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Fun and thoughtful Secret Santa gift ideas to swear by this Christmas

It’s December, the holiday season has officially begun and Santa Claus is already knocking at our doors. It’s time to revel in the jolly old Christmas cheer, sinfully and unabashedly binge on steaming hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies, and indulge in the Secret Santa gifting fervour.


Christmas is the most magical time of the year enveloped in lights, warmth, hope and the joy of gifting. And while our shopping guides have a lot of Christmas gift ideas for you to choose from for your loved ones, it’s time we level it up for you with our guide to the best Secret Santa gift ideas.

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Secret Santa is a gifting tradition that further elevates the Christmas merriment and makes it all exciting. Be it at your workplace or amongst your group of friends, what you’re going to secretly put under the tree and find for yourself is what makes the Secret Santa tradition popular and coveted.


And to ensure you outshine as the best Secret Santa ever, we’ve curated an extensive guide for you that features some of the most thoughtful gift options to pick from.

Here are some of the best Secret Santa gift ideas to check out

Makeup goodies

For anyone who loves makeup and just can’t get enough of it, nothing’s better than receiving a bunch of makeup products. Whether you curate a cute little hamper of the choicest makeup goodies or opt for unique kits and combos available online, makeup will always be a good idea.

Gifts for a plant parent

There’s no better gift for a plant lover than a set of fresh, new flowering plants or succulents, plant holders or any related items. And if you’re planning to take your giftee by surprise, there are a whole lot of gift options available online for you to choose from — unique planters and pots being the best choice.

Scented candles

Irrespective of the occasion, scented candles always make for a hearty gifting option. Moreso, when it comes to the holiday season, nothing speaks of warmth and light like aromatic candles do, which makes them one of the best Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers and friends alike. And while you’re at it, how about splurging on some candles for yourself as well?

Scarves and mufflers

Fuzzy scarves and mufflers are truly a winter wardrobe essential for everybody. They aren’t just a necessity but also make for a striking accessory that can amp up any outfit or look. And with the onset of the chilly weather, gifting a beautiful scarf or a muffler would be a really thoughtful choice.

Coffee table or recipe books

Books make for a wonderful gift irrespective of what the occasion is. While there’s a range of fiction and non-fiction books available to choose from for an avid reader, there are plenty of other options that a non-reader will surely enjoy. For someone who loves cooking or baking, gifting a recipe book is a sure-shot way of surprising them. For others, coffee table books spanning genres such as fashion, film and television, art and music can be a great go-to. Comics also make for an amazing choice for someone who’s into them.

Trendy bags

Bags are both an essential and a statement accessory that accentuates and elevates any look a notch above. And there are a myriad of designs and styles available out there for you to choose from for both men and women. Since, one can never have enough bags in their closet, they would unquestionably make for a great and useful pick for your giftee.

Quirky drinkware

Unique drinkware like cool mugs and artsy bottles and glasses make for some of the most popular Secret Santa gift ideas. With options available in a slew of designs and styles (including TV series, movies and books themed), there’s something for everyone. Irrespective of whose Secret Santa you’d end up being, you’re sure to find the most gorgeous drinkware gifts for them.

Bath and body hampers

Bath and body products, including scrubs, body butters and lotions, shower gels and bath bombs, make for one of the most fail-safe Secret Santa gifting options. With a wide range of bath and body care products available in the market for both men and women, surprising them with a body care hamper makes for an ideal choice.

Bar accessories

Another stunning alternative to drinkware and tableware gifts is bar accessories. From ornate cocktail glasses and wine bottle holders to cocktail makers and other exquisite pieces, they make for a fun gifting option that anyone would admire receiving.

Plush fur slippers

Fur slippers are some of the comfiest and most adorable footwear styles ever. Fashioned in soft fur or cute designs, they make for a great winter essential for the home and also make for an amazing gifting pick. There is a myriad of styles available for both men and women. And if you can figure out your giftee’s shoe size, then plush slippers would be one saviour of an option.

