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Fortnightly Horoscope: A tarot reading of April 1 – April 15, 2020

In light of the collective circumstances we find ourselves in, I hope this article finds you all safe and at home. I hope these general readings resonate with you on some level. My intention while writing these was that you find something in these words akin to guidance or inspiration, anything that raises your vibration at this time.

We just passed the Spring Equinox point and this floods us with the energy of spring, fertility, and new birth. Get creative and keep our energy high, so we can co-create a beautiful new world.

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Happy birthday!

The theme for the now and the coming time is transformation. While we are all twirling in this energy, for you Aries, this change is encouraging you to pay more attention to the beauty in life. Beauty dazzles your path, causing your spirit to soar. When you give beauty priority and choose to uplift with it, you can make a difference in your life, the lives of others, and the world. Now don’t get me wrong — I’m not asking you to sit endlessly in front of a mirror nor am I hinting that you have an overdeveloped focus on yourself. I’m suggesting that you pay more attention to the beauty within you and others, to the beauty in the environment. Release judgment and negative thinking. Don’t go pointing fingers at others, for the choice to be happy is yours. Choose to see, hear, speak of, and appreciate beauty, create something beautiful that will nurture not just you but the whole. The law of attraction states that whatever you focus on becomes your reality.

Visualization is a great way to bring this energy into your present. Sit in a comfortable position where no one will disturb you and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly till you feel centred. Bring your attention to your heart centre. Now spend a moment visualising your ideal situation (for health, relationships, situations etc), as the image takes shape in your mind, give thanks for it as you have already received it.

Love and relationships

Be patient and focus on other people’s good qualities.

Work and finance

You can improve your financial situation by changing your attitude towards it.


This fortnight you have the energy of the guardian. As the divine feminine is rising up to protect and rebalance the Earth, you are being asked to rise up to protect and balance yourself. Too much of your energy, time, health, and resources have been leaked away — it’s time to draw healthy boundaries. Do you feel drained and exhausted after spending time with a certain person/group? Perhaps you have been giving away parts of yourself that are rare, precious, and need to be held within and guarded against those who are disrespectful. Knowing how much of what to share and what not to is vital to your wellbeing and energy levels. If you are seeking guidance about whether a person or situation is good for you or not, the answer is in knowing how to establish firm boundaries and making self-protection a priority.

Sit in a comfortable position (with a notebook and pen), where no one will disturb you and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly till you feel centred. Bring your attention to your heart centre and allow your heart centre to expand outwards, till you feel like you are protected by a bubble of your own heart. Whenever you are ready, open your eyes, and make a list of people who drain your energy or make you feel uncomfortable, and when you are around these people repeat this exercise for protection.

Love and relationships

Maintain firm boundaries in relationships to restore or maintain balance.

Work and finance

Don’t let others waste your time and energy or disrespect your space. Take back your power in the workspace.


Your natural bodily urges have ignited and you find yourself focused on one thing only — the exuberant satisfaction of what you desire. You have chosen to incarnate in a physical body and that body has its own needs and desires. It is time, Gemini, to listen to your body, to consciously put the needs of your body first. Rest or get a massage if you are tired, exercise if your body needs movement, eat as much as the body requires. Do you fear anything to do with the desires of your body? Maybe you have been conditioned to believe sex is wrong/unclean or that there is only one correct way of functioning? Then again, maybe you’re just not used to listening and following the natural cycle of your body. Whatever the reason, it is time to pay attention to your physical needs and messages from your body.

As a being, you are a combination of the mental, physical, emotional and energetic bodies. In order to improve body awareness, practice mindful-movement like yoga, dance, or dynamic movement meditations. Listen to the natural cycle and rhythm of your body for maximum health and wellbeing.

Love and relationships

If you are dealing with any physical or sexual issues, it’s best to talk about it with your partner; if you feel like you can’t get past the issue on your own, seek professional guidance.

Work and finance

Listen to your body for ways to improve your productivity and energy levels.


Letting go appears before you, signalling that the time of holding on and holding firm has passed. This is the time for endings before the birth of something new and wonderful. It is essential to your wholeness, to step back and walk away from the person/situation you are dealing with. No more energy, time, or love will have any effect. Only complete surrender will achieve the most favourable results for all concerned. You may have gotten accustomed to the way of things and fear what the new situation may bring. Remember, when something is truly yours, you never lose it, but that doesn’t mean that you hold on endlessly to something that isn’t for your highest good.

With the way life and situations are these days, it’s best to let go of the things that only take up space and are of no real value to us. Let us only take that which will enhance our existence. Take your time with the process and grieve, mourn — do what needs to be done because if you suppress it now, at some point later it will overwhelm you. Best to deal with it now and enter the new, baggage-free. Practice grounding techniques like walking barefoot in the grass, gardening, or making a connection to the Earth. Breathe into your body and breathe into the Earth.

