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Mother’s Day: 8 Indian momfluencers you should follow on Instagram

Mothers are superhumans. They juggle and multitask between family and work and come out shining with everyday victories. Over the last few years, mothers have also taken over social media to demonstrate how they manage kids and work and inspire the rest of us to do the same. Follow these Indian moms on Instagram for your daily dose of creativity.

8 mom influencers to follow on Instagram to draw some inspiration



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A post shared by Mitali & Summiyya (@houseofmisu)

House Of Misu is an Insta handle backed by Mitali and Summiyya. The duo are style influencers and have carved a niche for themselves in the world of social media. They are even spotted modelling for a lot of fashion labels online and have a site dedicated to all lifestyle info. Out of the two, Mitali is a mother to a baby boy named Krish Patel, who also has an Instagram handle, @babykrispy.

Ami Desai


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A post shared by AMI DESAI (@amidesai)

Ami Desai is another popular mom influencer who has her Instagram handle dedicated to beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Her content is quite relatable, and it’s commendable how she manages to juggle her professional and personal life. Mom to three kids, Desai describes herself as a modern mother who brings her experience as a makeup artist and parenthood on social media to help others.

Shraddha Singh


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A post shared by Shraddha Singh (@shrads)

Shraddha Singh, aka Shrads, is loved on social media for her posts and videos. She is a mom to a little daughter named Kiana, popularly known as Kiki. Singh’s Instagram handle is loaded with vlogs and posts on beauty, fashion and parenthood. She even has a separate account for herself and her daughter titled @kikiandshrads, where she chronicles the daily life of her toddler. Shraddha Singh is quite popular on YouTube and keeps uploading content with her little one.

Smriti Khanna

Smriti Khanna is one of the most popular Indian mom influencers on social media. She enjoys 1.1 million followers on Instagram and often shares glimpses of her baby girl Anayka. Her content is inclined towards fashion, beauty and parenthood, which reflect her lifestyle. Khanna even shares parenting tips and experiences for all the new moms.

Roshni Bhatia


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A post shared by Roshni Bhatia (@thechiquefactor)

Among all the gorgeous mom influencers, Roshni Bhatia stands out for her bold fashion statement. She is a beauty and style content creator who has a teenage son. Bhatia’s posts usually revolve around experimenting with different outfits and promoting brands. She even shares some fun videos with her boy once in a while.

Mili Jhaveri


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A post shared by MILI JHAVERI (@biologicalmom)

Unlike other influencers, Mili Jhaveri’s Instagram handle is all about her motherhood journey. She is a mother to two adorable kids, Aariv and Alyza, who keep getting featured in her posts. Jhaveri hasn’t shied away from posting and discussing postpartum weight gain and other stigmatic topics around the same.

Komal Narang


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A post shared by Myhappinesz (@myhappinesz)

Komal Narang runs an Instagram account @myhappinesz which revolves around beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Her cute little child Ivaan keeps popping up in some of her feeds. Apart from Instagram, Narang has her popular YouTube channel and has been featured in TED talks.

Parul Kakad


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A post shared by (@mumbaimummy)

Parul Kakad, aka @mumbaimummy, is a supermom with four kids. Her Instagram handle is full of anecdotes regarding her parenting experiences. She is often spotted engaging in fun activities with her kids on social media. She is also a content creator and an entrepreneur.

Hero image: Courtesy Instagram/@houseofmiso, Featured image: Courtesy Instagram/@shrads

Sanyukta Baijal
Apart from scrunched up paper with recycled aspirations, Sanyukta is also a writer. When not reading or scribbling, she loves playing copious amounts of video games and watch tons of films.
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