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Friendship Day 2022: Ultimate gifting guide for the priceless friends in your life

Friendship Day 2022 is just around the corner. It is true that like all other relationships of your life, friends cannot be celebrated for just one day. But also, it doesn’t harm dedicating one whole day to the precious gems that friends are.

The 3 am friend, the friend you always turn to for advice, the gossip friend, the office friend, the childhood friend, the best friend, the friend you have a crush on, the internet friend, the friend you found unexpectedly- one cannot have enough friends. What better way to tell your friend you love them than by gifting something meaningful that’s special and close to their hearts? If you are still wondering what to gift your friend this Friendship Day, you are at the right place. We have curated the only gifting guide you will need to show your friends you love them.

The ultimate gifting guide for Friendship Day 2022

World’s first-ever Indo-Japanese gin, Doja

Friendship Day 2022

Raise a toast to your friendship with the world’s first-ever Indo-Japanese Gin, Doja. What makes this gin unique just as your friendship is the use of Yuzu, Sansho Peppers, Hinoki, and Cedar from Japan that is combined with coriander, pepper, and cardamom from India. Bottled and packaged in Goa, the artisanal small-batch gin is produced with the finest native botanicals from the rich lands of India and Japan’s Wakayama prefecture. Currently, it is only available in Goa & Mumbai.

Find out more about Doja gin here

Rx-grade products from Clinikally carefully curated by experienced dermatologists

This brand’s range of skincare products, especially for your friend fighting with acne, is a godsend! The The Ultimate NIA Serum boosts hydration of the skin by improving the production of collagen and Hyaluronic acid. It is also known tot reat acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, and signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles with the power of enhanced Vitamin B. Next is the Pigment Corrector Cream that reverses dark spots, melasma, and hyperpigmentation. It also rovides anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects and is useful for getting even-toned, radiant, brighter, and spotless skin. Provides structural resilience to the skin and visibly lightens sun spots and other signs of sun damage. They also have a Foaming Face Wash that deep-cleanses impurities from your face and effectively removes make-up.

Find out more here

The gift of beautiful hair with Manetain

Friendship Day 2022

Untangled and maintained is the way to go for Friendship Day 2022. Ever thought about marshmallows in your beauty products? The Manetain hair care range features baobab protein, seaweed extract, and marshmallow extract, and by marshmallows, we’re talking about Marshmallow root, a flowering plant/perennial herb that acts as a potent natural conditioner that can help get rid of dry, lifeless hair? There’s also a conditioner from their ‘Oh So Strong’ range with phytokeratin, argan, and lavender, and both the products are for all hair types.

buy manetain products here

A healthy twist to their sugary cravings with The Conscious Baker

Friendship Day 2022

Healthy desserts and healthy friendships go hand in hand. The conscious baker follows the journey towards providing a complete solution for healthy food. They started The Conscious Baker in March 2020. Following the same principles of No Refined Flour and No Refined Sugar, they now provide an end-to-end solution for all your dietary needs without compromising on nutritional values and taste.

Buy The Conscious Baker products here

A cup of freshly brewed coffee at The Caffeine Baar

Brew some happy memories with your friends at The Caffeine Baar with freshly brewed coffee. The Caffeine Baar, one of India’s most experimentative specialty coffee brands based out of Bangalore, brings you the alchemy and possibilities of Coffee from seed to cup, from growing, harvesting, and roasting to grinding to brewing!

Buy The Caffeine Baar coffee here

Coolest beer for your coolest friends, courtesy Simba

This Friendship Day 2022, say cheers to your friend with India’s first homegrown craft beer brand Simba Beer. Available in three varieties- Wit, Stout and Lager, each of them are crafted to suited to various taste needs. Find the one for you and your friends and make the most of the rains.

Find out more about Simba beer here

Eye-conic fashion with Lenskart

Friendship Day 2022

Lenskart’s sleekest, trendsetting, and sassiest eyewear of the season. Each collection is versatile in its own way and can be easily paired with different looks, making this the most sought-after gifting item. From friends who toil till dawn across their screens, yet do it in style, to the ones who like to keep comfort and minimalism at the forefront of their wardrobe choices – Lenskart has the finest pair for each comorade!

Buy Lenskart products here

SoulTree for the soul sister

Friendship Day 2022

Your friends were the ones who pulled you up whenever things got a tad too dark. Your friends were the ones who made you laugh in the most desolate of times. Your friends were the ones who made all of it a little bearable. Here’s you making it easy for your lovely friends with Ayurvedic skincare.