Love and relationships

It is time to move on from relationships and people you have been stubbornly holding on to. Letting go will bring you freedom. 

Work and finance

Don’t let your fears of the past block your forward movement. Let go for a bright future.


This fortnight, the harmonious energy of cooperation, equality, and partnership will enter your sphere to gift you with the opportunity to dance to a different tune. Pay close attention to the challenges you face in relationships/situations, and notice the energy of control sneakily pop its head up. What is your relationship with control? Have you given up control to someone or something? Or, are you in constant need to control people or situations? Maybe you are struggling to control your fears and anxiety? Whatever the connection, it is time to allow the energy of harmony and trust to bless your life, and to understand that balance is key. The energy you put out comes right back to you. If you are constantly worried or untrusting, your vibration then will attract some kind of fearful energies.

Let go of control and actively choose to create relationships and situations that reflect equality, partnership, cooperation, and harmony. Change your attitude from only seeing your perspective (which is clouded in the illusion of fear), to include others’ points of view, where there is an equal sharing of power/energy. The latter promotes the interests of all involved, fosters sharing responsibility, and growth and development.

Dear Leo, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Trust that the universe is working with you, so all you have to do is raise your vibration. Count your blessings and for more guidance, get a session.

Love and relationships

Practice both giving and receiving equally to get the most out of your relationships. 

Work and finance

Remember fear and worry breed more of the same. Be confident and have faith that you are attracting abundance.


In the coming weeks, all your needs will be met — all you need to do is communicate your needs clearly. Ask and you shall receive, but there is also a matter of how you ask. It is now time to bring your attention to developing greater communication skills. Clarity is key to untangle the knots. Communication is an intricate, multi-layered transaction that combines words, body language, tone of voice, and listening. And if/when emotions overlay and insinuate themselves, then most likely all that’s being conveyed is the emotion that’s mostly too layered to be clear. Unless you want to communicate emotion, it’s best to centre yourself and be present at the moment, while you put your point of view across. The missing ingredients are clarity and a focus on the present.

Please know that any wound can be healed again with conscious and loving communication, followed through with appropriate action. The time to make this a priority is now. The world is changing and your wisdom will be needed — any time spent on working on your communication skills will be worth its weight in gold. Practice meditation to align all your bodies (mental, physical, emotional). Balance your chakras.

Love and relationships

Make sure to communicate your needs in a kind and clear manner. Listening to and understanding your partner’s needs will be a win.

Work and finance

When it comes to work, clear communication needs to be followed up. Make sure to centre yourself before major meetings and by all means, do a practice round before going in.


Every day the energy is rising and your sensitivity is increasing, and every day we shed layers, only to reveal more underneath. The Lovers card blesses your reading, bringing with it a plethora of choices. You seem to have reached a crossroads, and you need to exercise your will in the situation before you. There is only one way to get through it and that is to make a clear choice. You could try to avoid having to choose, or numb out with sex, drugs, alcohol, and work, or you can consciously choose that what is happening is for the best and go through it clearly and with emotional sobriety.

Challenges exist in order to help us grow, and it is by encountering and besting these so-called challenges, that we grow into the wise people we are needed to be for our community and the world. Due to your heightened sensitivity, you may feel like more things are pressing, grinding, or gnawing at you. There is no way to evade the situation, but you do have a choice of how you handle and engage with the situation. Remember you are not the victim (victimhood doesn’t suit you anyway); you are a powerhouse of compassion. Set your boundaries, be discerning, and stay in gratitude.

Love and relationships

Draw boundaries and make choices based on love and compassion, not just for yourself but others too.

Work and finance

It is time to recognise, realise, and recover the power of choice in all aspects of life.


There is beautiful energy of balance flowing into your relationships with others and with yourself. The key for you to uncover hidden secrets and missing links is — are you ready for this — pleasure. Pleasure stands before you on the path, desiring to initiate you into the deeper mysteries of living life joyfully. Your quest is now about embracing a daily diet of enriching and vitalising pleasure. One of the most powerful aspects of choosing to incarnate in a human body is the pleasure factor. We are able to experience pleasure with other life forms on Earth and are able to use this feeling to create the best possible life for ourselves. This is the key to our fulfilment. In the old paradigm, we limited ourselves to our conditioning and other aspects of society; the new paradigm witnesses the rise of the divine feminine, bringing the world back into balance. Embrace your divine feminine, your shadows, free yourself from guilt and judgment, and enjoy the pleasure of being completely grounded in your power.

Sit in a comfortable position where no one will disturb you and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly till you feel centred. Bring your attention to your heart centre and breathe. Be aware of and enjoy the feeling of pleasure that comes from just a simple exercise. Now imagine what you can do with more of this energy for yourself and the collective.

Love and relationships

Remember, the harmony in your relationships is directly proportionate to the amount of pleasure you experience personally.

