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Spotify Rainbow Collage: How to create and share artwork based on song data

Fans of music streaming platform Spotify have a new way to let their friends know their taste in music — the Spotify Rainbow Collage.

Spotify is known for having its own music data feature known as Spotify Wrapped. It is released towards the end of every year as a roundup of all that users have listened to in a 12-month period. Through Spotify Wrapped, the platform creates attractive shareable graphics using the listening data of individual users.

But Spotify Rainbow Collage is different in the sense that it creates an old-school collage using the songs and podcasts a Spotify user may have listened to at any given period of time. It’s a simple collage, which, depending on the user’s customisations, might really look like an amazing work of art.

What is Spotify Rainbow Collage?

Spotify data
Image credit: chartmymusic.com

The Spotify Rainbow Collage is not an official Spotify feature. It can be accessed through the website chartmymusic.com.

It generates a poster formed by either artist photos of the top artists that listeners love listening to more or the album covers of the songs they have listened to more.

Users can select a time frame within which the website will track the data. The number of pictures on each axis can also be selected, with 9×9 being the maximum size.

The pictures on the collage can be arranged in order of play count or colour and brightness. The generated picture can be shared on social media.

How to make your own Spotify Rainbow Collage?

Making a collage using Spotify Rainbow Collage is very easy, provided users are ready to share their Spotify data with a third-party site created, as the website says, by a “a 20 year old computer science student at the university of Leuven, Belgium.”

Step 1: Open chartmymusic.com/spotify/rainbowcollage (Multiple attempts might be needed to access the site.)

Step 2: Sign-in using your Spotify account

Step 3: Allow the website to access your Spotify data

Step 4: Select the parameters such as dimensions and arrangement type

Step 5: Click on the “Generate” button

Step 6: Download and/or share the collage

Hero image: Courtesy Heidi Fin/@framesbyfin/Unsplash; Featured image: Courtesy chartmymusic.com

This story first appeared on Augustman Singapore.

Spotify Rainbow Collage: How to create and share artwork based on song data

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