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Father’s Day: Treat your dad to something special with our ultimate gifting guide

Your dad may talk about not wanting anything special for Father’s Day, but don’t fall into that trap and make the mistake of not giving your dad a little something this year, even if it’s not that expensive. After all, he taught you to always celebrate the people who mean the most to you, whether they like it or not. And if there’s ever a day to go all out for the man you’ve always looked up to (quite literally), it’s Father’s Day. So, here’s the best Father’s Day gift guide.

Give him a smile and something he’ll actually use, rather than the same thing for the third year in a row. But don’t put it off too long! This holiday usually seems to sneak up on us, and shipping has been a nightmare, so place your orders as soon as possible if you want them to reach in time— or, alternatively, mail it directly to him.

Also, in case you miss it— calling all last-minute shoppers— know that he would be just as delighted to unwrap a gift a few days late as he would on Father’s Day itself. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right? Keep scrolling to choose your best pick from this Father’s Day gift guide.

Why is Father’s Day celebrated?

Celebrated to honour fathers and father figures, it is a day dedicated to recognizing the contributions, love, and sacrifices that fathers make for their families. While the exact history behind Father’s Day is not as well-documented as Mother’s Day, the concept of honouring fathers has been prevalent in various cultures. The modern celebration of Father’s Day is believed to have its story in the early 20th century.

It is believed that Father’s Day was inspired by the efforts of a woman from Washington, Sonora Smart Dodd, in 1909. She suggested having a day dedicated to honouring fathers as she wanted to express appreciation towards her own father, who took care of her and the family after her mother’s death.

Father’s Day soon gained support, and in 1972, the then-President of the United States of America, Richard Nixon, signed a proclamation that recognized it as a national holiday in the country. Mostly celebrated on the third Sunday of June across the world, some countries also celebrate Father’s Day on different dates.

Father’s Day celebration ideas

Is your father an outdoor enthusiast? A special outing filled with his favourite activities is an excellent idea to celebrate Father’s Day. You could go for a hike, visit his favourite spot or even play his favourite sport together. If he is more of a movie buff, plan a movie marathon and pair it with homemade snacks to munch on while you binge.

You can also gather the whole family for an exciting games day. Play card games, board games and create lasting memories. There are endless ways of making your father feel special; look for things that he loves doing to find the perfect Father’s Day celebration idea.

How to choose Father’s Day gifts?

Take cues from your father’s interests and hobbies, along with his needs and preferences, to choose the best Father’s Day gifts. It is also an excellent opportunity to surprise your dad with something unexpected. Think outside the box and opt for a unique gift or experience that he may not have anticipated.

Best Father’s Day gifts ideas

MR. JERRY’S is India’s first commercially available, ready-to-serve cocktail range, crafted to perfection and an essential for the cocktail enthusiast to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. Devoid of added colors, flavors, or preservatives; MR. JERRY wants to craft cocktails that offer a bar-like experience anywhere in the World. MR. JERRY’S is available in Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi. Gift your dad the joy of readymade cocktails this Father’s Day.

Rs 715 in Delhi

2 /29

A bottle of his favourite gin, Greater Than

Greater than by NAO Spirits is the first craft gin and only London Dry gin made in India. The white spirit made with botanicals sourced from all across the world tastes of clean Juniper with fresh lemon peel on the nose and a zing of ginger on the finish making it perhaps the perfect summer spirit. The light alcohol paired with Tonic water and flavoured mixers can be used to prepare refreshing cocktails for your main man this Father’s Day.

3 /29

Treat you dad to this stunning Indigo Bootis Shirt Kurta featuring mandarin collar which can be worn as casuals with jeans or layered with a blazer for semi-formal events. These shirts were made popular by The Beatles who wore them with Nehru-style jackets during the Hippie Generation.

Rs 1,699

If you’re looking for ways to express your love for your dad, thank him with a sweet surprise by The Binge. The brand’s new collection – The Carnival of Exotics Range consists of the most exquisite variety of delicate ornamental dates, dried fruits, and nuts. The components honoured in this range are ethically sourced, flavour infused and filled with a blend of nutrition and well-crafted goodness. The collection is a luxe take on traditional Indian sweets and includes various options to choose from. Starting at Rs 1100, the collection makes for an absolute ingenious gift perfect for father’s day!

Starts from Rs 1100

This Father’s Day indulge into mellow’s hair fall essential encased in handmade bamboo basket made by their local artisans of Assam. This box is a luxurious blend of Ayurveda for the body glow ritual. This set is perfect for all-natural ayurvedic body polishing. It is a beautiful gifting idea for your loved ones who are looking to begin their journey of getting closer to nature with Ayurveda.

Rs 1,499

Get you hands on these gender neutral skincare from Bella Vita Organic featuring the Kumkumadi Face Wash which removes dirt and impurities for cleansed skin. The Kumkumadi Day Cream will penetrate deep into the skin for intense moisturization, making it plump and velvety soft. Blended with natural herbs, such as Saffron, Turmeric and Sandalwood, the Kumkumadi Face Oil adds a natural glow and radiance to your skin.