Work and finance

If you enjoy it, you will rock it.


You are in the midst of a movement — you have pulled the anchor to sail away from disharmony towards harmony. Sailing, in this case, is a metaphor for planning a course and then allowing yourself to go with the flow. If this is not the case with you, then it is time you pulled the anchor out of an old, outdated concept in your head or situation in your life to explore the great wide open. Compassion is nudging at you and offering you a whole new level of being and awareness. The time has come to approach life from a larger perspective, one that includes alleviating the suffering of others. However, before you pour out compassion for others, you must be able to pour out compassion for yourself. It is time to take extra good care of you now – love, nurture and cherish yourself.

Draw boundaries. Practice grounding, listening and balancing your emotional body. As you embark on a new journey or on a new chapter of an old journey, it is imperative for you to make a connection to the Earth — allow the Mother to take away anything you are willing to let go of. As you begin to regenerate, offer yourself as a conduit of energy to and from the Earth. I know you hear the music — now it’s a matter of allowing yourself to dance to it.

Love and relationships

As you love and nurture yourself, you will notice more harmony in your relationships.

Work and finance

Avoid emotional outbursts. Make decisions from a place of compassion.


Your hard work and patience are paying off — you have been through a tough spell and are now becoming aware of things from a deeper space of understanding. Your energy is undergoing a massive change and your sensitivity is spiking. Ease out of limiting control patterns and into a more free-flowing, flexible space of existence. Trust that you are protected and that you can ask for anything you need and it will be provided. Know that the key to unlock the abundance you have been waiting for has always been inside you. When you work past the restlessness of the mind, of responsibilities and worries, and allow your inner child out, that’s when the high vibration of playfulness overflows into your life.

Now, this is a wonderful energy to co-create with, for yourself, your community, and the larger collective. Water has memory — many studies have revealed that water responds to emotion (which is essentially vibration). Connect to the water element within to balance and heal. When you shower, allow the water to wash away anything you want it to mentally, emotionally, and energy-wise. When you drink water, allow it to become the medicine your body needs to regenerate and balance you.

Love and relationships

Open your mind to new and playful ways of approaching challenges in relationships.

Work and finance

Don’t take yourself too seriously. The more you loosen up, the more abundance you enjoy.


You are becoming increasingly sensitive with each passing day. As a sensitive, compassionate being,  you might be feeling too many emotions at once. On the one hand, the human condition is deteriorating, but on the other hand, the planet seems to be doing better than ever. This might be jumbling up some of your emotional wires. You have a curious mind, full of questions and you also have inner wisdom. However, in order to bring the two together, one must find silence and stillness. Like the high priestess who sits in silence and is able to see beyond what most (distracted minds) barely grasp.

This is the time to let go of outdated ways of thinking, stuck ideology, and people who drain your energy and lower your vibration. Your soul has sounded its call and you must listen carefully to it. The Earth is taking her power back and she needs you to protect yourself and your energy, for when the time is right, you will be called to action. It is time to make connecting with and living from your soul a priority. Indulge in activities that help release the burden and raise your vibration. Let go of fixed ways of thinking, doing, and existing, allow yourself to be more flexible.

Love and relationships

Draw boundaries Aquarius, and be discerning about the company you keep. Let go of toxic relationships.

Work and finance

Be creative, adaptive, and focus on things that raise your vibration to attract abundance.


Wisdom is moving in Pisces, with her ability to discern and her worldly experience. The answers you seek are living within you and you need to activate common sense and good judgment to recognise them. You need to take time and get involved, by getting your hands dirty. All of life is a journey of amassing knowledge. Living to the utmost allows you to hone experience into wisdom. Keeping yourself in a tight little box, trying to live safe from pain or loss is the coward’s way. Living fearlessly by facing your fear and getting to the other side teaches wisdom. There is no hurry or need to force things to happen — everything will happen when the time is right. So relax and don’t be shy to grab opportunities as and when they surface and enjoy the present.

Lay on the floor in a comfortable position, where you will not be disturbed. Allow your body to melt into the floor and imagine the divine Mother Earth reaching up to hold you safely. Focus on your breathing — breathe in from the top of your head and breathe out through your fingers and toes. Do this until you feel relaxed and grounded.

Love and relationships

Express yourself clearly in relationships. Be grateful and count your blessings.

Work and finance

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty trying something new. You have a combination of inspiration and new opportunities. Go for it.


Rea is a tarot therapist, performing artist, energy-worker, and lover of magic, who believes that answers are everywhere — we just need to open the proper channels. Currently a tarot therapist and facilitator for healing (life coach), Rea uses tarot cards, oracle cards, dice, crystals, and her intuition to interpret the messages. For more detailed, personalised readings, she can be reached via @dancingkrishna on Instagram, and @reakrishna on Facebook.