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Don’t be mistaken: Theme parties are not for kids. If there’s anything 2021 has taught us, it is to make sure we live in the moment and have fun. If her recent birthday theme party is anything to go by, then fashion and lifestyle influencer Farhana Bodi agrees.

The well-known Dubai-based fashionista is popular for her stunning, enviable closet. This year, for her birthday, she took inspiration from the iconic Chanel Bombay Paris Show (Pre-Fall ’11). Chanel is known to create stunning set ups for its runway, and Bodi took to its style and reinvented it for 2021 in a spirited Carrie Bradshaw-meets-Blair Waldorf way. The east-meets-west party had the who’s who of Dubai in attendance.

We got Farhana Bodi to give us her take on entertaining and throwing parties that reflect one’s individuality and style. 

Farhana Bodi’s tips and ideas for throwing a stunning party —

“My tips for throwing an amazing party are about beginning things right. The first thing one needs to do is have a vision board in place. It’s about finding a theme that matches your personality, and I always have the theme in mind. With that in place, one needs to choose the venue, decor, dress, and I make sure that everything matches and is being coordinated well with no glitches or last minute issues.

“For my recent birthday party, the Bombay-Paris theme resonated with me because I am an Indian-origin woman who has been living in Dubai and London. I wanted to create something really magical where the guests would dress up and add a bit of Indian culture to the mix. So we hosted it in a French restaurant, and the Indian element part came through the accessories. I wanted my girlfriends to wear Parisian-inspired outfits, but with the touch of Indian accessories. So you can imagine how many of them turned up in maang-tikas and chokers — some of them own fabulous jewellery which was styled as maang-tikas. 


“The events team and I had coordinated everything from the flowers, colours to the cakes and candles, the smallest details taken into consideration. I had given them the mood-board I made, inspired by the Chanel show. With a picture in mind, it was easy to put it all together. 

“It’s important to not plan the party yourself — you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. Just make sure you have a really nice decor team who would be able to plan and coordinate everything for you. I had a very organised planner who had made sure they followed my blue-print to the hilt.”


Here are a few pictures of the night


Theme: Bombay Paris Theme Birthday Dinner, inspired by the Chanel Bombay Paris Show 

Farhana’s outfit: Blazer and skirt by Gaby Charbachi. Maang tikka custom-made by AmrapaliHand Cuff and choker: Jacob & Co. Doll bag: Chanel

Hair: LALOGE Beauty Lounge

Venue: Brasserie Boulud Dubai

Event planner: Worood Flowers and Weddings

Cake: Katrina Sweets & Confectionery

Styling: @osama.eldeeb7

Photography: @anoop.devaraj @faisel.fotos @valeedanjumofficial @dhirajsmahajan

Latha Sunadh
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