Rs 1,547

This is the great present for any dad who enjoys coffee. In partnership with designers Anderssen & Voll, Araku has developed a range of bespoke Italian coffee makers. A design representative of Scandinavian minimalism, this equipment would not just create the perfect brew for you in about 10 minutes, but would also blend in elegantly with your kitchen.

Rs 3,750

Gift your father the pleasures of their therapeutic and purifying formulas. Enjoy the finest skin solutions coming with their handmade bathing bar and nourishing body oil, filled with multiple herbal plants and therapeutic oils. Get ready to please your senses and purify your home with their aromatic Lily incense cone. This kit consists of Divya Body oil and Cardamom & Mint Handmade Bathing Bar Soap.

Rs 1,345

Whether your dad spends most of his days in the office or loves to go out, Savour and Aura have a scent that is suitable for your father. Voyage is an endearing, adventurous and sophisticated fragrance that complements those who never settle. Its opening note is a tranquilizing spice which eventually progresses into a citrus middle note and finally, a floral base note to conclude the olfactory journey.

Rs 1,299

Who said skincare is only for women? This Father’s Day, pamper your dad with Indulgeo Essentials’ Argan Oil. This is the nonpareil anti – ageing, healing & restorative solution for all kinds of skin & hair. This transformative oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with its high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, the benefits of argan oil naturally help revitalize skin, increase hair’s elasticity and consistently restore shine to dull, lifeless hair. It is a lightweight, fast-absorbing golden-colored oil rich in multitudinous antioxidants, Vitamin E, Omega-6 fatty & linoleic acid.

Rs 750

11 /29

Give your father, who works hard every day, this present that is intended to bring money and success to the giftee, which is a wonderful thing to manifest.

Rs 1,699

If your dad’s never been one for a skincare routine, it’s not too late to get him started. This kit designed for skincare newbies comes complete with a face wash, face scrub, and moisturizer.

Rs 2,950

They weren’t exaggerating when they called this the “ultimate grill set.” Your dad will find 36 pieces in this carrying case that any skilled griller would enjoy.

Rs 3,983

If he’s an e-reader, spend some money on this Kindle reader and download books you know he’ll enjoy. Also, the design is quite old-school, which he would like.

Rs 12,999

If he enjoys picnics and beach days, he’ll love this stainless steel chiller to keep his favourite bottles of wine cold.

Rs 9,003 (approx.)

This customised gift from Personal Touch Skincare would be ideal for getting your dad started on a basic skincare routine. The Facebath results in deliciously clean skin. This foam-free solution cleans pores and fights shine long after you’ve washed it away. It cleanses and refreshes the skin completely. Their Youthburst moisturiser is a rich water gel moisturiser with green tea essence that rapidly hydrates and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Thatmatt performs an excellent job of shielding the skin from dangerous UV radiation.

Rs 2,847

This Father’s Day, why not make it a self-care day for your dad? Indulge your dad with this Self Care Party Pack Combo, which includes a variety of fantastic products such as Manuka Honey and Yoghurt Serum Moisturizer with Vitamin C Serum, Pure Rose Face Mist, Jade Roller and Gua Sha, Magic Cotton Pads, and Blush Paper.

Rs 7,750

This perfect gift kit for your father comes with Caffeinated Face Scrub: to eliminate blackheads, deep cleanse the pores and purge the skin of dirt and impurities while gently exfoliating the skin. Caffeinated Face Wash: to replenish the skin nutrients and tighten pores. Reduce blemishes and dark spots while maintaining the natural balance of oils in your skin. Caffeinated Massaging Gel: to detoxify, restore and rejuvenate the skin. The massaging gel is rich in hydrating components that help in getting soothing skin after every use.Caffeinated Face Pack: to repair and rejuvenate damaged or tanned skin and restore essential skin nutrients.

Rs 455

Indulge your main man in luxurious Bath & Body essentials, formulated with a blend of natural Ayurvedic herbs & oils that leaves your body feeling rejuvenated and hydrated. This gift set contains Hand & Foot Cream – Enriched with Kokum Butter, Organic Honey and Aloe, this Hand & Foot Cream is intensly moistursing. The nourishing properties of Organic Seasame Oil, Coconut Oil, Apricot Oil and Almond Oil help soothe dry cracked skin by leaving your hands and feet soft and hydrated. Hair & Body Wash – A blend of natural Ayurvedic herbs gently cleanses and rejuvenates the skin. It gently exfoliates and eliminates impurities from head-to-toe by maintaining a proper pH balance.

Rs 1,920

If your dad hits the gym avidly, then Myprotein’s Whey Gift Box is a complete fitness package for him. Swaddled in the box are – a mango-flavored Impact Whey Protein pack (500g); a stainless-steel metal shaker; and a box of chocolate coconut-flavored High Protein Bars.