Useful tech accessories

Tech and phone accessories are yet another type of Secret Santa gift that can turn out to be truly meaningful. From power banks, phone cases and wireless earphones to portable speakers, car mounts, earbuds and wireless charging stations, there’s a sea of accessory options to choose from and in an affordable range. If you know the phone your giftee has or the kind of accessories they usually use, picking a gift for them will be easier than you think.

Dazzling jewels

Yet another type of Secret Santa gift ideas that make for a highly popular choice is jewellery. From statement neckpieces and earrings to bracelets, rings and brooches, fine or semi-fine jewels make for gorgeous gifts irrespective of what the occasion is. With a sea of options for men and women, choosing a fair few pieces for your giftee won’t be too complex especially, if you’re aware of their taste and preferences.

Gifts for auto enthusiasts

If you’re a Secret Santa to an auto enthusiast who loves all things bikes and cars a bit too much, a gift that resonates with their passion will always be ideal. From automobile care products to official, licensed collectables and lego of top bike and car models, anything you’re going to give them is going to make them the happiest.

Gourmet snacks

Are you a Secret Santa to someone who loves to eat and basically munch on snacks all the time? If yes, then that’s what you should be getting them this Christmas. From artisanal chocolates and popcorn to hand-baked cookies and varied snack hampers, there are plenty of options you’ll find both online and offline. You can also consider healthy snack options like granola bars, flavoured fox nuts and other baked chips for someone who hogs on healthy snacks.

Christmas gifts

And obviously, you can never go wrong with Christmas gifts when participating in a Secret Santa. Be it gorgeous baubles and ornaments, Christmas apparel like sweaters and socks, home decor items like cushions and antique pieces or mugs and tumblers, such gifts would never fail you or disappoint anyone.

Anime and superhero merchandise

Yet another great Secret Santa gift idea is to give themed collectables and other sorts of merchandise to an anime or superhero fan. Whether they’re into Naruto or Dragon Ball Z, whether they’re team DC or team Marvel, you’d find a gift for all types of fanatics. Not to forget the wide range of goodies available in these themes, including t-shirts and hoodies, action figures, stationery, home and living products and distinctive relics.

Gifts for tea and coffee lovers

Nothing’s more perfect than another packet of artisanal coffee or tea for the connoisseurs of the same. There’s a sea of options out there for you to choose from, including separates and gift boxes with different flavours and types. You can also opt for a small coffee maker or frother or a customised mug.


Here are a few more Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers, friends and family that we think could come in handy when nothing else strikes. Be it a 2023 planner for someone who likes to plan, travel essentials for that ardent traveller or desk organisers for the organised one, the options are endless.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is a Secret Santa?

Answer: Secret Santa is a Christmas gifting tradition that’s played between a group of friends, coworkers or family members. Their names are written on a small piece of paper each, tossed into a hat or a bowl and then everybody gets to draw a random name to become their Secret Santa. The Secret Santa then has to get a present for their giftee secretly and on the day of the exchange of gifts, everyone also guesses who their Secret Santa is.

Question: How to play Secret Santa virtually?

Answer: To play Secret Santa virtually, the organiser will start by using an online Secret Santa name generator. Once the pairs have been formed, each Secret Santa is informed of their giftee. Set up the price limit (optional) and the date and time of the virtual gifts exchange party. Since, you won’t be able to slip their gifts under a tree, in their bags or on their desks, you’d have to ship them their gift through the mail. Everybody can use the organiser’s address as the return address to maintain secrecy. On the set date, open your presents during the virtual party and have fun.

Question: How to deliver Secret Santa gifts?

Answer: If you’re playing Secret Santa physically at your workplace, then there’s usually a Christmas tree set up for everyone to slip their gifts under. You can also put the gift on their desk or slip it in their bag. When playing with friends, you can plan a gift exchange party on a set date. And when playing virtually, you can send the gifts through the mail, with the organiser’s address on the return label so that the mystery is maintained.

Question: How to pack a Secret Santa gift?

Answer: You can pack a Secret Santa gift like any normal gift. One important aspect to consider, however, is to always put the recipient’s name tag on the gift without the sender’s. The secrecy and the guessing are what make Secret Santa fun and exciting.

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