natural to doubt. However, it’s important to remember that your connection with ‘The Universe’ is a reflection of your connection with your highest self. Allowing your heart to be filled with this deep level of trust will open portals of abundance and love in your life.

Libra March 2022 Horoscope


All crumbling structures must eventually fall. No matter how much we cling to them, especially when fuelled by sepia-toned nostalgia that skewers our perception and beliefs – they will fall, whether we like it or not. This is when we must decide whether we wish to be buried under the avalanche of trauma and regret that built the foundations of that structure – or whether we can let go and escape in time – and start afresh on a firm new empowering foundation of love, truth, and overall spiritual evolution.

As stormy as things may seem, as chaotic as the winds of despair send shivers down our spines, or even as blinding as the dark night of your soul maybe – it’s important that you remember that there is a powerful light that awaits you on the other side. Letting go of these crumbling structures will not only help you embrace that light sooner, but the process of letting go of the past will help you receive all the joy, abundance, and love that ‘The Universe’ has to offer. Let it go, and honour yourself with a fresh new start.

Scorpio March 2022 Horoscope

Scorpio horoscopr for 2022

Now is not the time to be a follower. This is not the time to just blindly follow without any shred of personal autonomy. You are being called by divine forces of the heavens above to step up and take the lead not just in your life, but in the lives of those around you. There is a great need for you to take charge and pave new paths ahead. Answering this call will not only benefit you in ways you cannot imagine, but you’ll receive blessings from the many who shall be inspired by your decisive and powerful actions.

You have more power than you are even aware of. Many others are intimidated by it, for reasons that may even be alien to you. Even if you’re met with cynicism and scepticism – remember that it’s a reflection only of their shortcomings and insecurities, and it has absolutely nothing to do with your potential and abilities. Why would you be blessed with this kind of power if it was supposed to go untapped and unused? Take charge! Lead by example! Experience the glory of all you shall spark in the world.

Sagittarius March 2022 Horoscope

Sagittarius November 2021 Horoscope

This is a powerful week for you to connect with your soul tribe. Whether they are your closest kith and kin, whether they’re related by blood or by love, and whether they’re even strangers who come together on the platform of common interest – build that connection. It’ll only propel your overall growth and evolution. By putting yourself out there, you’ll signal that you’re ready to not only connect but also build bonds of love that’ll propel you all collectively further towards your goals.

By isolating yourself, you’re not only limiting yourself, but you’re denying others the ability to inculcate the brilliance you shall spark just by the act of meeting them. The more you lovingly spread your natural Jupiterian levels of positivity and optimism, the more ‘The Universe’ will bless you with the same times three. Remember, it must come from a place of love and the need to help heal and empower others. Selfish motives are easily seen and only diminish our own natural divine light. Be honest with yourself and others.

Capricorn March 2022 Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope for 2022

This is a week where all that we’ve learned, formally, informally, and through countless karmic experiences will be put to the test. Do not be alarmed or panicked by this, for you’ve been preparing for this in many ways, and perhaps even numerous lifetimes. Just be sure to be savvy enough to spot the moment, and apply the wisdom you’ve gained from the past lessons to the test. If done with a pure heart and from a place of love – especially self-love, you’ll definitely pass with flying colours.

The lessons we learn aren’t to bog us down. Nor are they taught to us to make us feel small in the grander scheme of life. They’ve been given to us to propel our soul evolution to higher levels. One step of progress by you is almost like a mile of progress for others. After all, you are ruled by Saturn himself – lord of karmic lessons and wisdom gained from past mistakes. While it may seem like you’re in chains compared to those who frolic around you – just remember – which those chains come off – you soar higher, faster, and further than everyone else. Embrace your divine light and let it shine with the pearls of the wisdom gained from the past.

Aquarius March 2022 Horoscope

Aquarius December 2021 Horoscope

This week, ask yourself, ‘What lights me up?’ Seriously, take a moment and do it right now. Done? Good! Once you get the answer to that, ask yourself, ‘What can I do to not only incorporate more of it into my life, but also profit from it not only materially, but also emotionally and spiritually?’ Getting those answers may take a while, because we have to let go of layers of doubt, scepticism, and perhaps even ‘logic’ that is perhaps more blinding than it is illuminating. However, once you get those answers – all will make complete and total sense.

This isn’t only limited to the realm of your professional life. Sometimes even pursuing something most consider as a ‘hobby’ or a ‘vague interest’, can not only be incredibly therapeutic (especially in these dark and uncertain times), but it can also open powerful doors, as well as, portals of divine blessings to flow your way. Just look at fellow Aquarian, Joy Mangano, who created a miracle mop as a way to help her clean better, and turned it into a billion-dollar empire. Never underestimate anything that brings you light and joy.

Pisces March 2022 Horoscope

Pisces 2022 Horoscope

The time has come for you to share your voice, dear Pisces. The world is ready to hear it in ways you cannot imagine. The world needs you to let go of the persecution you put yourself through, come out of your cave, and be brave enough to express the truth that’s buried deep within your heart. This is your time to let go of all binds, drop all masks, and unveil all that’s been hidden and suppressed – perhaps even for lifetimes. Doing this could perhaps be the greatest act of self-love you could ever do.

Don’t be afraid of how others react to all that you have to say. As long as you express from a place of truth and love, their reaction is more a reflection of them and where they’ve reached on their own personal evolutionary journey – not yours. Forgive them if they cannot accept it. However, do not back down. Your truth will not only liberate you but will inspire oh so many others to walk on a path of honesty that’ll lead them to the liberating goal of self-actualisation in subtle and mysterious ways. Your heart is a very good place to start!

Zorian Cross

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajog

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