Buy SoulTree products here

A ‘scoop’ worth sharing with Coppetto Artisan Gelato

Coppetto Artisan Gelato’s exquisite delights are absolutely perfect to express your friendship through the sweet bites of an authentic Italian dessert. On Friendship Day 2022, mix and match your favorite person’s favorite flavors in a cup, cone, or tub and add in the goodness of homemade waffle cones, topped with grains or whipped cream to celebrate your saccharine bond. Further, ‘shake off’ any grievances by ordering in some delish Gelato Shakes or Coppetto’s signature Hot Chocolate. Moreover, a moreish drink to ‘drown’ in your worries, the affogato is a quintessential choice to ‘espresso’ your love for each other.

Sustainable and travel-friendly kitchenware from The Indus Valley for the budding chef friend

Friendship Day 2022

With the best of tradition and science, Indus Valley draws inspiration from the past when clay, brass, copper, stainless steel, cast iron were a must-have in every household and were passed on as heirloom for generations to come, thus bringing our ancestral culture back to the modern kitchen. They have Drinkware Collection, Copper Cookware range, Brass Cookware range, Clay Cookware range, Cast Iron cookware range, Bronze cookware range and even a Neem Wood kitchenware range.

Buy the indus valley products here

Kings Coffee for the coffee fanatics

If your friend is a coffee person, there’s the perfect brand for them this Friendship Day. All the products from Kings Coffee, be it coffee bottles, coffee cans or pour-over instant coffee, are made from premium quality Vietnamese coffee beans, known for their strong and flavorful taste. Experience their cold coffees in flavours like Mocha, Vanilla, Original, Hazelnut and Latte. Kings Cold Coffee also comes in medium and dark roasts packages. Go ahead, grab yourself a cuppa!

buy kings coffee here

An indulgence with Sassy Teaspoon

Celebrate with your friends as Sassy has something for everyone. Their offerings include the Wish you were here hamper- which includes – Box of 2 Chocolate Cupcakes + 1 Hazelnut Praline Pastry (Eggless) and a Box of 1 Chocolate Cupcake + 1 Red Velvet Cupcake + Hazelnut Praline Pastry. They also have The OG Crew hamper, that includes a Box of 1 Dutch Truffle Pastry + 2 Chocolate Cupcakes + 1 Belgian Chocolate Brownie + 1 Salted Caramel Brownie (Eggless) and a Box of 1 Dutch Truffle Pastry + 2 Chocolate Cupcakes + 1 Double Chocolate Brownie + 2 Hazelnut Macarons. Some of their other offerings are Famous 5- an assortment of the Sassy best sellers, Cookie Monster – an assortment of the signature cookies, Three Musketeers – a brownie lover’s paradise and a Joey Box – cause Joey doesn’t share food.

India’s first ready-to-serve cocktail in a bottle by MR. JERRY’S

This Friendship Day share a cocktail with your friend at the comfort of your home. MR. JERRY’S is India’s first commercially available, ready-to-serve cocktail range, crafted to perfection and an essential for the cocktail enthusiast to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. Devoid of added colors, flavors, or preservatives; MR. JERRY wants to craft cocktails that offer a bar-like experience anywhere in the World. MR. JERRY’S is available in Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi. Choose from Old Fashioned, Midday Negroni, Long Island Iced Tea and more.

Utsava Nuts Gift Pack for your calorie-conscious friends

Friendship Day 2022

Their range of festive hampers filled with goodies that come in these beautiful reusable jute bags. Inside them, there are 4 resealable and multi-use packs of 5 different options ranging from healthy nuts like cashews to flavourful nachos. These options all come in different portion sizes and prices. And last but not the least, the Cornitos Pop N Crunch Gift packs, which are as fun and delicious as they sound. The POP N Crunch is Nuts Gift Packs – Gluten and Cholesterol-free while being rich in fibre and they are perfect for a small gathering with your loved ones.

Iconic jewellery from Rare Heritage for the bride-to-be friend

When it comes to curating a jewellery box that will serve you well for a lifetime, it’s worth remembering that some things truly never go out of style. Indeed, a few classic pieces have actually transcended time and Rare Heritage is making its mark in achieving this truly iconic status. By creating a bridge between timeless heirloom trinkets and versatile style, Rare Heritage brings authentic heirloom jewels handed down through generations to form a part of a refined Indian wedding trousseau. Whether your friend is a maximalist or a minimalist, this one-stop-solution brings timeless essentials that you can adorn for now and forever.

