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Most soothing K-pop songs to comfort you!

Music is the most therapeutic outlet, healing the heart and soul. While jamming all night on upbeat tracks indeed sounds thrilling, a soothing melody can purge you of all pent-up emotions and help you unwind after a long, stressful day. From BTS’ Blue and Grey to IU’s Through the Night, K-pop songs have proven their ability to evoke powerful emotions, giving you an intense dopamine rush.

Whether you’re whining away at the memories of an old lover or bogged down by everyday life, these songs by celebrated K-pop artists will help you declutter your mind. We’ve curated a list of the most soothing K-pop tracks you must add to your playlist to get past the hard days. Moreover, these music numbers tell you it’s okay not to be okay.

K-pop songs that are a perfect stress buster

1. ‘Blue & Grey’ by BTS

If you’re overwhelmed with your thoughts and looking for a ray of hope, this song will resonate with you! The standout track from BTSBe album, Blue & Grey is high on emotions as the boys sing about the feeling of isolation, while also reminding people that tough times do not last. It’s one of the most emotionally raw tracks by BTS, wherein the members send a message that it’s okay to have negative thoughts and let yourself feel those emotions. “If, in a far-flung future, I’m able to smile / I’ll tell you that I did,” is one of our favourite lines from the song that imbues positivity and reminds us that good days are not far.

2. ‘Through the Night’ by IU

K-pop star IU’s Through the Night is all about yearning for a loved one on a lonely night, penning them a confessional letter of love. The purity of love is expressed through the singer’s lyrics and the acoustic guitar beats instil an extremely soothing feeling. The music video showcases the singer waiting alone in an old traditional house, singing her heart out. Through the Night is one of the most loved songs in South Korea and has garnered several accolades including the Golden Disc Award.

3. ‘No Good In Good-Bye’ by 2 AM

Still in denial about the end of your romantic relationship? If yes, this song is for you. The track showcases a heartbroken man who can’t come to terms with the reality of his breakup and begs his significant other to stay. The track lets you know that many people are going through rough breakups and how everything falls into place eventually. Just trust the process!

4. ‘Out of Breath’ by Babylon ft. Suzy

Lee Jong-min aka Babylon’s Out of Breath is yet another track we recommend if you’re hoping for things to be better. The song beautifully showcases the internal struggle of someone who just wants to be happy, wondering when the troubles will end. The words “I wanna be happy, I wanna trust my wings and wanna fly” and “I try to laugh, pretending to be happy, I don’t know if I feel comfortable” echo the melancholic state of the person waiting for a better world and better life.

5. ‘Lights Out’ by EXO

Coming as a part of the K-pop supergroup’s sixth mini-album Universe, Lights out is a comforting song dedicated to all EXO fans. The boys send consoling messages to everyone out there, asking people to find comfort in them when things get hard. The soothing, light melody coupled with the singers’ effortless voices definitely cast a spell. So, give this song a try to lift your mood instantly.

6. ‘Chase’ by SHINee’s Minho

Chase is the title track from Minho’s debut music album of the same name and revolves around someone who’s still basking in the memories of their old lover. The song is sentimental yet catchy and its music video indeed looks straight out of a blockbuster film. Minho has cemented himself as an all-rounder, and you can witness his excellent directing skills as well in Chase’s video. We’re sure you’ll forget about your problems momentarily while listening to the track!

7. ‘Hug’ by SEVENTEEN

The K-pop boy band sends virtual hugs to all their fans with the track Hug. The boys are telling listeners that they’ll always be there for them and act as a shoulder to cry on when things get rough. The words “To me, you are very precious, you can tell me today was tough, I am here, you suffered a lot, I love you” give a sense of comfort that you’re not alone. The simple instrumentals, guitar sounds as well as heavenly vocals make it a treat for the soul.

8. ‘ILY’ by The Rose

Last, but not least, is a soothing track by the South Korean indie-rock band, The Rose. ILY, which is a part of the band’s 2018 album Void, is the perfect love ballad encapsulating the feelings of a person deeply in love. The lyrics “My mind feels a little hazy when I hear your warm voice” and “My mind feels a little hazy when I hear your warm voice,” express the euphoric state of being near someone you love and adore. ILY also stands out as it shows a shift from the band’s erstwhile fast-paced and upbeat genre.

Which is your favourite song from the list?

Hero image: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons; Feature image: Courtesy IMDb

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are some good K-pop songs to calm you down?

Answer: BTS Blue &amp Grey, IU's Through the Night and EXO's Lights Out are some of the best K-pop songs to calm you down.

Question: What is the song She's Dreaming about?

Answer: EXO's track 'She's Dreaming' chronicles the tale of a moon which appears in the dreams of the girl he adores. However, the girl forgets about everything as it was just a figment of her imagination. The track is extremely calming and mellow.

Most soothing K-pop songs to comfort you!

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