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December is a heady month, but more so at Lifestyle Asia India.

Back in 2018, amidst the Christmas spirit and end-of-year-cheer, we had gotten Lifestyle Asia India off the ground with a small, enthusiastic team that was eager to learn and even more eager to build content in the aspirational lifestyle space. The buzz, the excitement, the energy of doing something new was exhilarating. A year later, we spent nearly all of December 2019 planning the mega things we wanted to do for 2020 — the month was all about putting together our big-ticket initiatives and how the platform was going to develop in the first year of the new decade. As I sit and type this on the first day of December 2020, the headiness is back. Because even though 2020 didn’t pan out the way we wanted it to, Lifestyle Asia India still accomplished what it set out to do — grow.


Lifestyle Asia India


And it’s not been easy. Anyone in the digital sphere will tell you that it is a brutal numbers game, and every day you are trying to compete with and outdo yourself, not to mention millions of other websites the world over. Fighting for your share of the pie and keeping it, is hard. That became harder in a year like 2020, where the digital noise became deafening. Plus, as ‘the daily guide to the good life’, what really was ‘the good life’ in a COVID-19 shattered world? The team was determined to find out.

We knew that the key was to be mindful. For this, the editors, both website and video, and the social team, took a leaf out of their own books, developing content on subjects that resonated with them, things they were going through — the challenges of working from home, the importance of self care and fitness, the need for sustainability and wellness, the attention to mental health. Moving away from our stories on the aspirational life, we set up a COVID-19 microsite that provided pandemic-related lifestyle updates. We spoke about the small joys — cooking and eating well, time spent with family. We wrote about how to make the most of the things at hand. OTT content became our driving force. We introduced a new section, ‘Your Money’, a sort of need-of-the-hour guide to help millennials navigate the world of finance without feeling overwhelmed. We launched ‘The Good Life’ series, where Jim Sarbh, Raja Kumari, Kelvin Cheung, Rina Singh, and more spoke about what the idea now meant.

Our social media became a buzzing space. We were one of the first platforms to rally support for homegrown businesses — through our ‘LSA for Local’ videos, we spread the word about the kind of help small brands could do with. Furthermore, editors developed self-help videos with our collaborators — chefs, influencers, designers, mental health experts, beauty aficionados — to show our followers how to live well while being indoors. We called this series ‘LSA & You’, to signify the platform’s relationship with its readers.

So when it came to commemorating our second anniversary this month, we felt it fit to extend this very theme to our celebrations. All through December we are focusing on that connect we have with our readers, because that has given us our biggest learnings. Knowing the zeitgeist and echoing it, breaking it down qualitatively. While of course providing great content is that first step, this month we wanted to do more.

On our Instagram account we will be hosting giveaways all through the month, with brands like Uniqlo, Reebok, Innisfree, Kika Tableware, and more. Watch out for great holiday vouchers and luxury experiences. 2020 has been tough, and we wanted to make the end of the year, a little bit sweeter. Along with it will be ‘Lives’ with the people who we feel stood out in 2020. On the website, you’ll get a chance to read exclusive stories, along with roundups of our best performing content from the past two years.

Today, we are 1.4 million page views strong, and each day Team LSA thinks of how to make that figure stronger. Thank you for your support, and here’s hoping 2021 is big for us. And for you.

Preetika Mathew
Mathew has been a part of the luxury industry for over a decade now, writing on arts & culture, style, and watches for some of the leading publications in the country. When not working, she spends time tracking counter-culture trends.