Rahasya vodka, because no good story ever began with “Once I was having a salad…”

Friendship Day 2022

No matter what, your friends are the most important people in your life. Each friend represents a world in us. We share our secrets with them, and celebrate the good times. How else can we think of celebrating this special bond without trying Rahasya Vodka with our kind of people !? Gift your friend the World’s only India-Infused vodka, and celebrate your delicious secrets. Or unwind with your closest buddies and your secrets over Rahasya inspired cocktails. Celebrate your friends the way you are supposed to.

Surprise your skincare enthusiast friends with Zobha

Since Friendship Day 2022 is round the corner, why don’t you celebrate this day by pampering your friends with their favourite skincare products? These products from Zobha will definitely come handy for various skincare needs of your friends be it for anti-ageing, acne, dark circles, and a range of other skincare problems. The under-eye reshaper for reducing age-related wrinkles and fine lines, the vibrating Rose Quartz Roller to instantly shape and tone the face, the Rejuvenating Night Cream and Day Cream, and more.

Buy Zobha products here

Scented candles by Seva

Celebrate Friendship’s Day with the soothing scented candles by Seva. Get a specially hand-blown artistic glass candle of notes of French blue orchids, subtle graces of Asian tuberose and jasmine. The bloom candle is a mystical fragrance of predominant Jasmine and White Musk. Seva produces their candles of pure soy wax, cotton wicks and premium fragrance oils for a soothing, enriching experience.

Buy seva candles here

Some ice-cream indulgence from Baskin Robbins

Friendship Day 2022

The quintessential ice-cream brand with indulgent flavours, fruitful combos and exciting new additions. Baskin Robbins is the taste of flavourful ice creams we all resonate with! A treat of a generous scoop of Baskin Robbins is a refreshing kick to nostalgic ties! Friendship’s Day can be celebrated just like the good, old days of simpler times and happier moments.

Crazy Owl for your crazy friends

This is a personal care company that aims to offer the highest-quality, sustainable, gender-fluid, and pure products. The available products include fragrance, bath and body care, and hair care. Skincare and hair care are daily essentials that we sometimes compromise on. This Friendship’s Day let’s remind our friends to take care of themselves, using products that will result in a stunning glow! A scent can mould and develop one’s individuality! Rustic, mystical or floral; every fragrance has an identity of its own. Give your loved ones one of the brand’s new fragrances, Aqua Musk Gift set, as a token of your affection on Friendship Day.

Buy Crazy owl products here

Beauty and personal care from Pilgrim

Pilgrim is an innovative, homegrown beauty and personal care company that brings native beauty traditions from throughout the world right to your door. Pilgrim offers an extensive range of face care, hair care, bath and beauty products, and gift sets and rituals. Their 24K Gold Facial Kit w/ Gold Serum helps you discover your glow with the secrets of Jeju Island and Korea and will make your skin hydrated. On this Friendship Day, most importantly, just like any relationship, friendships need love, nurturing, and care, which is why this is the ideal present for your close ones.

Buy pilgrim products here

The Science of Happy Skin from Ciel

Friendship Day 2022

CIEL practices the Science of Happy Skin™, choosing only the finest natural, sustainable, and proven ingredients that meet global safety standards, CIEL delivers result-driven skincare without any harmful ingredients. Their Bright & Clear duo gives your skin a powerful skin-brightening boost so you can maintain your radiant appearance throughout the day, every day. On this Friendship Day, just like your friends and your duo, give them CIEL products to brighten their day.

Buy ciel products here

Skincare range from Derma Essentia for glowing skin

Derma Essentia is a wellness brand that aims to perfect its products and pack them with the essentials by scientifically testing the ingredients that go into them. The brand promises to redefine skincare and haircare by ensuring to curate its products with safety and science. Their Skin Shine Vitamin C Essentials is a value set of Ethyl Ascorbic acid serum, natural vitamin c face wash, and radiant skin toner. This Friendship day, give your friends a perfect skincare set that will enhance their glow.

buy derma essentia products here

All Images: Courtesy brands

Featured Image: Courtesy Unsplash/Hannah Busing; Hero Image: Courtesy Unsplash/Courtney Cook

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