Rs 5,899
TEGO curates a Dad Pack – a one-stop shop for all dads who love to break a sweat. The Dad Pack includes : Core T-shirt, a lightweight tee that is the perfect training essential for the minimalist on a mission. The TEGO Core Shorts are the right mix of freedom and support to make you truly comfortable (in the most sacred of places). Their Ultralight Ankle Socks is a low volume with minimalist construction provides a next-to-skin feel. Perfect for running or endurance training.
Rs 1,866

With this wireless headset from Bang & Olufsen, your main man can immerse into the world of music with superb sound quality. Its adaptive active noise cancellation technology produces crystal clear sound while blocking out undesirable background sounds. Its high-quality construction provides both comfort and durability. It is compatible with a voice assistant that can handle all of your musical demands just by speaking to it. Also, it offers up to 38 hours of non-stop music playback.

Rs 85,000

This father’s day gift your dad a complete self-care regime by Crazy Owl. An Aqua Musk Curated gift set consists of: Aqua Musk Eau De Parfum, Aqua Musk Body Wash, and Aqua Musk Body Spray. This set is carefully curated for those who want to be alluring and charming. The fragrance is decorated with top notes of aqua mint with touch of green & rose notes. Geranium, and white florals form the heart of the fragrance.


Rs 2,496

If your main man is experiencing muscle pain, you should definitely gift him Zobha Life’s Muscle Relaxant Body wash. It’s a sulfate-free body wash with a special muscle relaxant ingredient that will provide him with instant pain relief.

Rs 1,075

Celebrate this Father’s day with tailor-made gifts by Butterfly Ayurveda that boost his health and soothe his taste buds! Heart strong infusion is a blend of potent herbs like Guduchi Stem (also known as Moonseed) and Arjuna Bark. Amongst a host of adjuvant health benefits, these herbs are rich in antioxidants, help lower cholesterol level, boost liver health, and support healthy heart functioning.

Rs 375

This Father’s Day, celebrate your all-time hero by treating him to a perfect kitchen addition. With summer at its end, grilling outside is going to be hard. How about grilling inside all year long with a Cast Iron Grill Pan! With Strength at its best, being seasoned using 100% vegetable oil to stimulate non-stick like effect, this grill pan is a must have. Providing exceptional heat conductivity and retention, this pan is easy to handle & use and suitable for all cooktops. Keep them seasoned, heat them up, and watch your dad put those restaurant-quality grill marks on chicken, steak or veggies all year long.

Rs 2,780

27 /29

Mantra Herbal’s Clove & Cinnamon Herbal Body Massage will brighten your main man’s day, skin, hair, and smile! The products are specially curated keeping in mind the concerns of all individuals. They not only heal your body from outside, but also from within. The soothing mix of vital herbs like Ashwagandha and Tagarare provides ease and comfort. Sesame Oil, Shatavari, and Bala are all used to tighten and smoothen the skin. Amla is high in Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant. Cinnamon and Clove Essential Oils exude a pleasant aroma and produce a warming sensation when rubbed into the skin. The skin is left feeling moisturised without getting oily.



Rs 950

Regenerating power! This cream offers a multipurpose alternative that not only works as an anti-ageing cream but also provides cell vitalisation, elasticity enhancement, and moisturising elements. It is indicated for anti-aging, as it boosts collagen, reduces wrinkles and expression lines, firms and fortifies skin; and supports thin fragile skin.

Rs 1,899

29 /29

The sweet gesture from you to melt his heart with that auspicious smile and a peck of a truffle box bejewelled with his favourite drinks in the world makes Father’s Day a little more special. With their limited edition, Truffle & Co. honours dad and his love of sophisticated decadence. The limited edition truffles are made with 18-year-old single malt truffles. Smoky notes combine with a lustrous texture to create a truffle he will never forget.

Rs 500 - 2,500

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How to choose the ideal Fathers Day gift?

Answer: There are three things you should keep in mind Budget, Fill a need and make it all about him, not the gift's glory. Keeping his favourite thing in mind, search for anything that will help him with it. Even if the present is tiny, it is the thought that counts.

Question: What are the most affordable gifting options for father?

Answer: Here are a few inexpensive yet thoughtful gift ideas to consider A World's Best Dad cup, a card, a customised pen, a personalised initial bracelet, a shaving kit.

Question: What are the homemade gifting options for Father's Day?

Answer: Put on your thinking cap because there are several homemade present ideas for your Dad. A handcrafted snack tin filled with his favourite snacks, a tea gift box, a beer bouquet, a card, a customised initial coaster set, a picnic excursion, goodie basket, homemade cake.

Question: How to create personalised gifts for Father's Day?

Answer: Create personalized gifts for Father's Day by customizing photo frames, coffee mugs or even writing heartfelt letters expressing your gratitude towards him.

Question: How can I make Father's Day special?

Answer: Make your Father's Day special by giving him the gift of time. Plan a family activity and choose from a collection of gift ideas to make his day joyful.

Father’s Day: Treat your dad to something special with our ultimate gifting guide

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