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Take a cultural detour with the upcoming Alwar Festival 2023

Culture and art have always been a matter of pride for India. Go to any corner of the country, and you will find something ingenious and spectacular. Out of the several culturally-rich states in India, Rajasthan has always celebrated its own with utmost fervour. Alwar, a small city in Rajasthan, is often discussed when it comes to any discussion about the state’s art and culture space. And if you are looking forward to get a glimpse of it, now is the right time to spend a few days in the city by visiting the Alwar Festival 2023.

The quaint city is known for its culture, food, and traditions, and you can get a taste of the same at the Alwar Festival 2023. The 3-day celebration will take place in February and the festival will include several cultural events and functions. And if you are planning to visit the city for the Alwar festival anyway, you might as well add a couple of more days so that you may be able to visit the tourist attractions too. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming festival.

Alwar Festival 2023: Time, schedule & more

Alwar is a beautiful city located at the foothills of the Aravali ranges. The city offers several picturesque spots that you can visit for amazing sunsets and serene views. The festival is perfect for everyone from kids to adults alike.

When is the festival taking place?

The Alwar Festival is set to happen from February 13 to February 15, 2023. The festival will take place at Shilp Gram or the craft village, Alwar, Rajasthan.

What events will take place at the Alwar Festival 2023?

This festival is an exemplary way to experience the city’s architecture, culture, and history. People of the city will gather together to celebrate the best of their culture, handicrafts, traditions, music and more. One may also get to witness some great performances which will celebrate the region’s traditional dance, music, and handicrafts.

One of the major attractions of this festival is the local shops at the craft village. You may get to buy some of the best regional crafts and antiques made by local artisans that illustrate the traditions and cultures of the province.

What else will you witness at the Alwar Festival?

A number of folk performances, elephant polo, and competitions like fancy dress contests, elephant polo, kid-friendly sketching contests, and flower shows will give the attendees a true sense of Alwar’s culture and art. Apart from this, the festival organises movie screenings as well.

Tourist attractions in Alwar

Since you are in Alwar, you can visit several other tourist attractions in the city. You can visit the Sariska National Park, the renowned Bhangarh Fort (India’s most haunted location), Alwar’s Silserh Lake, and more.

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Take a cultural detour with the upcoming Alwar Festival 2023

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