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6 of the best orchestral tracks from ‘Bridgerton’ and ‘Queen Charlotte’

We’re pretty sure the violins were on fire when they recorded these tracks. Here are six of our favourite tracks from two seasons of Bridgerton and its prequel, Queen Charlotte.

Chopin, Mozart, and Beethoven. Masters of music, timeless composers, and geniuses who gave us classical pieces of music that defy generations.

But have you ever heard Beyoncé done by a string quartet? Yeah, step aside Für Elise.

Okay, don’t kill us, of course nothing beats the classics. But Netflix’s Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte have made us realise that orchestral and string quarter covers of pop songs rock and should definitely be done more often. If you doubt that, then look no further than this list of orchestral tracks featured in both shows.

Six of the best orchestral tracks in Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte

Bad Guy – Billie Eilish

Look, everyone knows Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” is a bop. What none of us realised is just how harder it would go when covered by a freaking string quartet. The Vitamin String Quartet’s cover of the pop hit lends a little bit of flare to the scene it’s used in back in Season 1 when Simon starts feeling jealous. It’s also a great workout tune. 

Girls Like You – Maroon 5

Yet another song that we didn’t realise needed a quartet cover, the Vitamin String Quartet once again pulls off their magic with their version of this Maroon 5 hit. Just a few seconds in and already you know that this is going to be something else. This makes us even more convinced that balls should come back to style with string quartets covering pop songs.

How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris

How in the world can a house track become symphonic? Artist Kiris Houston made it possible and in a way that’s genuinely delightful and surprising. The track sweeps and glides gracefully, which is in stark contrast to the original. On top of that, the song is also used in a pivotal moment in Season 2: Anthony and Kate finally, um, consummating (and outdoors, nonetheless) the feelings that have been rumbling inside them. 

Run the World – Beyoncé

It’s just fitting that Beyoncé’s female empowerment track gets featured in the Bridgerton prequel, Queen Charlotte. It pretty much embodies what the young Queen Charlotte is all about. If you think a string version of this pop hit won’t hit as hard as the original, then let Caleb and Brian Chan prove you wrong and prepare for your earphones to combust. There’s a good possibility women’s right would have made greater strides if this song was released in the Victorian Era because there is no way you can listen to this and not get fired up.

I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

Whether you’re a Whitney fan or a Dolly purist, we can all agree that this song is epic. It’s featured in the last episode of Queen Charlotte, lending even more emotion to an already emotional love story between Charlotte and George. Yet again, the strings make this already epic song doubly so, and it’s a sweeping rendition we’re grateful to have.

If I Ain’t Got You (Orchestral Version)

While an instrumental version by the Vitamin String Quartet was also featured on Queen Charlotte—and it was as graceful as you’d expect a strings cover of this song would be—Netflix did drop a surprise: a full orchestral version with the one and only Alicia Keys on vocals.

Words aren’t enough to describe just how utterly majestic this version of this R&B classic is. Prepare to be blown away.

Hero and Featured Images: Courtesy Netflix

6 of the best orchestral tracks from ‘Bridgerton’ and ‘Queen Charlotte’

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