The practice of supporting local and ethical products may have come alive due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it shouldn’t be a trend with battery life. It’s a revolution that’s taken a front seat to witness how things will turn out going forward, even post-pandemic. And you have a significant role to play in its development. 

Through our campaign, #LSAforLocal, we don’t just want to support local products and emerging brands but also exhibit the people working hard and burning the midnight oil behind it. Now more than ever, homegrown businesses and people associated with them need your support to bounce back from this economic setback. 

And this is why the campaign to support and promote homegrown businesses was launched last year. Over the course of over one year, we have covered and celebrated several homegrown labels and their founders. From the best local decor labels and beverage brands to the beauty moguls that have left no stones unturned in taking their homegrown businesses global — we highlighted how India thrived and is still striving to thrive. 

Through the course of the #LSAforLocal campaign, we will be underlining the best that modern India has to offer, and it will show across all our lifestyle verticals — StyleCultureTechnologyFood & DrinksTravelWeddingsBeauty, and Your Money. Kickstarting this campaign with an exclusive capsule collection in association with Hannan Jewellery, we will also run a contest for five lucky winners who will stand a chance to take these chic jewellery pieces home. 

The effort to support homegrown businesses is ongoing and goes well beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hero image: Courtesy Shutterstock

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Harleen Kalsi
Harleen feeds off her nomadic spirit and incessant shenanigans on the road to stay alive. When not writing, she is busy searching for a good read/art/act.